Bed Bug treatment | Bed bug after a feed of blood.

Bed Bug Treatment

A Sample From A Recent Bed Bug Treatment

Bed bugs move very fast and this clip show the speed in which they move. Pest-Tech Ltd carry out a Bed Bug Treatment which uses residual sprays fogging and steam.

The clip was taken from a recent bed bug job we carried out in Maidstone.

Bed bugs are a potential health risk, especially for those with a lower immunity or previous conditions. Many of the impacts can be minor, such as slight irritation, but scratching bug bites is where people and pets are at the most risk. Bug bites are essentially wounds, if you scratch a bite enough to break the skin, you are at risk of developing other infections. An infestation is an indicator that your space may be contaminated, this is not to say it is not clean. However, it may be worth sterilising bug bites if you find yourself covered in them after a nights sleep. Bed bugs have been known to cause a potentially deadly infection called ‘Methicillin Resistant Staph Infection’, which is caused when scratching of bug bites breaks the skin. This is an antibiotic resistant strain of infection, hence why we urge pest control for bed bugs as soon as possible. This is quite rare in many cases but shouldn’t be ignored as bug bites are very common, especially in the warmer months when bugs are everywhere. The negative implications an infestation can have on ones mental health should also not go ignored. 

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