Bee swarm removal in Maidstone, Kent

Bee Swarm removal

Honey Bee Swarm Removal

Pest-Tech ltd carry out honey bee swarm removal in Maidstone and across Kent. We are always getting calls around bee season asking if we remove bee swarms and what we do with them. All our bees that we remove from homes and businesses all go to bee keepers and get homed in hives. They are all well looked after and go to a good home.

Bee trained.

All our technicians are trained to remove bee swarms, ensuring that we save maximum numbers so the swarm can thrive. We completed bee removal training with Westart Apiaries to ensure we remove bees correctly, safely and with the welfare of the bess considered. We have removed hundreds of swarms over the years and love to help customers to save the bees.

Bee Removal.

We also carry out bee removal from buildings, in which a nest has started to form or a well established nest. We frame up brood and food and remove the colony as well. Once again these all go to bee keeper and a new hive.

If you have a bee issue that you need assistance with then we would like to help. We like bess and try to save them. Contact Us to book an appointment.