Ants in the house, ant treatment needed

Ants in the house

Black Ants Inside The House

Finding black ants in the house is very common, they get in the smallest gaps. Often they break out of a room if its an extension or if it is an old building. Saying that we have treated so many weird and wonderful situations, such as a flat on the fifth floor. Ants come into the property looking for carbohydrates (sugars) the scouts will look for a source. Once they have found some they will lead the colony to the food and slowly start moving food back to the nest.

Ants Can Carry Disease.

A lot of the food industry dont realise that ants can carry disease, in the form of salmonella. With this in mind, if they were to get an outbreak in a restaurant then they should get an ant treatment. This is the same for you at home in your kitchen, you could get ill from this.

Ant Treatment.

Depending on the situation when the initial survey is carried out, depends on how we treat the ants. If the ants are coming in from the outside then a barrier spray may be used. This could be traveling through a door frame, an outlet pipe, an air vent or even the damp course. This is what we call a crack and crevice treatment. If in a kitchen however, then we would look at gel baits in which they take back to the nest.

Ant Case Study.

This job had a nest break out from under the floor of a conservatory and a trail of black ants were found heading to the kitchen. They attempted to treat the problem themselves but it didn’t work. We were called in but the ants grew into flying ants before the treatment was able to be completed. The house was swarmed with flying ants everywhere because they did not call us in early enough.

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