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As a pest control service provider we get asked questions about introducing a commercial pest control contract. Do we do them? Should we have one? What is involved? It is certainly something you should look into or get some advice on before signing up. This blog introduces you into the basics of a pest control contract. Its a good place to start to understand the fundamentals of a pest contract. Pests can damage stock, but more importantly can damage reputation.

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Pest Control Contract

What Is a Commercial Pest Control Contract?

A commercial pest control contract is a way of protecting your business from pests. Equipment is used to monitor an area or building for rodent and insect activity. Then if any activity is identified then action can be taken to resolve the issue in a fast manner. Most contracts we deliver are for rodents. The bait stations have non-toxic blocks inside. This stops non-target poisoning and the block puts a UV dye in the urine of the rodent, so routes and activity can be traced. We also place insect monitors out with an allure to attract any insects that find their way into your space. These items would then be inspected regularly. This would be a standard type of contract.

Setting up a pest control contract or annual service contract.
Setting up an annual service contract for pest control. A pest control contract will protect a business or home.

What Services Are Included in a Pest Control Contract?

There are many different services that can be added to a pest control contract. It is more about what the requirement is from the customer. It can depend on what the business function is and what industry standards they follow, if at all. As a rule of thumb, if you are involved in food then you should have some sort of pest control contract in place. This shows due diligence and will allow fast action in the event of an outbreak. Some sites are unfortunate and need a pest control contract because of where they are located and prone to regular infestations.

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Commercial Pest Control Contract

Frequency Of Visits

The basics of a pest control contract would be rodent monitoring in high-risk areas. Visits would be arranged for a qualified technician to carry out an inspection and service monitoring boxes. A visit frequency would be planned as part of the agreement, this could be any of the following:


Normally used in extremely high-risk areas or businesses such as a laboratory. This is unusual due to cost.


12 visits per year. This is the general recommended best practice from Pest-Tech Ltd. With the breeding cycles of rodents, monthly visits are ideal. It will give time to deal with any outbreaks before the females have babies. Also, the checks are very frequent.

6 Weekly

8 visits per year. As we move down the scale 6 weekly visits start to space out the frequency. This is a higher risk strategy. However, if the business is not as high risk then it is still a workable solution. It’s more about monitoring and being seen to do something if a problem occurs. An example of this would be warehousing or an industrial unit that is not involved in food.

8 Weekly

6 visits per year. Similar to the above this is a higher risk strategy. By the time a rodent infestation has been identified the chances are you are going to be dealing with babies as well. The problem is already going to be well established. This is the biggest gap we would recommend between visits.


4 visits per year. If you are looking at only 4 visits a year then to be completely honest I would bother with a contract. There is such a large gap between visits that the rodents will have made themself known in the 3 months between visits. The only businesses that ask us for a quarterly visit is food sites that have to have pest control in place. It conforms to local authority standards, but the owner normally does not understand the importance of pest control.

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How Much Does A Commercial Pest Control Contract Cost

When it comes to cost, there is no set prices laid down for a pest control contract. If you need a pest control contract then you should get three reputable companies in to give you a quote. Ideally, they will be members of the BPCA as this is the governing body for Pest Control. They would normally come out and do a survey so they can understand your requirements. Depending on the nature of your business and who you supply to, then there may be guidelines that need to be followed. This may be BRC or SALSA, for example, if so then you will need a BPCA Pest Controller as the body will insist on this as a minimum. If you are not sure then just ask the pest control company.

Once they have established what is required, the layout of the site, the size of the site and frequency of visits, then a price can be estimated. Some pest control contracts can be time-consuming due to activities such as fly analysis on the fly killers. Also, the paperwork required for some intense contracts can be lengthy. All these activities can add time and therefore cost to your contract. What you must remember of course is that the cheapest contract quote is not always the best. My personal advice is to ask your pest controllers for references from other sites they manage with a similar type of business. Try to speak to them and ask questions relevant to your business concerns in relation to pest control delivery.

How We Quote

When we quote, we consider travel to the site, how long the visit will take and what materials will be used. There will normally be a one-off set-up charge to cover the initial outlay of materials and equipment. We also have to cover hidden costs such as memberships, support staff and van running costs. All these factors will generate a visit cost, combined with the frequency of visits, which will create an overall contract cost.

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Is a Pest Control Contract Worth the Money?

This is the big question. How do you put a price on a loss of reputation? If you’re a restaurant owner and a packed room see a rat or mouse it could cost you dearly. That sort of news travels fast in a town, so it’s worth every penny. You should also think about the safety aspect. If you are a business and you know you have an issue and do nothing about it you are putting your staff at risk. The simple answer is yes, if you need it or should have it.

A pest control contract is a proactive approach to pest control. If you know a rodent issue would have a devastating effect on the business if it happened, then why wouldn’t you mitigate that risk. Sometimes the decision will be out of your hands because it is essential to deliver your service. In some cases, you will not be able to trade without it. But you mustn’t be resentful of it as it is in place for a reason. Pest control is worth the money if you need it. It will do the job you need it to do as long as you get the right company in to deliver the service you deserve.

If you would like more information on Commercial Pest Control Contracts then give us a call. Or alternatively, you would like us to visit your site take a look at what you have in place we can also help with this. It can be a bit daunting if you know nothing about it so we can hold your hand through the process if you need our help.

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