Hornets nest treatment | hornet nest removal Maidstone

Hornets Nest Treatment

Hornets Nest

Pest-Tech Ltd will carry out a hornets nest treatment in Maidstone and across Kent.

We know how important it is to offer you a quick response when you call us out. When we visit you, we arrive with all the equipment we will need to carry out the treatment, there and then.

Hornets are surprisingly very passive when they have not been provoked, and they are usually only provoked when their nest is being disturbed. This is why we urge you to seek professional help if you think you may have a hornet nest in the surrounding area. They prefer to build nests in higher spaces, although they have been known to utilise abandoned rodent burrows and nest underground. They usually find dark areas to be the most appealing so you may find them in your attic, under your decking, or might have even starting building a home in the shed at the bottom of your garden.

As much as hornets are a natural pest controller, and are also rather fond of bees too, they have one very impending problem. Hornet venom is extremely deadly, especially to small children and pets. You can’t keep an eye on 24/7, and its not advisable to leave a live hornet nest in any areas surrounding your home. We suggest hornet nest treatment as soon as you see signs of a nest.#


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