Pest Control Sittingbourne

Pest-Tech Ltd carries out Pest Control in Sittingbourne and the surrounding areas. Our expert technicians are here to resolve your pest issue quickly, to take the worry out of the situation. We pride ourselves on our customer service and have lots of reviews demonstrating out outstanding service.

Pest Control Sittingbourne carrying out a bed bug treatment

Pest Control in Sittingbourne

Pest-Tech Ltd offers pest control services to both homes and business in and around Sittingbourne. Our business manages many annual service contracts with local business owners on the Euro Link Industrial Estate. The technicians are used to working with all sizes of businesses in the area. We also deliver our services to domestic homes and rented properties. Pest control issues in a rental property needs swift action so we help a number of landlords and letting agents to resolve pest issues.

We deliver pest control services to many homes, businesses and shops within Sittingbourne Town Centre. Pest-Tech also cover the areas surrounding Sittingbourne:

  • Newington
  • Teynham
  • Kemsley
  • Iwade
  • Hartlip

Pest-Tech Ltd delivers all areas of wildlife control as well as our standard Pest Control Services in the villages near Sittingbourne. The countryside is a great place for pests to thrive and our services are always needed in the more rural locations. This includes local villages of Borden, Tunstall, Stockbury and Doddington, and many more.

Pest Control Services

Pest-Tech is a member of the BPCA. This demonstrates our professionalism in delivering the best service in our field as a company. As a BPCA member we are audited every year on our systems and practices. This is to ensure we follow law and legislation when delivering our Pest Control Services. We have so many pest problems that we deal with, to much to mention here, so these are just a few:

Pest Control

Pest-Tech carry out all the usual pest control services. It depends on the time of the year to the pests we deal with. In the winter the bad weather drives the rats and mice to set up home in buildings. Things change as we go in to the spring when wasp nest removal becomes the most common request for us. Other pests such as Carpet Moth, Fleas and Bed Bugs require a fumigation service which is needed all year round.

Wildlife Control

You may consider only needing wildlife management in the country, however this is not the case. urban foxes are forever creating problems in town centers and in housing estates. We know it is a very emotive subject but in sum cases foxes may need controlling. Moles can trash a garden lawn and if you have them then act quick. Our technicians are very proficient at removing garden moles so the damage is limited. As well as moles, rabbits also do serious damage to a lawn and gardens. We have a range of potential treatments to deal with Rabbits in a garden. The most damaging of pests can be a squirrel. Squirrels in the loft will strip cables and gnaw on timbers so must be removed and blocked out.

Bird Control

Pest-Tech carry out all types of bird prevention methods. This could be bird spiking a ledge or positioning bird spikes on a shop sign to protect customers. We also stop pigeon entry to areas by fitting bird nets, a good example of this would be on a balcony. Pigeons nesting under solar panels is a very common problem. once they have lived under them then they will never move out. Therefore we offer Pigeon Proofing for Solar Panels to stop them getting under. All of the bird control jobs mentioned will also require some form bird waste clearance which we can incorporate into a job if required. There are lots of other bird control systems available such as Bird Decoys Systems which are both visual and audible and we can help with them all.

Honey Bee Removal

Pest-Tech carry out honey bee removal in and around the Sittingbourne area. All our removed bees get re-homed in bee hives so they can continue to thrive. Honey bees can nest just about anywhere as long as there is a suitable void. They are normally quite harmless if left alone however depending where they are the honey may be the issue. Honey can seep from the nest and cause staining and attract other unwanted pests. More information can be found on our honey bee page.

Bumble Bee Removal

All bumble bees are removed where possible and get relocated to an apple orchard. Often bumble bees are found nesting in the loft they like to nest in the insulation. This is identified by a large amount of bees erratically buzzing around your guttering. This is nothing to be worried about but just males trying to attract the females. Unlike honey bees the bumble bee nest does tend to die off  each year so they can be left alone if they are not bothering you. We can however come and remove them.

If you would like more information on the many more services or locations we deliver, then Contact us and we can help.