Honey bee removal from a wall

Honey Bee Removal

Bee Removal in Maidstone

Pest-Tech have been busy carrying out honey bee removal from buildings. This is not a simple job and there is a lot that our customers should be aware of.  This blog is designed to inform and educate readers on honey bee removal. During the blog we will cover the following:

  • Honey Bee Legislation.
  • Bee Scent and Pheromone.
  • Bee Nest Locations.
  • Honey Bee Survey.
  • Who is Responsible.
Pest-tech removing bees from a house
bees being removed from a house

Honey Bee Legislation

Honey bees contribute directly to local food production and make an important contribution, through pollination, to crop production and maintenance of a healthy environment. A lot of people think honey bees are protected but this is not the fact. Honey bees are endangered, which means we should all be doing our bit and look after them. This will stop them becoming protected.

Kent honey bee removal
Bee vac in progress.

Bee Scent and Pheromone

Honey bees are not only attracted to the queen in the nest. The honey comb also attracts bees as it carries scent and pheromone. When you remove honey bees you must remove the honeycomb as well or you will soon have a new swarm moving in. Once the bees and the honeycomb is removed, as much residue should be removed. We then try to mask any remaining scent using an alternative smell. Bees are thieves and they will steal honey from other nests if they are not populated as will wasps. This is why honeycomb should always be removed when honey bees are removed. this is another good reason to remove honey bees correctly.

Honey bee removal from a chimney
Honey bees in a disused chimney.

Bee Nest Locations

Bees will set up home in all manor of places. The scouts will of been out and looked for a suitable void in which they can set up home. This may be a chimney, a roof space or even a cavity wall. Where ever a bee swarm decides to nest, we are able to remove them.

Honey Bees in the wall
honey bees in the wall.

Honey Bee Survey

When we carry out a bee  survey we will identify the location using a thermal camera. This will determine how we we will plan to remove the bees. It may mean removing bricks or cutting plaster board. Once a plan is made we remove the bees, we hoover the bees and frame up brood and food. The bees will then go to a beekeeper who will put them in a hive.

Honey bees identified by thermal camera
Honey bees showing on a thermal camera.

Who Is Responsible

If you decide to destroy a bee colony by paying a pest controller to inject the nest you are culpable. There are huge fines for infecting another hive. This is easily done if a colony is treated and not hermetically sealed. As discussed earlier bees will steal honey so an infected nest can quickly contaminate lots of hives. This can result in you ending up in court.

Honey bee removal in Maidstone
Honey bee brood.

Honey Bee Removal in Kent

Pest-Tech is an ethical company and we only remove honey bees or leave them in place. If you have a honey bee issue then we would like to hear about it. We can help by giving a solution to your bee problem. If you want them removed then we can help.

Honey bee removal from a roof space
honey bees in a loft