Get rid wasps in the garden

How to Get Rid of Wasps in the Garden

How to get rid of wasps in the garden: A guide on how to prevent those nasty buzzing creatures from ruining your summertime.

Summer means wasp season. These pests are a serious pain, and despite your best efforts to enjoy your garden in the warm months, these buzzing critters can ruin it for you. 

There’s no denying that wasps play a pivotal role in the ecosystem. However, they are pests, and keeping them under control would spell trouble for the homeowners and those around them.

So, here’s exactly what you can do to take possession of your garden once more. 

Tip #1: Use sprays to get rid of wasps in the garden

Insecticides and surface sprays are widely available in shops and online. They still remain one of the most effective ways to get rid of wasps in the garden. Simply enough, follow the label advice and keep your distance from the nest at all times. 

You should start seeing results in 24 hours. Always make sure you are wearing protective equipment while near the nest – It’s highly recommended to invest in some goggles, gloves and  protective clothing to stop you getting stung. 

Tip #2: Call a professional pest control to get rid of wasps in the garden

The most effective way to safely get rid of wasps in the garden will always be a simple phone call to your local pest control company. Professionals such as the ones at Pest-Tech can take advantage of years of training, safety equipment and specialist tools to ensure you get what you pay for. 

These will help you resolve your pest problems while also making sure your house doesn’t get swarmed in the process.
This strategy is particularly effective if the wasp nest is in larger dimensions – we are talking thousands of wasps, which would be impossible for individual homeowners to safely remove. Pest-Tech will destroy the nest depending on its size. Contact us today.

Tip #3: Homemade sprays can also be useful

Getting rid of individual wasps doesn’t have to be a costly process! Homemade sprays are cheap to make and even cheaper to apply. Simply mix one teaspoon of dish soap with some water and spray this solution on the wasp. The insect will drop dead in 10-15 minutes.

Tip #4: Nest dusting

Pesticide is also available in powder form, and it’s an easy method for nests located on the ground. Simply enough, sprinkle it over the nest and move away immediately. It’s that easy. However, you must read the label to ensure the product is safe to use in this manor and you are not harming no target species.

Tip #5: Traps 

Traps can be purchased for a simple, labour-free solution. An attractant solution is placed in a wasp pot and this will draw the wasps to it. These are good for putting on or near the table to stop the wasps being attracted to your drinks or food. These are often found in pub gardens to reduce numbers for the customers. It’s a good way to reduce numbers if you wish to kill them without putting your own pets at risk. The traps can be used multiple times, making it a very viable option for the same price you’d pay an insecticide.

Safety when dealing with wasps in the garden

We cant stress enough the importance of safety when dealing with wasps. Their behavior can change in an instant and if you do not have the correct safety equipment it can turn bad very quickly. This is why we would always recommend using a professional pest controller. 


Don’t let your summer BBQs be ruined by a bunch of annoying wasps! Call Pest-Tech’s pest control service for guaranteed removal of those pesky pests. Contact us today for a quote – we operate in Kent and surrounding areas.