is it worth having pest control

Is it Worth Having Pest Control? Why Pest Control Saves You Money

Is it worth having pest control? Let’s face it. There’s nothing quite as annoying as having pests in your home. Rats, bees, wasps, the list goes on and on. The damage they can do is immense, and that is without accounting for the stress you are probably experiencing.

The Bane of Having Pests

We have previously discussed how annoying pests are. The damage they cause to your environment depends on the nature of the pest, but they all share one thing in common: Your wallet will suffer just as much as your health if you allow pests to roam freely around your house.

Let’s take mice, for example. Rodents have become synonymous with pests, and for good reasons: These tiny little creatures can single-handedly eat through paper, fabric, cloth and even nest inside books and car seats.

And we are just getting started! They carry disease and fleas, gnaw through most items in your house, including your food, and they will litter in hard-to-reach places. Worst of all, however, most rodents will chew electrical wires to wear their teeth – causing a real threat of fire.

Sure, a house on fire is the worst-case scenario you could experience, but it’s not out of the question.

The Damage of Pests Far Outweighs the Cost of Controlling Them! Is It Worth Having Pest Control?

It’s safe to assume that even the most expensive pest control service in the UK will not cost you as much as buying a new house due to a fire. Chances are, a single item pests are capable of destroying is probably worth more than the fee of a pest control specialist.

Let’s take a look at Pest-Tech’s fees, compared to the average price of the items most commonly destroyed by pests. Once again, this doesn’t even account for the health hazard the animals carry:

  • A wooden floor hollowed out by ants: £300, plus installation
  • A carpet stained by rodents: £480, plus installation.
  • Electrical appliances: between £100 and £3500, plus installation.

Is it worth having pest control? Yes, absolutely. It’s a money-saving solution that keeps your house and your health safe in the meanwhile.