How to control pigeons. Pigeon control Maidstone.

Pigeon Control in Maidstone

Methods of Pigeon Control

Pest-Tech ltd carry out all methods of Pigeon control in Maidstone and across Kent. On every job we survey we listen to the customer to establish what they want and what is important. Bird net and bird spikes will do a great job but are not always aesthetically pleasing. So with this in mind, when I was asked to do something about on a recent job I made some suggestions that were outside the box.

Pigeon control needed to stop pigeons landing here.
Birds are landing on the sunshade.

Pigeon Control Requirements

When I went to take a look at a recent job on one of our contracts, it was all about the looks. The brief was that pigeons were making a mess and we want to move them on. That is fine, no problem there. the next comment was but we don’t want netting or spikes. Ok not a problem, we can work with that was my response, which took them by surprise.

Pigeons making a mess with their guano.
Bird Guano is hazardous to health.

Optical Gel for Bird Control

I was recently on a bird proofing refresher course for bird control and we did a bit of revision on Optical Gel. I had used it in the past and it did not give me great results. But since then work had been done on the product and we were getting good feedback. it is a pot that gives off a very pungent smell. I have been told the pigeons see it as fire or danger which causes them to fly away.

Optical gel, used to control pigeons
Optical Gel, smells bad and the pigeons don’t like it.

Placing the Optical Gel

When you use optical gel there are a few key points that must be adhered to, to ensure it is effective. Firstly, it is all about the cleaning, bird guano carries pheromones which attracts birds back to a roosting place. Prior to any placement of the Optical Gel, thorough cleaning must take place to remove attraction for the pigeons. Secondly, the spacing of the product must be followed it is key to ensuring success.

Bird guano cleaning is required.
Bird Guano carries pheromone, so must be removed.

Effective Method of Control

Once the cleaning and placement of the product is complete, the results will follow. The look is much better than spikes as it is less intrusive and yet it still does a great job. The product will last for at least 2 years, it depends on road dirt and natural weathering and other factors. Once it becomes less effective then it is just a case of renewing the product. There is no need to cover the whole area, just the areas that the pigeons are likely to roost on.



Optical gel used for pigeon control.
Well-spaced optical gel, effective pigeon control.

If you need advice or a survey carried out for pigeon control in Maidstone, then we can help you. We are members of the BPCA demonstrating out outstanding service and commitment to our customers.