Pigeon proofing Solar Panels

Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing

Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing (Part 2)

If you have solar panels then you may have a problem with pigeons as discussed in Part 1. Part 2 aims to cover more solar panel pigeon proofing points in the second part to this blog (Click Here for Part 1)

  • How can Pest-Tech help.
  • Methods of pigeon proofing your solar panels.
  • Methods of pigeon proofing that should not be used.
  • Removing unwanted nests.
  • Clearing bird waste from the gutters.
  • Summary
 Solar panels protected from pigeons using mesh barrier.
Solar Panels proofed against Pigeons.

How can Pest-Tech help.

Pest-Tech can help with advice or our services to remove the pigeons and protect your solar panels. We start by offering a free survey to establish what is happening, how we can resolve your problem and what safety measures would need to be in place for use to do the job. What we are looking for is a safe route of entry on to your roof and then once we are up there a safe system of work to complete the job. This could be as simple as ladder access and then working off ropes and a harness or in some cases scaffolding or powered platform. We establish this at the initial survey and then can produce you a quote.

Removing pigeons from under the solar panels using a powered platform.
Solar panels being pigeon proofed using a powered platform.
 Scaffolding used because of the steep pitch of these solar panels.
Bird proofing solar panels using Scaffolding due to lack of space and steep pitch.

Methods Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing.

There are several methods to successfully pigeon proof your solar panels available. Having discussed it with lots of pest controllers each has his own preference and I am not saying either is right or wrong. I always discuss this with my customers explain the pros and cons which is dependent on the survey at the time. Firstly, you have strips of bird guard that can be glued to the panels and this is my personal lease favourite method. Its messy and if you need to get it off for any reason then its stuck on, or indeed if the glue fails in any way then it comes off. My preferred method is to fit a mesh barrier around the outside of the solar panel using a solar clip and then overlapping all the corners which then tightens it all up. There is one problem with this in as much as certain panels do not have a lip for the clips to hole the mesh into the panel, to which I have designed an eye-bolt clamp to resolve this issue.

Solar guard attached to a solar panel.
Solar Guard is glued to the edge of the panel.

Methods Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing that should not be used.

Some methods shouldn’t be used, and it shows lack of understanding and knowledge of what pigeons are capable of and industry standards if any of the following methods are recommended. My advice is, if anyone suggests attaching spikes to your panels, then they are out of date or have a lack of understanding in this area and should not be considered. You will pay a lot of money for materials and it will fail. May be not immediately but it will fail, and you would have wasted your money, on top of that you will then need to remove it all so they can be proofed properly. Also be aware that if anyone suggests securing a barrier using self-tapping screws to the edge of the solar panels, this is a big “NO” as it may negate your warranty for the panels. Gutter brush is another method that should not be used as the pigeons pull the brushing apart and I have seen them then use this as nesting material.

An example of poor proofing
The company who did this drilled directly into the solar panel frame which negates the warranty.

Removing unwanted nests.

When we complete a pigeon proofing job, prior to fitting the mesh we ensure no live pigeons are under the solar panels as this would be cruel and also against the law. We also ensure we remove as much of the nest that is possible without causing damage to the wiring of the panels. Sometimes a pigeon nest is bound together with their own pigeon guano, dependent on the age of the nest and how long its been there. They tend to use the upright securing brackets that house the rails in which the panels sit on to build their nest as it gives them support to hold the nest in place. By bird proofing your solar panels, you will be causing no harm to the pigeons but simply moving them on to find a new home.

Clearing bird waste from the gutters.

On completion of the pigeon proofing of the solar panels we ensure the gutters are free of bird waste so that they can flow freely, and water can drain away. It is surprising how much waste or guano can collect in no time at all which then can cause the gutter to over spill in times of heavy rain. If this rain is then constantly falling down the side of your house or building, it will cause damp problems in no time at all. We therefore ensure the rainwater can flow away without causing any further problems.

Bird Proofing Solar Panel
Pigeon unable to get under the panels.


Pigeons can cause all manor of problems, from early morning wake ups to fowling on the patio, your car or a general walk way causing a slip hazard. When pigeons live under your solar panels, they bring in all sorts of nesting material which often ends up blocking the gutters along with their bird waste. In extreme cases they can also introduce a bird mite infestation to your home.

Pest-Tech Ltd have proofed hundreds of homes from this problem fitting a fine mesh to the outside of the panels to stop pigeons getting in. If you would like more information on our solar panel pigeon proofing services and how we can help you or you would like a free survey then please contact us and we will be able to help you with your problem. We are members of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) demonstrating our gold standard service and can be found on their website under find a pest controller.


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