Seagulls Nesting on a building.

Seagulls nesting

Seagulls Nesting on Buildings.

Seagulls can be a bit of a problem at any time, however if you have seagulls nesting on your building then it’s an issue. They make a lot of noise, they make a lot of mess, but that’s not all. If they are nesting then they will have young and then they become very protective. If you come close they will swoop down almost in an attack stance and then last minute fly off. They don’t want you to go anywhere near there young.

Protected Birds.

Dependent on what breed of seagull you are dealing with depends on what you can do. Natural England has more information on licencing and what can be done using the different licences. This can be dealing with control of the birds, carrying out egg removal or egg changes with dummy. We can give you further advice if you need it.

Bird Proofing.

All the usual bird proofing measures can be put in place to protect a building. This is best done before the seagulls start nesting. Bird netting and bird spiking are the common bird proofing methods used. Other deterrents such as audible sound systems and lasers are always an option but will not work on their own.

Guano Removal.

Seagulls make a lot of mess with their waste, Pest-Tech offer a guano clearance and cleaning service. This includes cleaning shop signs. Bird guano is hazardous to health so removal should only be done with knowledge and experience.

Seagulls are not a pleasant bird to work with or deal with. Pest-Tech can help you with any seagull issues you have. If you need further help then you can Contact Us to give you advice on your problem. We are members of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) which demonstrates our professionalism in the services we deliver.