Ant Control and Treatment

The most common ants you will normally find is the Black Ant, also known as the Garden Ant or the Black Garden Ant. You will normally find them outside in the garden or on your patio which is fine as that’s where they belong however when they go on the search for food, they will stop at nothing to find food for their colony. They can often end up inside the house as they make entry by using cracks and crevasses. The ant colony has an army of foragers or scouts that will constantly be looking for food sources to take back to the nest to feed the colony. They are looking for carbohydrates so you will often find them on the search in the kitchen. Once they have found a good source, they will get the gatherers to start moving the food to the nest. Sometimes the nest can be inside the property, this is commonly found in an extension or a conservatory.

Very small infestations can normally be treated with DIY methods, but ants can become a much larger problem in a short amount of time, requiring professional ant control. If this happens then we can provide professional strength baits and treatments that are effective in eliminating ants. Ideally you will want to get the situation under control before you start seeing the flying ants.

It’s the weather which determines flying ant day (nuptial flight) normally around August, September time, but this is a key part of the ant life cycle. The queens and males grow wings and mate on the wing. The males then die and the queen can then lay fertilised eggs to form new colonies of ants.

Other species of ant that can be a pest are Pharaoh Ants and Fire Ants. If you find you have any sort of ant problem then we would highly recommend you seek further advice from us prior to doing any sort of self help as you can severely make the situation worst

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