Cockroaches present a serious health risk, as they can be the cause of skin rashes or eczema as well as more serious diseases such as salmonella, dysentery, typhoid and gastroenteritis and are nocturnal pests.

The cockroach feeds on almost anything from human food, pet food, cardboard, paper, fibres, plastics and hair and breeds rapidly creating a large scale infestation in days. Cockroaches are also very resilient and difficult to eliminate yourself. Professional treatment is recommended as we can provide long-term prevention of re-infestations at an affordable cost. Similar to fleas the life cycle of the cockroach must be broken in order to prevent future infestations. We offer family and pet friendly treatments and can quickly take effect, ridding you of your cockroach problem long term.

Identification includes an offensive odour, smear stains, small cylindrical droppings and body casings being shed.

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