Fly problems are very common and can be caused by many different things out of your control such as living in the countryside, close to a farm or water way or even a business close by that maybe very attractive to them. As with anything like this, it is nothing you have done wrong, but you are dealing with the inconvenience of having flies in your home or business.

Flies can cause a problem to both businesses and homeowners as they can carry diseases like Salmonella, Tuberculosis, Cholera and Parasitic Worms & Dysentery. There are lots of common flies about that may be causing you a problem and these can be any of the following:

Blow flies whether it be blue bottle or green bottle will normally lay their eggs in a food source, this could be anything from an open bin, some pet food left down on the floor to a dead animal carcass such as a rodent or a bird. A blow fly can detect a dead animal from a long way away and will associate it with a good place to lay eggs as the maggots will have a plentiful food source whilst it is going through its stages. We often get call to request our services to deal with maggots but in fact it is a very easy problem to resolve for yourself. First, remove the food source what ever it might be, then disinfect the area. If you get to the problem later when they start to pupate it can be a bit of a problem as they start to disperse in different directions, and you may find it hard to get them all. If the flies have gone through there complete cycle then you could end up with a room full of blue bottles or green bottles, in this case the flies will always head for daylight so if you open a window where all the flies congregate then you can let them out. To prevent flies, always cover food and clean your pet bowls daily as flies can lay eggs in seconds. Flies spread diseases by landing on food before we eat it and have normally been breeding on faeces outside the home.

Cluster flies cause problems at two times of the year and this is to do with there cycle. Firstly, what happens is in late summer around September October time they will start to bask in the sun to get as much warmth as possible and a lot of the time it will be on white walls as these are most reflective. As it gets colder, they will make entry to the building via cracks and holes, most commonly through the roof tiles. They will then lay eggs and over winter in your loft space which is when we start to get calls. Through out the winter pockets of warmth circulate up to the loft such as when you get your Christmas decorations down and they wake up and then start flying about. They then try to get to the warm areas once you close the loft and a common entry point into the house is via sunken up lighters. The second busy time for cluster flies is around March April time when they start to wake up to go back outside. The loft will once again be alive with activity and if they can’t get out then they will head to any natural light to make there escape. Once again this may be escaping into your house rather than outside.

Drain Flies can cause a problem but also indicate that you have a problem. If you are experiencing a problem with drain flies, then you need to investigate to establish what is happening. There may be a leak that you are completely unaware of and drain flies need moisture for them to thrive. They lay their eggs in damp areas and therefore if you remove the moisture this may resolve the problem, however it can take a bit of time so a pest controller will be able to speed up the process.

Fruit Flies are attracted to sweetness and sugars. A common place to have a fruit fly infestation is in pubs and bars hovering around the beer taps. The main way to resolve a fruit fly infestation is by good house keeping and lots of cleaning. This can prove difficult in some situations so attractants may need to be used or a good residual knock down to get the situation under control. If you are struggling to control fruit flies, then you may need further advice.

We offer fly control services and clean up services, as many times our customers have returned from holiday to find hundreds of flies in their home or business. Vacant apartments and properties also suffer from infestations as one single source of decaying matter or faeces left for a short period of time can quickly result in a large fly infestation.

If you have a fly or maggot infestation please give Pest-Tech a call today.