Mole Removal and Control

Pest-Tech provide traditional and modern methods of Mole Control throughout Kent and surrounding areas. We can very quickly reduce numbers and effectively rid your property of moles.
We also treat garden moles with efficiency!

Moles are reclusive creatures and have a life span of about 3 years, although they can live up to 5 years old. Moles breed in March and the female mole comes into estrus for only 24 hours, once a year. At the beginning of March, male moles become active and come to the surface to try and sniff out a female mate, through the pheromones she releases. When the male mole finds the female, she will allow him to mate with her and then gets him out of her run. An average mole litter will consist of 4 young, although they can have up to 7 as the female has 7 teats. They produce their young only once a year.

Moles are excellent diggers and can move 540 times their own body weight in earth each day. This makes them the ultimate digging machine, as they create a labyrinth of run systems under the ground. Moles are the only mammals that spend most of their lives under the ground. It is a myth that they are blind, although their vision is very poor, because they spend their lives underground in the dark; they are sensitive to light and can detect it. They do not have external ears, but hear through sound travelling down their nose, into internal ears, situated above each shoulder. The mole has sensory hairs on the side of its paws in order to feel, and hair on its tail, which acts as a feeler gauge, for the top and sides of the tunnel.

Moles mostly eat worms, which makes them insectivores. They have to eat about 20 worms per day, which is equal to half their body weight, in order to survive. They will also eat larvae and grubs in the summer months. They are most active in the autumn and winter because they have to retain their own body weight and temperature.

Moles have two sets of tunnels under the ground, upper and lower tunnels. If the weather is bad and it’s raining then all the worm’s head to the surface so the moles will be using the upper tunnels. In the summer when it dries out the worms move lower so the moles will follow.

We regularly service farms, schools, golf courses, recreation centres, riding schools, green areas and many more, where the hazard of a mole hole is dangerous for businesses. If you have mole hills appearing in your green areas and require garden mole removal then please give Pest-Tech Ltd a call and we can carry out a mole treatment to remove them.