Pigeons are a nuisance pest and can cause damage over time to your building, home or business. They also cause several other problems which you should be made aware of:

    • They cause insect infestations at the place of their nests and roosting areas such as textile beetles, bird mites, fleas and flies.
    • They spread diseases such as Salmonella and E-Coli making them a health hazard.
    • They deface buildings, vehicles, pavements and doorways with their droppings (guano) which can also become a slip hazard if not cleared. The guano has acid qualities which means it will eat into paintwork.
    • The birds themselves can be a hazard especially during breeding season whilst protecting their young.

Here at Pest-Tech Ltd we have many methods of bird control available to us that work as a deterrent to stop pigeons roosting and nesting where they are not wanted. These include:

    • Physical deterrents
    • Visual deterrents
    • Audible Devices
    • Trained Bird of Prey

Pigeons usually adapt quickly to most static bird control devices because the birds adapt after exposure to false threats, such as the owls you can place in areas of pigeon roosting. Pigeons are cognitive learners so bird control methods that are most effective by physically blocking the birds from gaining entry or actively modify behaviour by using a mild shock method.

We can provide effective pigeon control for all types of buildings and gardens using the most modern techniques and products available for both domestic and commercial customers. Physical bird deterrents include products such as bird netting systems and steel spike systems, wire systems, electrified track systems. We use the best methods to eradicate the pigeon based on their natural behaviour.

Birds will quickly become use to wind driven kites as the birds learn the devices are not alive. Normally, birds adapt within weeks of exposure to bird control devices that are not alive or a threat to them. Bird lasers are an effective method of controlling pigeons, but once again if over used the birds will become accustomed to them and can become ineffective.

Audible bird deterrents are used widely in large areas although audible scares can easily become ineffective after a period and therefore may need to be used with other techniques. Sounds include predator and distress calls of a variety of birds to discourage pest birds from coming into an area. Audible bird scares are totally ineffective for nesting birds.