Should I pay for pest control?

Should I Pay For Pest Control?

Should I pay for pest control for my business or home?

Should I pay for pest control? Common pests, such as rodents, wasps, fleas and bed bugs can be a real nuisance, as well as a serious health hazard. Without even needing to mention all the potential diseases rats and fleas carry on their backs, let us just focus on property damage: Holes in the wall, broken pipes, grease marks on the floor… And that is just by touching the surface of all the complications that come with pests and vermin infestation.

Your house’s wellbeing (and yours) is at risk if a pest infestation is present. Therefore, we strongly recommend hiring a pest control professional.

Common pest control methods

Here are some quick, common pest control methods you can apply to your home today:

Traps and poisons (Between £10 and £100)

Chemical sprays, electric zappers (electric fly killers) and pesticides will often get rid of the bugs. Chemicals are rodenticide is dangerous and you must use them safely and responsibly. Items such as conventional mouse traps will help you if rodents are infesting your house.

Introduce predators

This is more effective in smaller areas, such as your garden. Introducing natural predators of your pest will likely reduce the number. For example, encouraging insect-eating birds into your garden to reduce insect levels in the garden.

Remove the habitat

This one is simple: If your pets have nowhere to stay, they will go away. For example, remove stagnating water to get rid of mosquitos. Clear your house of rubbish to ensure rats have nowhere to feed or hide. Look for cracks and leaks in your house and sort those out too.

When you should hire a professional pest control company

Sometimes, homemade control methods aren’t effective enough, and a pest control company will prevent thousands in damage. If you have any safety concerns about products you plan to use, or your actions may affect other people or animals is another reason to use a professional. Average fees depend on the pest they are treating and vary from £50 to £200, but you should always get a quote first. You should see this as an investment.
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I am renting the house: is it my responsibility to pay for the service?

If you are renting a house affected by a pest infestation, you might be entitled to a pest control service paid for by your landlord. As per British laws, if the pests are directly out of your control and a result of the environment it is not your responsibility to pay for the problem and the landlord should resolve the issue. We would always recommend you check your rental contract.

Rats, mice and other pets can get in your home because of unrepaired issues such as holes in the wall, broken vents or cracks on doors and windows. You must inform your landlord of such an issue as they are responsible for the repair. If your home is damaged to the extent that it is inhabitable, the council could tell your landlord to fix the problem.

As a general rule of thumb, your responsibility as a tenant is not to do anything that will attract pest infestations. As long as you keep the place clean and tidy, don’t leave food lying around the property longer than it should be and keep it clean and tidy. Also managing rubbish correctly reduce the chances of attracting rodents and insect infestations to the property.

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