Pigeon proofing solar panels

Pigeon Proofing Solar panels on Kent Peg Tile Roof

Solar Panel Pigeon Proofing on Unstable Roof

You may be wondering how to pigeon proof solar panels on a Kent Peg tile roof? It’s a common problem and an issue that causes stress and worry for many. Are they causing damage under the tiles? They are certainly making a mess and a lot of noise! The problem is made even worse if you have a delicate roof that can’t take much weight.

The Situation

In a recent job we completed there was a major problem with the roof. The roof tiles were brittle Kent Peg tiles and could not take the weight of a person without cracking them. When we visited to carry out the survey it was clear it was an old roof. I asked the customer if the roof was old and she said it’s been there at least as long as she has, which is over 40 years.

Solar Panels on a Kent Peg tile roof
Solar Panels on a Kent Peg tile roof

Another obstacle to the problem was the fact that the solar panels were mounted on the roof at the rear of the property. Access can often be a problem if the panels are on the rear of the property, so scaffolding is normally the solution. This can be a costly option which in this case would still not be a viable one, as there wouldn’t be insufficient reach. The panels are three high so we would still need to stand on the tiles as the scaffolding would only provide access to the bottom of the panels.

The Solution

After measuring up I came up with a solution to pigeon proof the solar panels on a Kent Peg tile roof without standing on it. There is a platform lift that is very narrow and will fit through a side gate. It is 0.8 wide by 4m in length. We were able to get the machine to the rear of the property. The machine needed a 3.5-metre hard base to operate it from, which in this case we had a patio to use. We had feet protector pads for the legs so no damage was caused.

Pigeon Proofing Solar panels with a platform lift for Kent Peg tile roof
Positioning the platform.

Once the machine was set up it was possible to birdproof the solar panels. The platform made it possible to reach all the panels and mesh was fitted to the perimeter. Pigeons were no longer able to get under the panels and moved on. This meant the customer was no longer pestered by pigeons. The equipment was only needed for one day hire so a very good and versatile machine.

Using a mobile platform to bird proof solar panels
Platform used to pigeon proof solar panels.

If you have a need for pigeon proofing solar panels on Kent Peg Tile roof and don’t want to end up with lots of damage to your roof, contact us. We can carry out a free survey and provide you with a viable solution.