Drain Fly caused by damp

Why Have I Got Drain Fly

Why Have I Got Flies In My Kitchen

Drain Fly is a common problem in the bathroom and kitchen. However, if you have this pest problem then you are going to have to do some investigation. Normally if you are seeing a drain fly then this would indicate there is a leak. It will be somewhere in the room you are getting them. Do not ignore the signs, I talk from experience when I say this. Just because you can’t see water, doesn’t mean to say it’s not there.

My drain fly issue.

We had a recent outbreak in our own kitchen at home where two drain fly were spotted on the wall. As soon as I saw them, I knew I needed to take a further look. Because of the life cycle of a drain fly, if you see one then the issue has been happening for a while. My first action was to remove the kickboards. It was at this point I noted a wet concrete smell. After shining a light in the area I was getting the smell I found a puddle. It was at this point that I found out the boiler was leaking.

Drain fly treatment. Pest control Maidstone
Drain Fly on the wall.

The water was seeping away into the foundations. The permanent wet moist area created the perfect breeding ground for the drain fly larvae. An emergency plumber was able to fix the boiler leak then I could get to work. Even though I am a pest controller, there was no chemical treatment required. It was all common sense and housekeeping. The water was soaked up as much as possible with old towels. The heater and dehumidifier were then the tools of choice. After a week of heat treatment, the issue was resolved.


What causes drain fly.

As already established its a damp environment that causes drain fly. The larvae need a wet and moist environment to enable them to pupate. It is not always as simple as my situation if the cause of the problem is a large leak or flood. Even worst is a situation where you have a damp cellar to deal with. It only takes a little moisture to see a reoccurring issue reappear.

One of our pest control contracts involves monthly checks of the cellar. They have regular outbreaks of drain fly due to a damp cellar. there is kitchen equipment down there that often leaks and goes unnoticed at times. When the infestation is severe then sometimes chemical intervention may be needed to speed up the process of control.

Fly breeding ground
A damp cellar, the breeding ground for drain fly.

So What Next.

If you have an issue with flies then you should remember the priority is to get the leak repaired. Once this is done you can then set about resolving the fly infestation. You should be able to resolve the issue but if you are struggling then contact us to discuss the problem. We may be able to help you over the phone or it might need a visit. Pest-Tech is a member of the BPCA which demonstrates our professional services.