Pest Control Dartford

Pests living in your home and business will create a stressful, disruptive and dangerous environment. Although pests cause substantial structural damage, they also carry harmful pathogens and bacteria. As a result, they will contaminate your property, spread deadly diseases, and seriously impact your health.

Fortunately, a solution is just a call away with Pest-Tech's pest control treatments in Dartford at 01622 296055.

Bee removal and relocation from chimney in Dartford

Our professional and discreet service is comprehensive, eradicating pests humanely and safely. In addition, our expert technicians implement long-term and reliable pest prevention solutions to protect and future-proof your property.

Pest Control in Dartford with Pest-Tech

Dartford is a thriving town located just 18 miles from central London. It features over 70 km² of rich rural and urban land with connections to both the River Darent and the Thames. With excellent transport links to London, competitive property prices and great schools, Dartford is a favoured commuter town. However, with the rise in residents and tourists, food waste and litter have become an increasing issue, providing an environment for pests, vermin and insects to thrive.

Luckily, Pest-Tech’s local Dartford technicians provide 24/7 emergency treatments to residents suffering from an infestation. Our efficient and guaranteed service restores your property to a safe, habitable home, free from danger.

In addition to servicing Dartford, we also provide professional pest control to the surrounding areas, including:

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Common Pests in Dartford

Discover all of our local pest control services below:

Wasp Nest Removal Dartford

One of the most common call-outs we receive in Dartford is for wasp nest control. Picture this, it’s summer, you’re enjoying spending time in the garden, and you are constantly disturbed by wasps flying around near your porch. This issue is then amplified if you suffer from an allergy, as a sting could result in anaphylaxis, which can be life-threatening.

Unfortunately, wasps live in colonies of up to 20,000 and will sting at the first sign of danger. So, if you notice a wasp nest inside your home or around the garden, calling a professional pest controller is essential to remove the nest safely. Here at Pest-Tech, our wasp nest removal treatments are fast and successfully completed within one visit.

Wasp nest removed from a residential property in Dartford

Pigeon Pest Control Dartford

Feral pigeons are also increasingly problematic. They breed quickly, cause a mass disturbance and impact the structural integrity of homes and businesses across Dartford. As a business owner, uncontrolled pigeon activity can lead to excessive guano build-up, which is unattractive and a slipping hazard. In addition, guano carries a lot of bacteria and pathogens, becoming airborne once dried, risking the health of your employees and customers. As a result, these hazards can lead to a dangerous environment, with critical business implications such as reputation damage, impacted profits and litigation.

Our pigeon control solutions are tried and tested, and we may use a combination of treatments to provide the required results. Some of the bird control methods we employ include bird spikesbird netting, bird mesh, bird deterrents and hawking.

If you want to book a free survey or organise your bird-proofing treatment, please call 01622 296055 or email

Pigeon mesh installed on guttering of commercial property

Pest-Tech’s Dartford Pest Control Service

Pests breed at exponential rates and have evolved to become increasingly stubborn to standard DIY treatments. Therefore the requirement for professional pest control, which is effective and efficient, is essential. As a result, our service is thorough and bespoke to your property to ensure the problem is controlled and that the opportunity for a future pest infestation is minimised.


All jobs start with a site survey to identify the pest, the extent of the issue, entry points and harbourage locations. Following this inspection, our expert technician will devise a customised treatment plan to control the situation.


Pest-Tech’s operatives are trained and experienced in using professional-grade equipment to combat the infestation. If required, we may use various treatments to eliminate pests, including traps, baits, rodenticides, insecticides, and hawking. In addition, the treatments we implement are safe for your family and pets, with minimal disturbance.

Pest Proofing

After the treatment and removal of the pests, we will block and cover up all ingress points to future-proof your property. This can include cracks in the brickwork or foundations, holes around pipework, vents, air bricks, drainage systems and gaps around windows.

Professional Advice

Finally, we will advise on how to protect your property and keep pests out. The most common thing we see, which appeals to vermin, is improper food storage, waste build-up and overgrown gardens. So, our preventative measures will guide you on small changes you can make that will have a significant impact.

Pest control surveys and treatments in Dartford by Pest-Tech

Why Choose Pest-Tech Pest Control?

At Pest-Tech, we believe in delivering exceptional customer service to all clients in Dartford and the surrounding areas. In addition, our tried and tested pest control solutions provide guaranteed removal with 100% success. But don’t take our word for it. Check out our 200+ 5-star Google reviews and read what our previous clients have to say about our professional pest extermination and pest prevention service.

So, if you are living with a rodent, insect or bird problem, book your treatment today and eradicate pests for good.