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Have you noticed signs of pests in your ME home? Then don't delay. Pest infestations require the urgent attention of an experienced pest control professional. Here, at Pest-Tech, we offer our expert pest control solutions across Medway and the surrounding areas of Kent to keep you safe from the risks they create.

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Domestic Pest Control Solutions in Medway

The district of Medway in Kent has played an important part in British history, but its continuous developments and ever-growing population have led to a high number of pests in recent years. 

Homeowners and residents across Medway often find themselves suffering from the presence of pests within their property. Rodents, insects, and birds enter homes looking for shelter, food and water – but removing them can be challenging once they’ve made themselves at home.

Many residents attempt to control an infestation themselves, using DIY or over-the-counter treatments. However, these are rarely effective and can actually end up causing more damage. Attempting DIY pest control also places you at a greater risk of catching numerous diseases or receiving an injury, which is why you should always leave pest control up to the professionals. 

Here at Pest-Tech, we deliver expert pest control services to all across the district of Medway and the surrounding areas of Kent. Our fully qualified and highly experienced technicians are on hand to remove pests from your home in no time at all. So, contact us today on 01622 296055 to arrange your survey as soon as possible.

Emergency Pest Control in Medway

Our entire range of pest control services are available across the whole district of Medway, including the towns of Gillingham, Rochester, Chatham, Strood, and Rainham, as well as surrounding areas of Kent. 

Visit our list of the areas we cover for more information. 

Which pests do you treat in Medway?

As a highly experienced and fully qualified pest control company, we are able to offer a full range of pest control treatments to homes across Medway. With a mixture of urban areas and rural spaces, combined with the addition of the River Medway, it’s no wonder that pests of all kinds are prevalent. So, whether it’s rats or foxes, cockroaches or wasps, or even birds causing you trouble – we’ve got you covered.

Explore some of our most popular pest control treatments in Medway below:

Bird Control Medway

Medway’s location and proximity to the sea make it a prime target for a variety of birds. As a result, homeowners across the area often discover birds nesting in their homes, particularly pigeons. Not only will they keep you awake during the early hours of the morning, but their presence in your home places you and your loved ones at serious risk of catching a potentially life-threatening disease. We offer effective pigeon control services to remove this threat and help you get back to normal. 

Birds look for quiet, sheltered areas to make their nests; one of the most appropriate locations for this is under your solar panels. Unfortunately, solar panels are a huge investment which requires long-lasting protection from the damages birds can cause. In order to keep your solar panels running efficiently for years to come, we offer a professional bird proofing solar panels service. 

solar panels at a home in medway where pest-tech applied bird proofing

We also offer a wide range of bird proofing treatments, including netting, spikes, and bird-free gels designed to deter birds from your home and prevent a bird problem from occurring in the future.

Rodent Control Medway

Closely following birds, rodents are the second most common type of pest that we’re called to deal with across Medway. Rodents, including rats, mice and squirrels, will use tiny ingress points or chew their own to access your home. Once they’ve made their way inside, they will chew through anything they can get their hands on, including wooden beams, furniture, and even electrical cables, requiring costly repairs. 

Rodents also carry numerous diseases that can easily be transmitted to your loved ones and even your pets. We strongly advise against attempting DIY rodent control, especially without prior pest knowledge, as you’re placing yourself in danger. Instead, contact your local technician on 01622 296055 to book your rat controlmice control or squirrel control treatments.

Wasp Nest Removal Medway

Here at Pest-Tech, we conduct hundreds of successful wasp nest removals every summer. Unfortunately, wasps are incredibly vicious creatures that will sting anyone who approaches their nests. Wasp stings are very painful and, in severe cases, can cause a severe allergic reaction known as an anaphylactic shock which requires urgent medical attention. 

wasps swarming in a roofline in medway

Please avoid placing yourself at risk of such injuries and leave it up to us. We have the appropriate protective equipment and professional-grade insecticides to carry out wasp nest removals safely.

Bed Bug Control Medway

Bed bug infestations can get out of hand fast. Once they’ve made their way into your home by clinging onto shoes and luggage, they will breed at a rapid rate, quickly spiralling out of control. Controlling a bed bug infestation is not something that can be conducted successfully by amateurs; all stages of life must be removed so the pests cannot return.

We achieve successful bed bug control by combining heat and chemical treatments designed to remove eggs, larvae and adults and leave your Medway home bed-bug-free for good. 

Cockroach Control Medway

Cockroach infestations often go unnoticed for months as they hide away in dark, undisturbed areas of your home. Unfortunately, their presence places you and your loved ones at serious risk of contracting health complications like dysentery and food poisoning. 

cockroach removed from a home in medway

We offer expert cockroach control services to protect your home from such risks. Like bed bugs, we use a combination of heat and chemical treatments to remove all stages of life and prevent a re-infestation. 

Our highly experienced pest controllers also treat less common pests, including the following: 

If you’re struggling with one of the pests mentioned above, then please contact us today at, or give us a call on 01622 296055 to book your survey. 

Discover our full range of pest control services to see how we can help to keep your Medway home pest-free. 

Commercial Pest Control in Medway

We’ve seen first-hand the damage that pests can have upon local businesses in Medway, which is why we offer our full range of pest control services to commercial clients as well as domestic ones.

Pests can negatively impact your brand’s reputation, and the damage they cause can result in costly repairs that come straight from your pocket. Additionally, the numerous diseases they carry place you, your staff, and your customers at risk of serious health problems. Depending on the industry you work in, pests on your commercial property may even result in complete business closure, affecting profits and your company’s potential future.

pest tech technicians and branded vans during a commercial pest control service performed at a medway business

We’ve helped hundreds of local businesses across Medway and the surrounding areas of Kent, including a wide range of industries such as hospitality, retail, education, and healthcare. We also offer commercial pest control contracts, meaning you can rest easy, year-round, knowing you have professional pest protection. 

If you’ve noticed signs of pests on your commercial Medway property, or you want to learn more about our contracts, contact your local Pest-Tech technician today on 01622 296055 and book your site survey now.

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