Medway Pest Control

Pest-Tech carry out pest control in the Medway towns and surrounding areas. We are a local business with technicians who are passionate about solving your pest problem. Both skillful and professional our team will resolve your pest problem and give you support from our admin office. If you have a pest issue then we would like to help you. Many fantastic reviews on Google and Checkatrade.

Medway Pest Control

Pest Control in the Medway Towns

Pest-Tech Ltd carries out pest control treatments to the many businesses and homes within the Medway Towns. This covers the five main towns, all of which we deliver our services to:

  • Gillingham Pest Control.
  • Rochester Pest Control.
  • Chatham Pest Control.
  • Strood Pest Control.
  • Rainham Pest Control.
  • Walderslade Pest Control

We look after a number of industrial and commercial businesses with both emergency call outs and annual service contracts. We also help landlords and home owners with their domestic pest problems.

Services We Offer

The list of Pest Control Services we carry out is endless. A simple snapshot of the type of work we carry out is as follows:

Wasp nest removal

Wasp nest removal is one of the most common services required during the summer months. We will come to you and treat the wasp nest in a safe and controlled manor. Wasp stings can be extremely dangerous if you have allergies so let us deal with your wasps.

Rat Control

Rat Control is needed during the winter months, especially with the river Medway flowing through the towns. The river creates the ideal conditions for a rat population to thrive. However when the river levels rise the rats go in search of new homes. This is one of the many reasons rats migrate as well as searing for new food sources. We can help with all rat infestations both inside and out.

Mouse Infestation

Medway has a lot of terrace houses, which allow mice to travel easily between houses. They use the roofs, holes in walls and under the floors to get about. Very similar to rats, they migrate in search of new food sources and other mice. We deliver mouse control in Medway and can set traps and rodenticide to control mice in the house.

House Fumigation

Our fumigation services deal with a number of pest treatments. Bed bug fumigation and removal treatment is needed much more recently. We are seeing a rise in cases of bed bugs in Medway and this may be because they are easy to transmit. Flea fumigation is a common treatment we carry out in the Medway Towns due to the amount of pets in homes.

Other Pest Control Treatments

Other pest treatments we carry out in Medway include Moths, Moles and Squirrels to name but a few. If you are not sure then give us a call. We also deal with many cases of pigeons nest under solar panels in Medway.

Pest Control Contracts in Medway

We also carry out annual service contracts also known as Pest Control Contracts in Medway. If you are a business and need a pest control contract, then we can help. We can also offer a review of your present pest control contract. We often find we are very competitive on price and lead the way on customer service.

Pest Control in Medway towns
Pest-Tech delivering pest control in Medway.

If you need a Medway pest control company Pest-Tech is a member of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association) demonstrating our desire to deliver the best in our field. If you are not sure if we cover your pest problem or area then contact us and we will be able to help you.