Pest Control West Malling

Have you noticed rat droppings under your kitchen cabinets, heard a strange buzzing sound, or suddenly developed red itchy lumps on your skin? You could have a serious pest problem that requires immediate attention. 

If you think pests have infiltrated your house, it's crucial to enlist the help of a professional pest control company as soon as possible. Take back control of your home and call your local pest control expert today at 01622 296055

Humane honey bee removal services

Domestic Pest Control Services In West Malling

Discovering an unwanted pest in your home can be scary. Rodents, wasps and parasitic insects can severely disrupt your life and impact your family’s safety. As a quick solution, you may think DIY pest control measures will help alleviate your problems. However, over-the-counter remedies or DIY options are short-term solutions and are typically ineffective.

In particular, rats are known carriers of pathogens and diseases, contaminating food preparation surfaces as they navigate your house in search of food. Additionally, rats can turn aggressive if they feel threatened. As a result, you could put your family at a higher risk by tackling the problem yourself without professional training or equipment.

Rat control treatment in residential loft

Instead, we recommend that you leave it to the professionals. We provide cost-effective, 24/7 treatments to all properties in West Malling. So whether you live in a small cottage, high-rise flat, terraced house or caravan, we can help! Our operatives will humanely eradicate the pests from your home, remove nesting materials and droppings, and implement effective proofing measures to prevent future re-infestations.

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What Pests Do We Cover?

Our successful pest management treatments tackle all common pests. Discover our services below:

Emergency Pest Control in West Malling

Here at Pest-Tech, we have a team of trained technicians located across Kent, operating in West Malling and the surrounding areas. Our West Malling pest control services cover Kings Hill, Snodland, Leybourne and East Malling, and more rural areas, such as Offham, Addington, Ryarsh and Birling.

We also deliver treatments to the surrounding towns, including:

This coverage ensures we can deliver 24/7 emergency appointments to all domestic and commercial properties requiring pest management services. Currently, we work with various industries in West Malling, providing annual service contracts to local companies and private sectors. Some clients include schools, sports facilities, hotels and restaurants, and we are always looking to work with new clients and take on new contracts.

For more information on the areas we cover or to understand what pest control solutions would rectify your vermin problem, please call the team at 01622 296055.

Commercial Pest Control West Malling

The importance of commercial pest control extends beyond nuisance pest activity. Unfortunately, pests living at your professional premises have the potential to cause catastrophic business implications, including:

  • The spread of hazardous pathogens and diseases
  • An unsanitary environment
  • Customers, staff members or visitors getting sick
  • Impacted business reputation, profits and success
  • Damaged stock, machinery and supplies

Under the Prevention Of Damage By Pests Act 1949, businesses must take the necessary action to prevent contamination risk from pests. Failure to comply can lead to forced business closure, fines and even litigation. Therefore, proactive pest control is essential to minimise these health and safety risks, keep your business compliant and maintain a pest-free working environment.

Commercial bird spike installation pest control west malling services

As pest control experts, we implement advanced control methods to help defend your property from pests commonly found in commercial properties, including squirrels, cockroaches, birds, rats and ants. Using monitoring equipment, we can identify pest activity, entry points and harbourage locations to tackle the infestation effectively and future-proof your property.

Read more about our commercial pest control services.

Why Choose Us?

Our friendly team strive to deliver a first-class pest control service for all pest issues, backed by our 100% guarantee. With a team of highly skilled pest controllers equipped for all jobs and pests, we’re available 24/7 to assist you and eradicate your infestation with first-time success.

We provide professional pest control services in Kent and come highly recommended by local homeowners and business owners. Call our expert technicians today at 01622 296055 or email the team at to book your appointment.

Previous Jobs In West Malling

Wasp nest removal | July 2023

A landlord contacted us after he identified wasps entering through holes in the brickwork. During the inspection, we used heat sensors to detect the nest’s location. Then, we carefully actioned the fogging treatment and removed the wasp nest and colony.

Wasp nest removal from loft in West Malling

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels | June 2023

We were called to a property in West Malling when a homeowner identified pigeons nesting under his solar panels. This created a lot of disturbance at night and led to excessive guano build-up around the perimeter of the home. To combat this, we installed bird mesh around each solar panel and pigeon spikes on the roof line to prevent bird access and deter future bird activity.

Solar panel bird proofing by Pest-Tech

Mice Control | June 2023

After moving into a new home, a young family identified droppings behind their appliances. A pest controller visited to conduct a thorough investigation that uncovered a small mouse problem in the kitchen. We implemented traps and baiting stations to capture all rodents. Then, we sanitised the property and blocked all ingress locations.

Mouse entry point in domestic property in West Malling

Honey Bee Removal | May 2023

We were initially called for a wasp nest removal after a local salon in West Malling heard buzzing in their roof. Upon arrival, we identified it was a honey bee colony that required safe removal and rehoming. We collected the nest and transported this to our beekeeping facility. The roof was cleaned up, and the clients were very happy!

Honey bee removal in Kent