Pest Control Tunbridge Wells

If your home or business property has been infested by rodents, insects, bugs or birds, you’re in the right place. Pest Tech’s Tunbridge Wells Pest Control division is the highest-rated pest control company in the area offering the following:

  • Emergency pest control services
  • 200+ five-star reviews
  • BPCA (British Pest Control Association) trained pest controllers
  • Coverage for all Tunbridge Wells postcodes (TN1, TN2, TN3, TN4)

To speak more about your pest control issue or to learn about our pest control services, contact us today at 01622 296 055 or email

Pest Control Tunbridge Wells

Tunbridge Wells, often known as Royal Tunbridge Wells, is a town in Kent. With a population of 115,300 and located just 30 miles South East of central London, there is no wonder the town has a dense population of rats, mice, bed bugs, birds and other pests.

A pest control infestation in your home or business can be seriously distressing as rats, mice, cockroaches, pigeons, and seagulls carry serious diseases that can make you and your family sick. Furthermore, pests such as bed bugs, fleas and wasps can bite, sting and be scary to live with.

Pest control services we offer in Tunbridge Wells:

You may have attempted to get rid a pest problem on your own or be contemplating it, but here’s why you shouldn’t… DIY pest control equipment is never as effective as professional equipment. Professional traps, rodenticides and insecticides are unavailable to those without a pest control licence, and most pests resist DIY solutions. For example, we visit many houses that have tried to catch rats with DIY traps for months on end, and due to a rat’s neophobia, they have caused the rats to become “trap shy”, making our job even more challenging to catch them.

At Pest Tech, all our pest controllers are RSPH Level 2 certified to work in pest control. So you’ll only receive an expert pest controller who knows how to get rid of a pest problem. If you require pest control services in Tunbridge Wells, call 01622 296 055.

Wasp Nest Removal in Tunbridge Wells

Wasps are extremely dangerous when the summer weather starts to heat up. Wasps will sting even when unprovoked, and a wasp pest control issue near your home may make your garden unusable. Living with wasp pest issues is unnecessary when Pest Tech can remove them on the same day for a reasonable price.

A wasps nest can be located in any home area, including your garden, shrubbery, underground, air bricks, attic, shed or roof space. Many of these areas are hard to reach, and once a wasp nest is approached, wasps will defend by attacking.

With 1000’s happy wasp nest removals in Tunbridge Wells, choose Pest Tech pest control. We’re trained to work at height, are fully insured and are BPCA members.

Rat Control in Tunbridge Wells

When a rat lives inside your home, you must immediately get them exterminated and removed. Rats carry a range of diseases that are transferable to humans through their urine, and they breed exponentially, meaning a small rat infestation can become a severe problem in no time.

Diseases spread by rats:

  • Hantavirus
  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome
  • Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome
  • Lassa Fever
  • Leptospirosis
  • Lujo Hemorrhagic Fever
  • Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCM)
  • Monkeypox
  • Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever
  • Rat-Bite Fever
  • Salmonellosis

Pest Tech is fully equipped to deal with rat control problems. With most rat problems stemming from a drain issue, we’re one of the only pest control companies in Tunbridge Wells to have invested in a drain survey camera. Allowing us to carry out drain surveys during our initial visit.

Mice Control in Tunbridge Wells

Although mice are a smaller and less nauseating pest problem than rats, they cause equivalent damage and problems. A mouse infestation is often first noticed when droppings and urine are seen in kitchen cupboards.

Our mouse pest control process will first identify ingress points that mice are exploiting. Finding entry holes will allow us to prevent future pest infestations. Then, we’ll exterminate mice using a range of strategically placed traps. Finally, we try to limit our rodenticide use to deter mice from unknowingly dying inside your home and producing a horrible smell.

Squirrel Control in Tunbridge Wells

When grey squirrels decide to call your loft or attic home, they put you and your family in danger. Squirrels constantly need to gnaw their teeth down, which means they often chew through everything in their way. This includes wooden beams but, even worse, electrical cables. Squirrels are the known cause of many loft fires, and with all the insulation up there, you are seriously at risk.

Our squirrel pest control service is available across TN1, TN2, TN3 and TN4 postcodes to ensure grey squirrels are trapped and removed from your domestic or commercial premises. A professional pest controller should handle a squirrel pest problem as they are extremely territorial and will bite if they feel threatened.

Bee’s Nest Rehoming in Tunbridge Wells

Most pest control companies will not exterminate Bees, so they shouldn’t. Bees contribute so much to our ecosystem, are essential pollinators and are entirely harmless. However, living with a bee’s nest inside your property can be very off-putting, and if the bees enter your home, extremely annoying.

Pest Tech is highly experienced at bee removal and relocation and can deal with any bee’s nest, regardless of size. We’ll safely and humanely relocate bees using refined bee control techniques.

Bed Bug control in Tunbridge Wells

We’re here to help if you have a bed bug infestation, as we know first-hand how horrible bed bugs are. They cause many sleepless nights and severe distress and are one of the most challenging pests to get rid of.

We use a combination of pest control treatments to get rid of insect pests depending on the situation. Heat, steam, and insecticide sprays play a massive role in exterminating all life stages, including eggs, nymphs and adults.

Bird Proofing Solar Panels in Tunbridge Wells

Are birds such as pigeons nesting under your solar panels? We offer some of the best bird proofing solar panels services in Tunbridge Wells, and with over 200+ five-star reviews on Google, you can place your trust in us. Our guaranteed service will remove birds from under your panels and ensure they do not come back – we even offer a 10-year guarantee on our work.

When birds nest under solar panels, they reduce their effectiveness due to a build-up of guano and nesting materials. Furthermore, birds are boisterous in the early morning and will wake you and your neighbours up. If you require bird-proofing solar panels in Tunbridge Wells, contact us for a free quote.

Cockroach Control in Tunbridge Wells

Cockroaches spread diseases such as salmonella, staphylococcus, streptococcus and poliovirus. Therefore, you should act immediately if cockroaches have infested your home or commercial premises. Failure to do so is a severe health risk, and if you’re a business, you could be forced to close by an Environmental Health Officer.

To remove insect pests like cockroaches, we’ll carry out a professional insecticidal spray treatment to remove adults and eggs. Then, we will employ a sophisticated monitoring program to ensure cockroaches do not return.

Flea Extermination in Tunbridge Wells

A flea pest control problem is usually caused by pets such as cats and dogs or if you’ve moved into a home that previously used to keep pets. As fleas can remain dormant for up to a year in carpets, it’s expected that a homeowner is completely unaware of the issue until the eggs hatch.

If your home has become infested with insect pests like fleas, contact Pest Tech pest control to learn more about our flea extermination services.

Recent Pest Control Jobs in Tunbridge Wells

Removing a serious mice infestation in Tunbridge Wells TN1 – March 2023

Pest Tech pest control Tunbridge Wells was called out to a severe mice infestation in a domestic property. The resident had lived with mice in their home for over three years, meaning the problem was deep-rooted and extremely large. Our pest control experts introduced sophisticated trapping principles to entice the mice to traps they have avoided for many years. Over a few weeks, we removed the infestation and proofed the building to prevent further pest problems.

Residential pest control services for OAP in TN1 – March 2023

Our bird pest control team was called to a residential property with a bird infestation in their loft. On the survey, we noticed that a roof window had smashed, which allowed birds to gain entry. The removal was pretty simple, and most birds could be encouraged to leave through the window they entered through. The birds that did not leave were humanely trapped and released. Once all birds had been removed, we ensured the window was fixed, disinfected the area and thoroughly cleaned it to remove diseases that had built up.

Installation of pigeon netting at a car park in Tunbridge Wells TN1 – March 2023

Our experienced team installed anti-pigeon netting to a business car park in the TN1 postcode of Tunbridge Wells. Pigeons had been fouling on cars, and customers had been lodging complaints. To rectify this, throughout two visits, we installed pigeon netting to the open windows and spikes to the ledges from which pigeons had been perching.

Proofing rat ingress holes in Tunbridge Wells TN3 – February 2023

Pest Tech pest control Tunbridge Wells received a call to carry our rodent proofing to a recently exterminated rat problem. Rats had recently been removed from the building, and now the access points used by rats needed to be blocked. Due to the commercial settings of the business, Pest Tech was discreet and carried out the work during the nighttime when the building had closed.

Rat living under outside decking in Tunbridge Wells TN4 – January 2023

A typical job for the Pest Tech pest control Tunbridge Wells team is rats seen in gardens. Unfortunately, one of the most common places they nest is under decking or a shed. Our expert pest control team ensured the decking wouldn’t prevent us from getting rid of this customer’s rats.

Pest infestation in commercial Supermarket Tunbridge Wells TN4 – January 2023

One of our commercial pest control clients had noticed stock being damaged by rodents regularly. Rats had been eating pallets of food and living directly within the Supermarket. Using our commercial pest management services, we reduced the risk our client faced due to the infestation.

Fox trapping and human dispatch in Tunbridge Wells TN4 – December 2022

Pest Tech’s pest control Tunbridge Wells team performed a fox trapping and removal treatment at a home in TN4. Foxes had moved into this property’s garden and caused lots of damage. Furthermore, the house had a cat that they could no longer let out for fear of being attacked. Our team humanely caught the fox living in the garden and relocated it to an area 3 miles away.

Removing wasp nest in an attic in Tunbridge Wells TN3 – August 2022

During a recent heatwave, wasps became very active, and this customer noticed wasps in and around their home. Pest Tech visited the property the same day the customer called and identified the nest was from the attic. Our technician entered the attic with complete PPE equipment and exterminated the nest before removing it so it wouldn’t be rebuilt in the future.

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels job in Tunbridge Wells TN2 – July 2022

Pest Tech visited a property in TN2 to correct the proofing work that was carried out on solar panels. The customer had the solar panels meshed six months ago, and birds had already found a way to get underneath. Our bird control team replaced the old proofing work with specialised solar panel spikes. We also installed bird-free gel on the roof ledge to prevent the birds from perching on the roof.