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At Pest-Tech pest control, we are available for all rodent, vermin and insect infestations in the Ashford area. Our expert team is available 24/7, and we will remove all pests from your property through our successful pest control methods.

We offer free quotes for all domestic and commercial estates and have a 100% guaranteed success rate. If you would like to speak to a technician about your pest problem in Ashford, call us today at 01622 296055.

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Ashford is a market town in the county of Kent, located between London, Chatham and the Kent coast. Known for its medieval architecture in Middle Row and connections to the River Stour, pigeons, seagulls, mice, and rats are invasive and cause serious issues for the public. Birds, in particular, can leave behind droppings which can cause severe damage to historical properties, resulting in a highly hazardous environment.

If you have identified a pest infestation on your property and would like a free quote, please call our team at 01622 296055, and we will be happy to assist.

Pest Control in Ashford with Pest-Tech

Our local experts can assist you in any pest control situation in Ashford. We are highly trained, skilled professionals with a lot of experience in pest prevention, proofing and control. Our portfolio includes small to large domestic houses and commercial properties, including schools, offices and businesses within the hospitality sector.  

We cover the Ashford area as well as all surrounding villages, including; 

  • Boughton Lees
  • Hothfield
  • Westwell
  • Kingsnorth
  • Mersham
  • Wye
  • Challock

There is ample green space in these local villages surrounding the town centre, and this green landscape is the perfect habitat for wildlife and insects. For this reason, we provide annual pest control service contracts to keep your home and business free from pests. These yearly contracts offer early detection of a pest and efficient eradication of any infestation. 

At Pest-Tech, we are a BPCA (British Pest Control Association) Certified and Trading Standards-approved company which illustrates our professionalism and effectiveness. Our solutions are in-line with all laws and legislations to provide peace of mind for our clients and ensure the job is done correctly. 

Our Pest Control Services in Ashford

Homes in Ashford are highly susceptible to pests, and DIY solutions can be problematic. Some DIY remedies may improve your situation; however, it can be difficult if you do not have the right tools or expertise. By attempting to remove a pest yourself, you risk catching diseases, injuring yourself, and wasting money. We recommend calling in a professional to control your infestation quickly and eliminate the risk of it happening again. 

Our fully qualified team of experts are on hand to answer any questions and provide free quotes for all pest-related issues. Call our team on 01622 296055 or email us at

Discover our Ashford pest control services below 

Your Local Pest Control Expert

If you are suffering from a pest infestation in Ashford, it’s imperative to act quickly to avoid irreparable damage to your property. Calling in the experts ensures your pest problem is resolved as soon as possible with minimal disruption. Our pest control methods are as humane as possible, and all our technicians are Level 2 qualified, so you can be sure to receive a first-class service from Pest-Tech. In addition, we have over 200 5-star reviews, which demonstrates our efficiency and positive customer service. 

For friendly and reliable pest control advice, please call our team today on 01622 296055

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Recent Pest-Tech Jobs in Ashford

Bird Control Solar Panels in Mersham | 12th October 2022
We visited a domestic property to implement bird proofing on solar panels after the owner identified bird nests and guano on the roof. Firstly, we cleaned the area, removed all nesting materials, and installed galvanised bird mesh around each panel. This will protect the solar panels from all birds, including pigeons and seagulls, for years to come. 

Rat Infestation in Kingsnorth | 7th September 2022
Our team was called to a domestic property when the owner found droppings in the loft. Upon inspection, we identified several rat nests and droppings spanning the attic with an entry point coming from the next-door neighbour’s roof. Using baits and traps, we successfully eradicated this infestation and closed up the entry point in the roof. The family was extremely satisfied with their efficient service, and we then worked with the neighbour to combat their rat issue. 

Wasp Nest Removal in Ashford City Centre | 28th June 2022
Pest-Tech were called to a commercial property with an active wasp nest in a stock warehouse. Workers first identified dead wasps and heard buzzing late one night. The next day when we visited, we exposed the roof and injected the nest with powder. Within a few hours, we removed the wasps and sealed the entry hole. We then actioned a yearly pest control contract for this address to ensure wasps, or other pests, do not return in the future.