Pest Control Ashford

Pest-Tech Ltd are a Trading Standards Approved pest control company working in Ashford and the surrounding areas. Our technicians who are passionate about solving your pest problem are both skilful and professional. Our team are keen to resolve your pest problem and give you the support to resolve your pest issue. If you have a pest issue then email us at

Pest Control Ashford

Pest Control in Ashford

Pest-Tech Ltd look after a number of businesses, schools and support a large number of domestic homes in Ashford. Our Pest control services cover all the usual emergency call outs you may encounter. This includes the need to set up annual pest control contracts. As well as operating in the town centre, we also deliver our services to the surrounding areas. This includes the following areas:

  • Boughton Lees
  • Horthfield
  • Westwell
  • Kingsnorth
  • Mersham
  • Wye
  • Challock

Outside of the town centre there are lots of local villages with green space. These areas have all sorts of wildlife and insect issues which we are able to help with.

Pest Control Services in Ashford

As well as being Trading Standards Approved, Pest-Tech is a member of the BPCA also. This shows our professionalism in delivering the best service to our customers. We are audited every year on our systems and processes to ensure we adhere to legislation and law. This allows us to deliver a professional pest control service to you the customer. Our treatments and services cover a wide spectrum of pests so these are just a few:

General Pest Control

Pest-Tech carry out all the usual day to day pest control services. In the winter months the common problems are the rodents. Bad weather drives the rats and mice to set up home in buildings. Things change as we go in to the spring when wasp nest removal becomes the most common request for us. Other pests such as Carpet Moth, Fleas and Bed Bugs require a fumigation service which is needed all year round.

Bird Control

Pest-Tech carry out all types of bird control and proofing. This ranges from bird spiking ledges to fixing bird nets to stop bird access. Pigeons nesting under a bank of solar panels is a very common problem but cause mess and noise so must be removed. As well as bird control tasks we can offer bird guano cleaning to compliment the task. We sanitise the area which removes bacteria and pheromone to make the area safe to work. There are many other bird control systems available which are both visual and audible and we can advise on all methods available.

Wildlife Control

Wildlife control is becoming a more needed service with some pests becoming more of an issue. These range from moles and rabbits which do serious damage to a lawn and garden. There are also the squirrels that strip bark from trees which kill them. Even worst is if the squirrel gets in the loft. They will  gnaw on timbers and strip electric cables so must be dealt with.

Bee Removal

Pest-Tech carry out all types of bee removal in and around the Ashford area. All bees removed get re-homed so they can continue to thrive. Bees are normally very harmless if left alone however if you interfere with them or their nest they may become adjugated. For more information visit our page on bees.

If you would like more information on the many more services or locations we deliver, then Contact us and we can help.