Pest Control Sevenoaks

Pest-Tech Ltd delivers pest control services in Sevenoaks. Our office are ready to help and advise you on all pest issues. We also have well trained and professional technicians that are ready to help with any pest problem you may have.

Pest Control Sevenoaks removing Honey bees


Pest-Tech Ltd carries out pest control services in Sevenoaks for both homes and business. We are a professional company you can trust to carry out work quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to you. Many local business owners and restaurants within the town work with us. We deliver our annual pest control contracts to many businesses locally. We also deal with many one off pest problems in which we have to resolve. The town is very populated with many homes so we carry out a lot of domestic pest control.

As well as delivering pest control solutions to the many homes, businesses and shops within Sevenoaks high street, we also cover the areas surrounding, such as;

  • Otford
  • Kemsing
  • Seal
  • Borough Green
  • Wrotham

Sevenoaks and the surrounding villages have a lot of green space and rural areas which are perfect conditions for a lot of unwanted wildlife and pests to thrive. Pest-Tech Ltd delivers management services that can control or remove these types of pests. We also cover many small industrial areas such as the Vestry Estate, who will always have pest issues.


Our Pest Control Services and treatments are available and can be discussed to suit your need. We are always open to requests and try to work with you to get you the best results. We are members of the BPCA which demonstrates our professionalism.

Bee Removal

Pest-Tech carry out all types of Bee removal and we actively try to save and rehome all bees that are removed. Our honey bees that we remove are placed with a bee keeper so they can continue to thrive and pollinate.

Wildlife Management

We carry out Wildlife Management which includes fox removal, garden mole trapping and removal, rabbit control and removal and squirrel control. No matter what the wildlife issue, we are able to help.

Bird Control and Proofing

We carry out all types of bird work from bird waste removal to installing bird spikes. We are able to take on all pigeon control and bird proofing work. If you have pigeons nesting under your solar panels then we can resolve your issue. We often help businesses with pigeon spiking on industrial units.

Fumigation Service

Pest-Tech carry out all house fumigation services for many pests. These include flea fumigation to deal with the removal of fleas from the house. Bed bug fumigation is another key service in which we deliver. Clothes moth also know as carpet moth is another fumigation service we cover.

Pest Control

We carry out all pest control treatments that you may need. We deal with the usual suspects such as Wasps, Hornets, Rats and Mice. But we also cover more unusual pests such as the huge range of store product pests.

Having a pest problem is not an indication of how clean your home is. Most pests infest by chance or what we call occasional intruders. Contact us if you need more information on anything we have mentioned. If you would like more advice on our treatments then we have more pages covering our topics. If we have not mentioned a pest here then we will still offer that service, so please ask.