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Have you identified rodent activity in your home or noticed birds nesting on your roof? Here at Pest-Tech, we provide 24/7 pest control services to remove all pests from your property.

Solar Panel Bird Proofing by Pest-Tech Sevenoaks

Our pest management treatments are available for all residential homes and commercial properties in Sevenoaks. So, whether you have a flea pest problem, a rat pest problem or a pigeon pest problem, Pest-Tech is here to help. We take immense pride in restoring your property to its former glory and eradicating pests for good.

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Pest Tech Pest Control team in Sevenoaks

Pest Control in Sevenoaks by Pest-Tech

Sevenoaks has many green spaces and rural areas, making it the perfect habitat to host unwanted wildlife and pests. Moreover, Sevenoaks is home to a small industrial estate called the Vestry Estate, which we work heavily in due to the abundance of pests.

In addition to the Sevenoaks town centre, we also deliver pest control in the surrounding areas, such as;

  • Otford
  • Kemsing
  • Seal
  • Borough Green
  • Wrotham
  • Tonbridge
  • Oxted
  • Biggin Hill

We also provide our pest control service to the surrounding areas of Sevenoaks, so if you cannot see it on our list of areas we cover, please contact us for more details. We service the Sevenoaks district and have local pest control technicians across Kent.

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Pest Control Services

With our extensive experience in pest control, we understand which control methods work and have the highest success rate. Therefore, regardless of your pest, our tried and tested solutions are 100% successful with little disruption to your home, business and family.

Our most common callouts in Sevenoaks include:

Rodent Control

Mice and rats typically make their way into cosy homes through small brickwork gaps or chewed air vents. Unfortunately, newer homes in Sevenoaks are made with breezeblocks. This makes it very easy for a rodent to navigate your house to find a comfortable nesting spot.

For this very reason, if you have identified a mice or rat infestation, we do not recommend home DIY poison treatments. As a result of using poison, you could have deceased rodents decomposing inside your walls, leading to a nasty smell. Instead, we utilise trapping and proofing to efficiently exterminate all live rodents in your home and prevent future infestations.

Bird Control

In addition to rodents, bird pests such as pigeons and seagulls cause immense damage to the structure of your building. Typically nesting on your roof, business sign or chimneys, a build-up of guano (bird poo) can affect your paintwork and business reputation.

Our bird-proofing and bird control methods can last over 10-20 years and include the installation of bird spikes and bird netting in the affected areas.

Bird mesh installation by Pest Tech in Sevenoaks

Wasp Nest Removal

During the spring and summer months, wasps are our biggest contenders. They infiltrate properties of all sizes and cause a great disturbance. Our wasp removal experts are available 24/7 to safely and efficiently control and remove all signs of wasps from your property.

Wasp Nest Removal in Sevenoaks by Pest-Tech

Discover all of our Sevenoaks pest control services below:

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Commercial Pest Control Sevenoaks

All businesses are required by law to keep production lines and preparation areas free from pests and contamination. Under The Prevention of Damage by Pest Act 1949, Sevenoaks Council has the right to inspect your property to ensure compliance. As a result, you could receive fines and be forced to close your business if you have not implemented the necessary pest control measures. Unfortunately, this can impact your profits and jeopardise your reputation.

At Pest-Tech, we are diligent and hard-working at ensuring our commercial clients remain pest-free with our effective pest control services. In addition, our technicians are RSPH Level 2 qualified, and we work in accordance with the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986. We provide annual service contracts, which include regular inspections and treatment plans. This ensures your business operates within the law and is maintained using the appropriate pest control solutions.

To speak with us about organising your survey and setting up a yearly inspection plan, call the team at 01622 296055.

Commercial pest control Sevenoaks

Domestic Pest Control Sevenoaks

If you have noticed a pest inside your home, this can massively impact your quality of life and your family’s safety. For this reason, we will visit as quickly as possible to take control of your infestation and minimise the contamination and pest damage. For larger infestations, you may require multiple visits to control the pest effectively; however, we will explain timeframes during your initial survey and quote.

Our domestic pest prevention solutions extend to your land, garden and roofs to ensure your property is 100% protected. This minimises your risk of a re-infestation in the future and keeps your property safe from pests.

So, no matter the pest, location or extent of your problem, our professional technicians and pest exterminators can help. Our domestic pest control methodologies are as humane and ethical as possible, and our control solutions are safe for you, your family and household pets.

Recent Pest Jobs around Sevenoaks

Wasp Nest Removal, Otford | July 2023

A homeowner in Otford discovered a large wasp nest in their garden, posing a threat to their family’s safety. Our experienced technicians swiftly removed the nest, taking all necessary safety precautions. After the successful removal, we conducted a comprehensive inspection of the property to ensure there were no other hidden nests, ensuring the homeowner’s peace of mind during the summer months.

Bed Bug Extermination, Sevenoaks | June 2023

A local hotel in Sevenoaks faced a bed bug infestation that was negatively impacting guest satisfaction. Our rapid response team conducted a thorough inspection and implemented a targeted treatment plan to eradicate the bed bugs. Regular follow-up inspections are now in place to ensure the hotel remains bed bug-free, providing guests with a comfortable stay.

Rodent Proofing, Wrotham | January 2023

As winter approached, rodents sought refuge in a local commercial warehouse in Wrotham. Upon receiving the call for assistance, our team promptly conducted a comprehensive survey of the rat infestation. We deployed traps, bait, and advanced monitoring equipment to address the issue. Subsequently, the client opted for annual pest control inspections to ensure a pest-free environment for their organisation throughout the year.

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels, Sevenoaks | November 2022

A Sevenoaks family encountered feral pigeons nesting under their solar panels, leading to the degradation of one panel due to acidic guano accumulation. After resolving the solar panel issue, the family reached out to us for a pigeon-proofing solution. Our team employed scaffolding to safely access the roof, performing a thorough bird mess and guano removal treatment. Following the cleaning process, we expertly installed pigeon mesh around the solar panels to prevent future nesting, ensuring the panels remain protected for the next 10-20 years.

Moth Control, Tonbridge | September 2022

Pest-Tech responded to a distress call from an old dwelling in the process of renovation in Tonbridge. The spare bedroom was infested with clothes moths and their larvae. Our skilled technicians utilised professional-grade equipment to exterminate all living insects, effectively restoring the room to a pest-free state. A final cleaning and inspection were conducted, leaving our satisfied customers delighted with the results.

Why Choose Us?

Here at Pest-Tech, we provide expert pest control solutions for all pests, and you will receive a guarantee with all of our services. We have local reputable pest controllers in Sevenoaks and the surrounding areas of Kent, so we are always available to help.

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