Bird waste, or bird guano, is a highly corrosive and dangerous substance that leaves unsightly marks on roofs, walls and property exteriors.

Not only is pigeon guano ugly, but it can also be dangerous to human health and the environment. That's why Pest-Tech offers specialist bird dropping removal as part of our bird control service.

Our team are experienced in pigeon removal, seagull control and bird proofing, so we have all the skills and knowledge needed to manage pigeon guano removal as well.

If you have a property in Maidstone that's blighted by bird mess, contact Pest-Tech's bird dropping removal experts today by calling 01622 296055 or emailing

Why Bird Droppings Need To Be Cleaned Up Quickly

Bird droppings aren’t just ugly: they pose a range of health risks to humans and animals, including beloved pets.

Before a bird dropping removal service, a bell is covered in pigeon guano

Some of the main health hazards and risks associated with a build-up of bird droppings include:

  • Public Health Concerns: Guano contains harmful bacteria, viruses and parasites, which spread into the air around it and can cause respiratory problems for vulnerable individuals, such as those with a compromised immune system.
  • Histoplasmosis: One of the most serious issues surrounding a build-up of bird guano is the risk of Histoplasmosis, which is a fungal infection caused by breathing in the fungus that grows on bird droppings.
  • Slip Hazards: Bird droppings can be slippery and make walkways unsafe, and you could be liable for any accidents that happen on your property.
  • Corrosion: Bird guano is highly acidic and contains a high concentration of Uric Acid, which can burn through paint, wax and other protective coatings quickly, causing marks on your equipment or vehicles.
  • Damage To Buildings: Old buildings are particularly susceptible to bird infestations and can end up filled with bird droppings, the weight and corrosive nature of which can contribute to extensive structural damage over time.

With our bird guano removal service, you can rest assured that your property is safe and presentable. Our services are used by a variety of clients, ranging from homeowners to landlords, business leaders to local authorities. Pest-Tech operates throughout Kent and the surrounding towns, so find out if your area is covered and get in touch to find out more.

Our Bird Guano Cleaning Process

When we work with a new bird dropping removal client, the first step we undergo is to conduct a risk assessment on the affected areas of your property.

We will then be able to know how long the safe removal of pigeon guano will take. For large quantities of bird droppings, we might need more time to remove the pigeon poop and other debris from the area. Smaller projects will take less time, but we will provide a comprehensive quote before we start any job and explain how we will carry out the treatment.

When the bird droppings removal is underway, our team will use the appropriate PPE to ensure their safety and allow them to provide a thorough disinfection service. They will remove the bird guano and ensure the safe and legal disposal of any waste materials from your site.

Once the surfaces are cleaned of pigeon droppings and the project is completed to our exacting high standard, you’ll have the beautiful, safe space you need. Our thorough decontamination process and exceptional high-quality cleaning mean that you will have a clean surface on the front of your buildings and can maintain this for many months to come using regular cleaning alone.

Over the years, bird droppings may build up again, or birds may find other areas to congregate. In this case, you can get back in touch with Pest-Tech for another bird dropping cleaning project.


Choose Pest-Tech For Your Bird Dropping Removal And Cleaning

Proper equipment is needed to get rid of pigeon guano and ensure that the property is safe and sanitary again. Pest-Tech uses appropriate personal protective equipment and follows all relevant health and safety regulations when delivering our pigeon guano removal services.

As a result, we’re able to quickly and effectively remove pigeon droppings and waste from other pest birds. Our focus is on quality and efficiency, so we work hard to make sure that your property is left spotless. We clean both the interior and exterior of your building and will manage every aspect of the job. From the initial assessment to the safe disposal of all pigeon guano, we take care of everything with our complete bird dropping removal service.

Our bird guano cleaning service is ideal for commercial clients who need to remove bird droppings from their facades to ensure a good first impression. If the public have access to your commercial premises, then we can ensure that they are kept safe from the many pathogens carried by bird droppings. Also, if your business has expensive equipment on-site, we can stop it from being damaged by pigeon guano. Our bird dropping removal service will ensure that your property is clean and reduce the damage caused by further guano.

For residential clients, our bird dropping cleaning service can improve kerb appeal and reduce the impact of pigeon waste on your home and family. Our fully trained professionals can also advise you on ways to stop pigeons and other nuisance birds from hanging around your property. We offer services such as bird proofing your solar panels or installing spikes or netting to keep birds away to reduce the chances of further mess.

If you’re a homeowner or business leader in Maidstone, Kent and the surrounding area, our bird dropping removal specialists are at your disposal. Contact us today to find out more about our bird waste cleaning service and how it can benefit you.