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Have you noticed an active pest infestation in your ME1 property?

There is no need to despair, Pest-Tech is on hand to provide emergency pest control in Rochester. We're proud to keep homes and businesses across the area safe from rodents, insects, bugs and birds. Our British Pest Control Association-certified team use expert knowledge, techniques, and proofing services to remove unwanted pests.

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Rochester, Kent

Pest Control Services in Rochester

Rochester has a rich heritage and was even a beloved destination that once captivated the imagination of writer Charles Dickens. Nestled in the picturesque south of England, this historic city boasts a vibrant culture and stunning landscapes. However, its proximity to London and the presence of the River Medway have brought about a surge in pest control issues for its residents.

If you’re unfortunate enough to have an active pest problem in your Rochester home, we strongly advise you not to attempt DIY pest control. While the internet is full of advice, and shelves are stocked with DIY pest control treatments, attempting to eliminate an infestation without a local pest control company that has extensive training, experience, and equipment places you in danger and can even end up making the problem worse!

Instead, you should always leave it to the professionals and contact Pest-Tech for an emergency response and professional pest control service. We have experienced pest control technicians based across Rochester and Kent who can attend your property promptly, with same-day appointments often available. We deliver professional pest control in Rochester and the surrounding areas of Kent, so contact us today to discuss our pest control services.

Rodent Pest Control Rochester

Rodents will enter your home looking for food and shelter, often taking advantage of small holes on the exterior of your property or even taking it upon themselves to gnaw an ingress point through your fascias and doors. Once they’ve entered and made themselves at home, the problems will only continue to worsen.

Rats, mice, and squirrels will happily chew their way through whatever materials they come across, including skirting boards, floorboards, furniture, wooden beams, and cables. Rodents cause a number of hazards, like causing fires by chewing electrical wiring and leaving you with costly repair fees to repair the damage caused. Additionally, rodents are known carriers of disease and their presence in your home places you and your loved ones at risk.

damaged caused to wooden beams in the loft of a home in rochester by squirrels and rodents

To help protect local homeowners from such issues, we offer our expert services to homes across Rochester. Call 01622 296055 and book your rodent control treatment today.

Insect Control in Rochester

Insect infestations and the problems they cause will vary hugely depending on the type of insect present in your home. But, whether it’s disturbances to your sleeping pattern, painful bites from bed bugs or dangerous health conditions caused by cockroaches, nobody wants an active insect problem in their home.

Our experienced pest control technicians have successfully treated all types of pests across Rochester, so you know you’re in capable hands. For example, we’re able to guarantee the successful treatment of the following pest control services:

bee removal and insect control carried out at a home in rochester

Bird Control Rochester

Unfortunately, Rochester’s proximity to water means it’s a popular choice for problem birds like pigeons and seagulls. Many homeowners across the area suffer from damage and disturbances caused by pest birds. But there’s no need to worry – we’re Rochester’s number one bird control company.

Our range of expert bird control services includes pigeon control treatments and bird proofing methods to protect your property against the problems birds cause for years to come.

We’ve also carried out hundreds of successful bird proofing solar panel services to homes across the area, helping Rochester homeowners to protect their investments from the damage caused by pigeons. If you’re having problems with birds nesting on your property, then it’s time to get in touch with us. Contact us today to learn more about our pest control services.

bird control for solar panels in rochester

Commercial Pest Control Contracts for Rochester Businesses

As pest control experts, we understand that pest issues can unexpectedly plague both residents and businesses alike, even in the vibrant city of Rochester. For local businesses, these unwelcome visitors pose significant challenges. They not only wreak havoc on your infrastructure but also jeopardise the health and safety of both employees and customers. From devouring inventory to tarnishing your hard-earned reputation, pests can inflict significant harm on your business operations.

Depending on your industry, failure to remove pests on your commercial property could lead to expensive fines, legal fees, business closure, and even prosecution. So, to help your business continue running smoothly, we offer discreet and professional pest control in Rochester for all businesses.

bird netting applied during a commercial pest control treatment in rochester

To keep you protected year-round, Pest-Tech also offers contracts complete with monitoring services and proofing treatments to keep your establishment pest-free at all times and ensure your business is legally compliant.

If you’ve noticed signs of pests on your Rochester property, it’s time to act fast and contact us as soon as possible. Call 01622 296055 to book your site survey now.

Pest-Tech is proud to offer pest control in Rochester to both domestic and commercial properties. We’re dedicated to keeping Rochester residents safe from the dangers of pests and the problems they cause.

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