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Suspect you have Pigeon Control?

With over 18 million feral pigeons estimated to live in the UK, it's no wonder they're classified as pests. Pigeons will quickly make themselves at home on your property, causing extensive structural damage as they go whilst also placing you and your loved ones at risk of developing a serious illness.

To help protect you from such harm, we offer expert pigeon removal, control and proofing services across Maidstone and the surrounding areas of Kent.

With experienced and fully qualified technicians, you can count on us to get the job done. So call us now on 01622 296055 or contact us to organise your survey and treatment today.

Expert Pigeon Control Services in Kent

Here at Pest-Tech, we’re passionate about providing high-quality pigeon control and proofing services in Maidstone and across the county of Kent. Our professional removals and control treatments are designed to keep your property pigeon-free for good, protecting you from the damages and health risks associated with problem pigeons.

Our technicians are highly experienced and have carried out hundreds of pigeon control services across Maidstone and the surrounding areas of Bearsted, Rochester, Sevenoaks, and Tonbridge. So, if you’ve noticed signs of pigeons nesting on your property, we’re here to help!

Call your local technician now on 01622 296055 to book your survey and treatment or email our team at for advice.

pigeon nesting on a roof of a home in maidstone

Signs of a Pigeon Infestation

Knowing the telltale signs of a pigeon infestation can help you to quickly and more accurately identify their presence on your property. Once the problem has been identified, you can then call in the experts at Pest-Tech to remove the infestation before it escalates out of control. Here are the most common signs of a pigeon infestation on your property:


One of the most common ways to identify a pigeon problem is via the considerable amount of noise they make. Once they’ve made their way inside, or even if they’re nesting on your roof, pigeons make a range of different noises. Firstly, you may hear their footsteps or rustling noises as they attempt to build their nest. Once the nest has been completed and eggs have been laid, you will hear bird cries from the young chicks. Additionally, you will hear cooing and calling, particularly during the early hours of the morning when pigeons tend to be most active. 

Pigeons on your Roof

Pigeons are homing birds, and once one pigeon has made itself at home, it won’t be long until they bring their friends and family with them. Of course, it isn’t uncommon to see pigeons around your property throughout the day, but noticing a more significant number or more frequent activity does suggest a pigeon infestation. 

Bird Nests

Once pigeons have decided to live on your property, they will begin to make their nests. Unfortunately for you, this usually results in a great deal of mess. Nesting materials like twigs, sticks, leaves, and even paper and torn-up rubbish will end up all over your property as they are dropped from the nest. So, if you’ve noticed unexplainable objects littered around your property, then it’s highly likely you have yourself a pigeon problem.


Pigeon droppings, also referred to as guano, are a telltale sign of a pigeon infestation. Wherever pigeons go, they will defecate, and if they’ve decided to live on your property, then the number of droppings will increase exponentially. Noticing an increased amount of pigeon droppings on your windows and the floor surrounding the circumference of the property is a definite sign that you have a pigeon infestation.

pigeon droppings on the floor of a building in maidstone, kent

If you’ve noticed some or all of these signs, then, unfortunately, you do have a pigeon problem on your property. Time is of the essence when it comes to dealing with pigeons, so it’s vital to contact your local pigeon control professionals as soon as possible to minimise the damage caused and the risks created. 

Call now on 01622 296055 to discuss your pigeon problem and book your site survey so we can have your home pigeon-free in no time. 

Damage Caused by Pigeons

Pigeons cause an extensive amount of damage to properties in various ways, which is why it’s vital to get the infestation under control as soon as possible. 

Structural damage

The most destructive issue is their droppings. Pigeon droppings, or guano, are highly acidic and can cause structural damage to your home over time. Pigeons will often perch in the same place every day, whether it be on your roof or a window ledge, and in doing so, they will regularly defecate in the same place too. Over time, the guano builds up and can actually eat away at metals, paintwork, plastics and even bricks resulting in extensive damage to the structure of your property that will require costly repairs. 


As well as its acidity, pigeon guano is known to contain a wide range of bacteria that, once ingested, can lead to severe health complications. Diseases including Psittacosis, Histoplasmosis, Salmonellosis, and Cryptococcosis can develop into potentially life-threatening illnesses that require immediate medical attention. Young children and the elderly are particularly at risk, but these diseases can be contracted by anyone in close range – including pets! 

The diseases are transmitted via direct contact with the droppings, which is why we always strongly recommend avoiding them at all costs and leaving the cleanup and control treatments to the professionals. Dried guano also turns to dust after time, and passersby easily ingest these infected dust particles placing them at risk of disease too. 

Slip Hazard

Droppings can also become incredibly slippery, particularly in the rain. Suppose pigeons repeatedly defecate off the side of your roof or window ledge. In that case, the ground below soon becomes a dangerous slip hazard for your loved ones, placing them at risk of a serious injury. 

Blocked Gutters

As pigeons build their nests, they often drop their nesting materials. Unfortunately, this regularly leads to blocked gutters, as twigs, sticks, and a wide range of other materials begin to build up along your roofline. Blocked gutters then lead to further issues around your home, including leaks and even damp. 

pigeon spikes applied to a gutter on a home in maidstone

The damages and risks caused by a pigeon infestation on your property are immense, which is why it’s vital to contact us, your local pigeon control experts, as soon as you first notice signs of a pigeon problem. 

Pigeon Control Methods

We know from experience that no two pigeon control jobs are the same, which is why we offer a range of control methods, so there’s always something to suit everyone. To effectively control a pigeon infestation and prevent their return, these control methods may be used in conjunction with one another for maximum efficiency. Take a look at some of the main pigeon control services we offer in Maidstone below:

Pigeon Netting

Typically used for large spaces or to keep pigeons off balconies, pigeon netting is an extremely effective way of controlling a pigeon infestation. It works by creating a physical barrier between the pigeons and the affected area, meaning access is completely denied. We use the highest quality pigeon netting designed to last through the elements and protect your property from pigeons for good. 

pigeon netting applied to a roofline in maidstone

Pigeon Mesh

Pigeon mesh works similarly to netting and creates a barrier between the problem pests and the target area. However, the mesh is more suitable for smaller locations; for example, we use pigeon mesh when we carry out bird proofing solar panels jobs. You can be confident that the equipment we use is long-lasting and of the highest quality available to help keep your homes protected from pigeons for years to come. 

pigeon mesh applied to solar panels in maidstone

Looking to protect your solar panels from the damage caused by pigeons? Learn more in our helpful guide today: How Much Does it Cost to Pigeon Proof Solar Panels?

Pigeon Spikes

Despite their rather dangerous-looking appearance, bird spikes do not cause harm to pigeons. Instead, they obstruct access to the desired areas, as pigeons are surprisingly intelligent creatures and will recognise the obstacle and perch somewhere else. Their sleek design and effectiveness make them a popular choice for most homeowners suffering from a pigeon problem.

pigeon spikes applied to rafters in a commercial building in maidstone

As well as these options, we also use other methods, including electrified tracks, visual deterrents, audible deterrents, and even falconry. The best solution for your pigeon problem will be decided upon during your site survey, as our pest control solutions are always tailored to each specific situation. 

To discuss our treatment methods or to book your site survey now, call our friendly team on 01622 296055 or email us at for more information. Or discover more about our Bird Proofing Services in Maidstone, and keep your property protected against the threat of birds for years to come.

Commercial Pigeon Control Services

Businesses and pigeons are not a good mix. If pigeons have decided to call your commercial property their home, then you need professional pigeon control as soon as possible. 

Pigeons make an extreme amount of mess which can harm your business’s reputation, sending potential customers elsewhere and affecting your profits. Pigeon droppings not only look bad, but they also place you, your staff and your customers at serious risk. Suppose a member of staff, a customer, or even a passerby slips and hurts themselves on pigeon droppings outside your business property. In that case, you could be liable and face extortionate damages and legal fees. The same applies to the diseases found in pigeon droppings, which, if ingested, can cause serious life-threatening illnesses. 


pigeon nesting in a commercial car park in maidstone

As well as this, pigeons nesting on your commercial property can cause extensive structural damage that will require costly repairs and also downtime in your day-to-day activities. Therefore negatively affecting your profits and the potential future of your business. 

We’ve helped numerous businesses across the county of Kent to stay pigeon-free using our expert pigeon control services. Whether you’re a small, local business or a large, national company, we can solve your pigeon problem quickly and discreetly. 

Contact us today to arrange your site survey or learn more about our commercial pest control services now.

Local Pigeon Control Near You

If you’ve noticed signs of pigeons nesting on your domestic or commercial property, then it’s best to act fast to minimise the risks and damages associated with a pigeon infestation. Discover our complete list of the areas we cover or talk to our friendly customer service team on 01622 296055 and book a callout with your local pigeon control expert.

Here at Pest-Tech, we’ve carried out hundreds of successful pigeon control and removal services in Maidstone, so you know we’re the right pest controllers for the job. Check out our glowing reviews at the bottom of the page for reassurance! 

Our pigeon control services are available across the town of Maidstone and all surrounding areas of Kent; helping to keep you and your loved ones safe from the threat of feral pigeons. 

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Suspect you have Pigeon Control?

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