Bird Proofing

Why You Don't Want Birds on the Building

Birds are lovely creatures, however there are some pitfalls of having birds such as pigeons roosting and nesting on your building.

There are always going to be the obvious problems such as noise and mess, which is hazardous to health, but more importantly they can introduce some horrible infestations such as bird mite which is a biting insect.

Pigeon proofing is the best form of pest control for birds, as you're preventing the infestation before it happens.

The Key Points To Bird Proofing a Building

We use up to date methods for bird proofing fitted by our trained staff with all our equipment coming from registered suppliers.

We try to give good sound advice on all possible bird proofing methods, some times this may be a combination of several methods, but its not a one fits all approach.

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The best method to stop birds getting into a property is by blocking off all means of entry. This is very easy in a domestic environment however when you look at bigger commercial buildings this is very hard to do. There may be large roller doors that need to be open all day for example however there are still measures that can be put in place such as plastic curtains to deter birds from getting in.

How do we do it.

In general, if you can keep the birds away from the outside then this will assist with the problem with them trying to get in. Window ledges are a common place for the larger birds to roost or even nest, for something such as this we can introduce some spikes for example to stop them being able to get onto the ledge. Fouling is a big problem caused by birds perching or roosting on external structures, pigeons are guilty of this. Several systems can be used to protect the building which involve either covering parts of the building with a barrier or adding a deterrent making it undesirable for a bird.

Exclusion and Deterrent.

Some of the more common methods of bird proofing are Bird Netting Systems that will quiet simply deny Access by exclusion. You also have anti perching systems such as Pin and Wire, Spike systems and the newer Optical Gel. We can also fit electrical bird deterrent systems that issue a small shock to act as a deterrent that will move the bird along.


We have a hawking team available to us if it is a large area you wish to keep clear of pigeons. We fly the birds on a weekly basis to keep the birds away, it works on a fear factor for the pigeons and so they move on to another area, as it is not safe.


The list is endless with lots of other products that can be used, some in conjunction with others. All these systems will need a survey to be completed to identify what system is needed and what is wanted by the customer, so if you have a need for a bird proofing service we will always come out and give advice as to what methods are recommended for the task and price the work accordingly.