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Birds nesting on your property can lead to serious health and safety hazards, excessive damage and mess, and noise disturbances. Once they've made themselves at home, birds can be extremely challenging to get rid of, which is why bird proofing measures are essential.

Here at Pest-Tech, we offer our professional bird proofing services across the town of Maidstone and the surrounding areas of Kent. We've helped numerous homes and businesses stay bird-free for good using our various bird proofing techniques. If you're sick of birds perching or nesting on your property then it's time to call in the professionals.

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Professional Bird Proofing Services in Maidstone

Looking to protect your property and loved ones from the risks birds create? We’ve got you covered. With years of experience and the highest quality materials available, there’s no wonder we’re Maidstone’s number one experts when it comes to bird proofing.

While DIY deterrents and scarers may be effective to begin with, their effectiveness is always short-lived. It’s important to remember that, despite their size, birds are incredibly intelligent creatures. They will soon figure out that those plastic birds you’ve positioned in your garden haven’t moved an inch in days, rendering them now completely useless.

Instead, you need long-lasting and effective solutions from a qualified, knowledgeable professional. Our team of technicians operate across Maidstone and surrounding areas including Bearsted, Headcorn, Kings Hill, and Medway, offering bird proofing treatments for both domestic and commercial properties.

pest-tech team carrying out a bird proofing treatment on a warehouse building in maidstone

What is Bird Proofing?

Bird proofing involves using various techniques to either create a physical barrier that prevents birds from gaining access to affected areas or scaring birds away for good using professional deterrents. 

Bird proofing your home or business is the best way to avoid a serious pest bird problem from occurring in the future. We have a wide range of non-intrusive and discreet bird proofing solutions that will keep those pesky problem birds away for good. 

Why is Bird Proofing Necessary?

Bird proofing is absolutely essential in all areas where birds like to perch or nest. When birds move in on your property, they waste no time at all in making themselves at home. Once they’ve found a spot they like, it’s highly unlikely that they will move on without any interference, as they are homing creatures. 

Pest birds on your property can lead to a number of problems, including:


Guano is the technical term for bird poo. Unfortunately, wherever birds perch or nest, they will defecate, meaning your windows, gutters, roofs, and the floor below will be covered in bird droppings. Not only does this look a mess, but bird droppings are also incredibly slippery. 

guano creating a health and safety hazard outside a building in maidstone

When they defecate onto the floor below, it can cause a serious health and safety hazard for you, your loved ones, and passersby. In addition, if you own a business and someone slips and hurts themselves on your property, you could be liable and end up paying out hefty legal fees and damages. 

Furthermore, bird droppings contain high amounts of Uric Acid, which is strong enough to corrode metal, paintwork and brickwork over time. As birds always perch in the same place, failure to regularly clean up the guano will cause structural damage to your property. Our team offer dedicated bird dropping removal, but prevention is always better than the cure. 


As well as the damage caused by droppings, birds can also cause extensive to your property with their nesting materials. If birds have decided to nest in your home or business, then they require nesting materials. These materials, including sticks, leaves, moss, paper, etc., typically end up in your gutters. Over time, these nesting materials can cause severe blockages that will need removing by a professional, or you’ll need new guttering systems. 

If you’ve invested in solar panels for your property, then these are also at risk of severe damage from birds. While they’re fantastic for the environment, solar panels provide a perfect shelter for birds like pigeons and seagulls. Unfortunately, their droppings can cause irreversible damage, so to help you protect your investment, we offer our expert bird proofing solar panels services to all in Maidstone and the surrounding areas. 

pest-tech technicians carrying out solar panel bird proofing services in Maidstone

For more information, please visit our comprehensive article: How much does it cost to pigeon proof solar panels


Birds are typically most active during the early hours of the morning. This is unfortunate for you if they’ve decided to nest right by your bedroom window! Birds make a lot of noise, particularly if you’ve got a large group of them. This noise will not only disturb you and your family but can also encourage more birds to move into the area, resulting in further problems for neighbours and the community as a whole. 


Did you know that bird droppings contain numerous harmful diseases? Birds are carriers of disease, and the number one way they are transmitted to humans is through their droppings. Once they dry, they contaminate the air around them, and as you pass by and breathe in the particles, these diseases enter your bloodstream. 

Diseases like E.coli, Histoplasmosis, Cryptococcosis, Listeria, and Salmonella can lead to serious health complications that require medical attention. In addition, these diseases can lead to life-threatening illnesses if left untreated, particularly in young children, pregnant women and the elderly.

Bird Proofing Methods

There are tonnes of bird proofing methods available on the market, with new innovations released each year. However, with years of experience behind us, we know that every pest problem is unique. So to find the most appropriate bird proofing solution for your property, we begin by carrying out an in-depth survey. 

The two most common techniques we use to birdproof homes and businesses across Maidstone are Bird Spikes and Bird Netting, as we’ve found these to be the most long-lasting and effective techniques.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are a suitable proofing method to protect from a wide range of birds, as the sizes of the spikes are adjustable. While many people fear bird spikes due to their medieval-looking appearance, bird spikes are not designed to harm birds. 

bird spikes applied to a business in maidstone

Instead, bird spikes work by creating a physical barrier between the affected location and the problem birds. As previously mentioned, birds are intelligent creatures who are smart enough to realise that they no longer have access; they won’t simply fly onto a spike and impale themselves. 

Bird spikes are the perfect bird proofing solution for a number of locations, including windowsills, guttering and fascias, rooflines and more. 

Bird Netting

Bird netting works in a similar way to bird spikes; by creating a physical barrier between birds and a specific location, denying access to problem areas. Bird netting is available in various sizes depending on the types of birds causing you problems.

Compared to bird spikes, bird netting is a brilliant solution for larger areas like warehouses, balconies, entire roofs, plane hangars, etc. Like bird spikes, bird netting is not designed to cause harm to the birds – instead, it just denies them access to specific locations.

bird netting used for bird proofing in a car park in maidstone

We use the highest quality bird netting mesh to provide long-lasting protection. Lower quality netting can be chewed through by birds, rendering it useless in no time at all. This is why it’s important to use the services of an experienced, fully qualified pest control company – like Pest-Tech! 

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Bird Deterrents

Bird deterrents are a great alternative for bird spikes and bird netting if these are not suitable for your affected location. Here at Pest-Tech, we have options including Optical Gel and electrical systems designed to deliver a small electric shock to problem birds.

optical bird free gel used as a bird proofing method in maidstone

Your local bird control expert will decide upon the best method for bird proofing your property during your survey. If you’re unsure about bird deterrents or proofing measures, then contact us today to speak to a friendly member of the team who will answer your questions with expert advice and guidance. 


If you own a large area of land, such as a farm or garden, then we have an alternative bird proofing solution for you! Hawking, also referred to as Falconry, is a method used by professionals as a discreet but highly effective bird proofing and control solution for large spaces.

We have a hawking team available to us who will fly predator birds across the problem areas on a weekly basis to scare all birds in the area away. Birds like pigeons and seagulls will recognise the threat and move to a different location due to this fear. 

Bird Proofing and the Law

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, all birds, along with their eggs and nests, are protected by law. For this reason, we strongly advise against attempting your own DIY bird proofing measures as any harm that comes to those birds means you will face prosecution or a hefty fine. 

With years of experience in delivering effective bird proofing solutions, we know the law inside and out. All bird proofing techniques carried out by our team are fully legally compliant, so you don’t need to worry. 

Commercial Bird Proofing Services

Bird proofing is a must for all local commercial properties. Pest birds nesting on your building can place you, your staff, and your customers at serious risk of health complications and injuries. In addition, you could face costly legal fees and damages when the inevitable happens, and someone is injured due to your negligence.

As well as this, birds nesting on your commercial property will cause a mess, as well as noise. This can be highly damaging to your brand’s reputation and send potential customers running; negatively impacting your profits and the future of your business. 

pest tech van in a warehouse where technicians applied commercial bird proofing solutions in maidstone

To help keep your business up and running whilst also staying legally compliant, we offer all of our expert bird proofing solutions to commercial clients across Maidstone. We’ve worked with numerous local establishments in a wide range of sectors, providing bespoke bird proofing measures that provide long-lasting protection from the threat of pest birds. 

If you’re fed up of the issues caused by birds nesting on your commercial property, then contact us today at

Local Maidstone Bird Proofing

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