Professional Fox Control Treatments in Kent

Foxes can cause extensive damage in your garden and outdoor areas, defecating on your property, eating your pets, and digging numerous holes. On top of physical damage, they also carry numerous diseases that place you and your loved ones at risk.

Here at Pest-Tech, our experienced and fully-qualified technicians are on hand to protect you from the threat of fox infestations. We offer humane fox control services, including fox proofing and dead fox removals, in Maidstone and the surrounding areas of Kent.

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Expert Fox Control Services

Thanks to the mix of rural countryside and populous towns, it’s no wonder that the county of Kent is home to plenty of fox infestations. Foxes will enter your home and garden looking for three things: food, water and shelter. Unfortunately, once they’ve discovered an easy source of one of the above, it can be extremely difficult to eliminate them.  

Foxes are highly territorial animals, and despite their timid nature, they will attack if they feel threatened or if they’re protecting their young. Due to the numerous diseases they could be carrying, it’s essential to leave the control treatments to a professional pest controller.

We have extensive knowledge and professional-grade equipment to have your home or garden fox-free in no time. Pest-Tech technicians are highly experienced in humane fox control treatments and related services. We have carried out numerous fox removal and proofing services across HeadcornTonbridgeSevenoaks, and the surrounding areas. 

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Close up of a fox found in a garden in Maidstone, Kent

Signs of a Fox Infestation

Foxes are sly and clever creatures who will do their best to avoid detection. They are usually most active at night, stalking about hunting for food and water in the shadows. Because of this, it can be tough to determine whether or not you have a fox infestation or if it could be another pest causing you trouble.

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Let’s take a look at the most common signs of a fox infestation in your garden:

  • Damage to your fences, hose pipes, rabbit cages etc.
  • Holes and tunnels dug in your lawn
  • Trampled plants and dug up flowerbeds
  • Droppings around the garden, particularly around the holes
  • Half-eaten fruits and berries
  • Litter across the garden

Litter in front of a home caused by a fox infestation in Tonbridge, Kent

Foxes in the UK

Urban foxes tend to live in groups of between 5-10 foxes who will work together to defend a territory. Within this group, there is a male (dog), a dominant female (vixen) and a few subordinate females or young. 

Except for the lead male and female, Foxes tend to spend most of their time in their tunnels or dens away from predators. However, this can be hugely misleading for people suffering from an infestation. For example, you may have seen one, maybe two foxes maximum, on your property. Yet, there could well be a group of up to 10 foxes living belowground entirely unbeknownst to you! 

fox cubs found in sevenoaks, kent

Luckily for you, foxes only breed once a year on average. But, unfortunately, the mating season can also cause more disturbances to you. Between the months of December and February, when foxes tend to mate, you will hear their screams at night as they attempt to find a suitable partner.

Once the foxes have their cubs, typically sometime in March or April, the foxes on your property will become extremely aggressive and protective over their young. Therefore, you should always do your best to avoid foxes, particularly during this timeframe.

Dead Fox Removal

Unfortunately, in areas like Maidstone, it’s not uncommon to discover the carcass of a dead fox in your garden or on your property. The presence of any dead animal brings a whole load of health risks as the body begins to decompose; however, the risks are further increased thanks to the diseases already carried by foxes. 

Dead foxes on your property require urgent removal, so we offer emergency appointments to help keep you safe. Failure to remove the dead fox will result in an awful smell, maggots and flies, and could even encourage other pests onto your property. 

Fox infestation at a farm in Maidstone, Kent | Dead Fox Removal Services

Some local councils do offer dead fox removal services. However, this service is no longer free and can take a long time. Alternatively, with Pest-Tech, our local technicians can be out to your home on the same day. Following the collection, we safely and legally dispose of the fox at a waste centre, the fee for which is included in the removal cost.

Woke up to find a dead fox in your garden? Call us today for a same-day removal on 01622 296055.

Commercial Fox Control Services

Pests and businesses just don’t mix, especially foxes. Not only will a pest infestation destroy your brand’s reputation, but the damage they cause and the risks they carry could land you in serious trouble. 

Keeping your commercial property and grounds fox-free is vital in order to stay legally compliant. For example, food production, storage and hospitality businesses are easy targets for foxes who are always on the hunt for accessible food sources. With foxes eating their way through your stock and leaving behind their faeces wherever they go, you could suffer from a loss of profits, a poor food hygiene rating, and even potential business closure!

The countryside of Kent is home to numerous farms that are also at high risk of fox infestations. Livestock like chickens, rabbits, ducks and other small animals are also easy targets for foxes. Sheds, pens and fences are not enough protection against the surprisingly intelligent fox population. 

Fox hunting livestock at a farm in maidstone, kent

Once the foxes have gained access, they will kill more than they can eat and return at regular intervals to retrieve the rest of the corpses. A singular fox could easily wipe out an entire farm’s population in no time at all. To help you protect your investments and maximise your profits, we offer commercial fox proofing and control services across the county of Kent and surrounding areas. 

We recently carried out a fox control treatment at a local school. Not only was the fox causing fear and panic amongst the students, but its presence alone was placing everyone in the vicinity at risk of catching a harmful disease. Using live traps and humane extermination methods, we removed the fox infestation swiftly before proofing the site to prevent any reoccurrence.

Contact us today to organise your site survey and protect your business from the threat of pests using our commercial fox control and removal treatments. 

Pest-Tech’s Fox Removal Process

While there are products on the market targeted at controlling foxes, we’ve found they are rarely effective. At Pest-Tech, we prefer to carry out permanent fox removals using humane methods. 

Relocation of foxes is not permitted under the Animal Welfare Act 2006 as it can cause undue stress to the animal. Any foxes caught using live traps are protected under the 2006 Act and must be dispatched humanely following the government’s guidelines. Failure to follow these rules could lead to a jail sentence or a fine of up to £20,000 for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal.

an infestation of five foxes found in a garden in maidstone, kent

With years of experience in fox control, we know these laws well, so you can rest assured that all fox control treatments carried out by Pest-Tech are completely legal. We humanely dispatch of foxes following the government’s guidelines and regulations to the letter. 

As well as live fox removals and dead fox removals, we also carry out fox proofing services for high-risk areas like decking, sheds and summerhouses. 

Local Fox Control Near You

There are a number of things you can do to deter foxes from your property, including keeping your outdoor spaces clean and tidy, ensuring your rubbish bins are not overflowing, removing bird feeders and birdbaths etc. 

If you’re finding signs of foxes on your property despite all these adjustments, then it’s vital to contact the pest control professionals here at Pest-Tech as soon as possible. Our local technicians will have your home or business fox-free in no time at all, using completely humane methods. 

Visit the areas we cover page to find your local pest controller or contact our team on 01622 296055 to book your fox control survey today.

Here at Pest-Tech, we are proud to have carried out hundreds of effective fox control services in Maidstone for both domestic and commercial clients. 

So, keep your loved ones and your property safe from the threat of foxes today using our humane fox removals and fox proofing services available across Maidstone and the county of Kent.

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