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Common birds such as pigeons, seagulls and starlings can be troublesome as they seek shelter from weather elements. These pests can be an issue in both domestic and commercial settings as they can damage and defect your property. Implementing bird-proofing tactics will keep your land free from bird droppings and prevent nesting. One of the most popular and effective bird-proofing methods is bird netting due to its discreet design.

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Our professional team of avian experts at Pest-Tech will provide first-class installation and ongoing service. Our initial risk assessments will ensure all our methods are actioned in the safest way possible to keep your customers and employees safe. As certified specialists, you can have peace of mind that we will rectify your bird infestation efficiently with the highest quality equipment. 

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What is Bird Netting? 

Bird netting is a humane way of controlling the bird population as it creates a physical barrier between the birds and their favourite nesting spots. This bird-proofing method is installed primarily on roofs, balconies, garages and windows but the applications for bird nets are endless. Bird netting, also known as pigeon netting, is made from a variety of materials, including polyethylene and nylon. These materials are suitable for a huge range of applications depending on the specific pest, location and coverage. Our technicians can install urban bird netting on all commercial buildings, including; Car Parks, Stadiums, Supermarkets, Warehouses, Listed Properties, Offices, Hotels and more.

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Why do I need Bird Netting? 

Bird pest control is important if you require building protection and bird netting is an incredibly versatile proofing solution. By installing this impenetrable barrier, you will prevent roosting on your property. Some other things to consider are: 


Guano, also known as bird poo, is very acidic. This can result in exterior paint peeling away from building facades or cars, causing permanent damage. 

In addition, owning a business requires a certain level of upkeep, and guano can be very dirty. Over time, this can result in your property looking very unprofessional. 

Guano can also be very slippery, which is a hazard for yourself and visitors. In addition, bird faeces can carry many diseases; therefore, it can be extremely dangerous if you do not take control of your bird infestation. 


Bird nests commonly house mites, fleas and ticks, which can also infest your property. This can lead to a much larger infestation issue.  


Birds nesting on your roof can result in damaged or dislodged roof tiles. In addition, pigeons, in particular, can cause severe structural damage and block gutters with nest material and guano. 


In reference to the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949, businesses are legally obligated to keep commercial properties free from pests. This is to eliminate the opportunity for contamination and protect staff and visitors. Therefore, you need to take control of your pest issues to avoid forced business closure or fines. 

In connection with guano and damage incurred by birds, a customer or staff member could slip or hurt themselves due to damaged property. If this happens, you could find your business in a tricky legal situation. 

guano creating a health and safety hazard outside a building in maidstone

Is Bird Netting Effective? 

Birds are incredibly intelligent and creative creatures; therefore, DIY bird-proofing solutions only work for a short time. Although they are cheaper and quicker to install, owl decoys, for example, will only prove effective in the short run. Birds will identify that these fake owls have not moved in a while, and they will learn to ignore them. 

Installing bird netting for balconies, buildings, and warehouses is the most definitive way to stop birds from resting on your property. By creating this barrier which they cannot chew through, you are eliminating comfortable spots for birds to nest. As the birds are unable to get through these nets, they will move on. 

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Benefits of Bird Netting 

Other than this being one of the most humane bird pest control solutions, bird netting is also very adaptable. These benefits include; 


This netting can be applied to large and small spaces such as commercial car parks or the roofs of supermarkets. 

Long Lasting 

Bird nets are also extremely durable, with some lasting up to 10 years if properly maintained. 


These bird nets are highly inconspicuous. This makes it the perfect choice for listed buildings or venues that need protection without compromising on the beauty of the building. 


An extremely customisable bird-proofing solution. Different-sized holes and materials are available for successful protection against specific pests. 


Reducing the time and money spent cleaning guano and any other damage from birds. 

Types of Bird Netting 

Our bird netting is manufactured using a tightly interwoven material which is durable, flexible, corrosion and fire-resistant. We select the appropriate net size depending on the bird in question, but generally, it is; 

Bird Netting Sizes Pest Tech

This method of bird pest control is used as a deterrent and not a cure. It would help if you also implemented cleanliness into your daily routine to keep food and litter to a minimum to prevent birds from targetting your property. 

Local Bird Netting in Maidstone 

At Pest-Tech, we cater for both domestic and commercial properties of any size. Having effective bird proofing in place will improve your and your employees’ safety, reduce property maintenance and provide a clean working environment.

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