Pest Control Gravesend

Rodents, birds and insects are problematic pests that can cause substantial structural damage and affect your day-to-day life. Unfortunately, as a home or business owner, pests are drawn to your property for shelter and food, so your chances of a pest infestation are incredibly high. 

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Commercial Pest Control by Pest-Tech in Gravesend and Kent

At Pest-Tech, we provide pest management treatments to all properties in Gravesend and the surrounding areas of Kent. Our thorough pest control services will completely eradicate pests for good and protect your property against future infestations.

Pest Control in Gravesend with Pest-Tech

Gravesend is a picturesque town with a lot of rich history, which still thrives in the form of a local market. Situated on the South bank of the River Thames, this bustling town is at high-risk from bird, rodent and insect activity due to its abundance in natural animal habitats. As a result, we receive hundreds of pest control call-outs yearly in Gravesend due to the myriad of pest issues.

In addition to servicing Gravesend and the main town centre, we also provide professional pest control to the surrounding areas including:

  • Northfleet
  • Swanscombe
  • Ebbsfleet Valley
  • Southfleet
  • Instead Rise
  • Cobham
  • Shorne
  • Higham

For homes and businesses outside Gravesend, we also have technicians located across Kent, available for all pest call-outs. For more information on the areas we cover or to ask us a question about our treatments, contact us today at 07542 827121.

Emergency Pest Control Services

Pests in your home can cause a lot of disturbance, damage the structural integrity of your property and pose health risks to your family. At Pest-Tech, we understand these concerns and dangers; therefore, we provide emergency pest control treatments 24/7 to control your pest problem efficiently.

Our most popular pest control call-outs include:

Wasp Nest Removal Gravesend

Wasps are known for their hostile behaviours and unprovoked attacks on adults and children. Unfortunately, a wasp sting could be deadly for individuals who suffer from anaphylaxis. Therefore, a wasp infestation should be dealt with safely and quickly.

During Spring and Summer, wasps are prevalent, and although they benefit the ecosystem, keeping your house protected is essential. Therefore at Pest-Tech, we provide same-day wasp nest removals in Gravesend and Kent to keep you and your family safe. Our wasp extermination services use professional-grade insecticides, which guarantee success every time.

Wasp nest removal Gravesend by Pest Tech

Rodent Pest Control Gravesend

Rats and mice are both very invasive pests that can enter properties through a gap of just 5mm. Due to their agility and determination, it can be difficult for homeowners to keep their properties rodent-free. In addition, rats are persistent, constantly hunting for food, water and shelter. As a result, this makes your home an aspired nesting spot which will be targeted throughout the year.

Implementing proactive pest-proofing solutions is the most effective way to keep your property free from a rat infestation. Fortunately, at Pest-Tech, our operatives are highly skilled in identifying entry points; therefore, our rodent pest prevention services are 100% effective.

BRats found in domestic home in Gravesend

Pigeon Pest Control Gravesend

Finally, birds are another invasive species that will damage your building structure and cause a severe disturbance. For example, during bird nesting season (March to August), pigeons and seagulls can become aggressive to protect their young from humans. Therefore, if your business premises have been targeted as a nesting location, it can impact your reputation, customer safety and aesthetic appeal.

By implementing bird-proofing solutions, we can help protect your property and relocate nesting birds. Moreover, our most-common bird control treatments include bird spikes, bird netting and bird gel deterrents.

Bird spikes installation in Gravesend commercial pest control

In addition to our most common treatments, discover all of our Gravesend pest control services below:

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Our Pest Control Service

Whether you require domestic or commercial pest control in Gravesend, our technicians will conduct a comprehensive survey to understand the pest, the extent of the infestation and the ingress points. Then, we will develop a bespoke treatment plan to provide maximum protection for your property, family, staff and customers. Our quotations are thorough, and all prices are transparent; therefore, you can be confident that the price you are quoted is the price you will pay.

We also provide annual service contracts for businesses within Kent that require protection from all pests at all times, maintaining compliance with UK legislation.

Pest-Tech pest prevention services in Gravesend Kent

Why Choose Pest-Tech?

In our extensive experience, we have worked with a variety of clients in both residential and commercial properties. As a result, we have curated a highly trained and knowledgeable team of experts available to help with all pest infestations in Gravesend and Kent.

In addition, with our professional pest control company history, we understand which control methods work and which proofing solutions provide the most effective protection. Therefore our streamlined and efficient treatments offer 100% guaranteed success with the highest customer satisfaction.

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