Pest Control Tonbridge

Pest-Tech Ltd carries out Pest Control in Tonbridge and the surrounding areas. Our highly skilled technicians are on hand to solve your pest problems so you don't have to. Our Checkatrade reviews are testament to the customer service we deliver.

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Tonbridge Pest Control

Pest-Tech Ltd offers pest control services in Tonbridge, to both business and homes. We have many contracts with local business owners, shops and restaurants within the town centre. We carry out a lot of domestic pest control due to the high level of housing in Tonbridge and the surrounding villages.

Our pest control services deliver to the many homes, businesses and shops within The Town Centre, we also cover the areas surrounding Tonbridge, these include areas such as:

  • Paddock Wood
  • Hildenborough
  • Hadlow
  • Southborough
  • Pembury

Pest-Tech Ltd delivers wildlife management, which is important for the countryside, it is also a great place for pests to thrive. Pest Control Services are always needed in more of the rural locations or areas surrounded by countryside for controlling rodents, rabbits and squirrels as well as the usual pest problems. Our services extend to local villages of Shipbourne, Ightham and Plaxtol, and many more.

Pest-Tech is a member of the BPCA which demonstrates our professionalism in delivering the best service in our field as a company.

Pest Control Services

We deliver a number of pest control services within the Tonbridge area. Our pest managements services include dealing with Wasp Nest Removal, rat control and mice removal. We offer Treatment for moths, Bed Bug Heat Treatments and Flea Treatment caused by cats and dogs.

Bird Proofing

We deal with all manner of bird issues and bird control. Our bird prevention methods include techniques such as bird spiking, and fitting bird netting. These services normally include bird waste clearance as this will also need to be done as part of this type of job. Pigeon proofing solar panels is another service we are able to carry out. We have dealt with many nesting pigeons under solar panels in Tonbridge and have many happy customers in the area.

Wildlife Control

Our wildlife control includes the removal of foxes and rabbits that maybe causing problems. Squirrels also need controlling if they are trying to gain entry to your loft. If a squirrel gets into a loft space they can cause serious damage to electric cables. The Tonbridge mole catcher from Pest-Tech Ltd removes garden moles from any garden or green space. Garden moles can cause unwanted damage to your garden and can be removed. 

Bee Removal

Honey bee removal is a specialist service that we are able to offer. We try and save all the bees we remove and all our Honey Bees get re-homed with bee keepers. The Bumble Bees that we remove from loft spaces go to an apple orchard so they can continue to pollinate in a safe environment.


Contact us if we have not mentioned your pest problem, we cover a lot more pests and we will be able to help you no matter what the issue.