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Discovering pests in your home is distressing, but our local Tonbridge technicians are on hand to deliver fast and effective pest control services to keep you safe.

Pest-Tech provides expert pest control solutions to homes and businesses across Tonbridge and the surrounding areas of Kent.

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Domestic Pest Control Solutions in Tonbridge

The market town of Tonbridge has a long and colourful history dating back as early as the year 1087, when it was first mentioned in the Domesday Book. However, its geographical location on the River Medway and just 29 miles from London, combined with the ever-growing population, has made Tonbridge properties extremely susceptible to pest infestations. 

We regularly receive phone calls from homeowners and residents across Tonbridge suffering from a pest infestation on their property. Despite popular opinion, pest infestations on your property do not reflect your levels of hygiene and cleanliness. Pests will enter any property they can access in order to find a source of food, water or shelter. 

Pest infestations vary massively depending on the type of pest present in your home, but whether it’s rodents, birds or insects causing you trouble, they are all challenging to remove. Upon noticing signs of pests, many homeowners flock to the nearest supermarket to purchase over-the-counter pest control solutions. However, such treatments are rarely effective in removing pest infestations in full and can even end up causing more damage to your home. 

If you’ve noticed pests in your Tonbridge home, please put down the DIY solutions. Instead, we highly recommend leaving it to the professionals. At Pest-Tech, we deliver expert pest control services to homes across the town of Tonbridge and all surrounding areas of Kent. With highly experienced, fully qualified, local technicians, we can have your home pest-free quickly and easily. 

Simply call today on 01622 296055 to organise a site survey and book your pest control treatment now. 

Emergency Pest Control in Tonbridge

As Tonbridge’s number one pest control company, we’ve carried out hundreds of domestic pest control services across the town and its surrounding villages due to the high level of housing in these areas. We also have pest control contracts with many local businesses in the town centre of Tonbridge, including shops, restaurants and bars. 

Our wide range of pest control treatments is available for domestic and commercial clients across the town of Tonbridge and all surrounding villages, including Paddock Wood, Hildenborough, Hadlow, Southborough, and Pembury, as well as Shipbourne, Ightham, and Plaxtol.

Please visit the areas we cover page for more information on our available locations across Kent. 

Which Pests do you treat in Tonbridge?

With a combination of towns, villages, rural areas and, of course, the River Medway, it’s no wonder that all types of pests are common across Tonbridge. Therefore, we provide pest control treatments for all pest types to help keep you and your loved ones safe from the threats they create. From rats and mice to bed bugs, cockroaches, and even birds, we are here to help. 

Explore our popular pest control treatments below for more information:

Rodent Control Tonbridge

Rodents are the most prevalent type of pest we treat across the town of Tonbridge and the surrounding areas of Kent. Rodents, including ratsmice and squirrels, will do whatever they can to make their way into your homes – even if this means chewing through your fascias! 

Once they’ve made their way inside, the damage begins; they need to constantly grind their front teeth down, and to do so, they will nibble on all your belongings. Unfortunately, this can lead to structural damage throughout your property that requires costly repair work. They will chew through wooden beams, plastic containers, skirting boards, and even electrical wires, which have been known to create fires. 

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On top of the physical damage they cause, rodents are also known carriers of disease. Their presence in your home places you and your loved ones at serious risk of developing a disease which could develop into a potentially life-threatening illness. 

To protect your home and your family from the dangers of rodents, we offer expert rat, mice and squirrel control and removal treatments to homes across Tonbridge. Act fast and contact your local technician on 01622 296055 now to discuss your rodent problem and book your treatment. 

Bird Control Tonbridge

Closely behind rodents for the number of callouts in Tonbridge are birds. Problem birds, most commonly pigeons, are rife around the county of Kent due to our proximity to the capital. Birds nesting on your property can cause a number of issues. 

They cause extensive damage to your property by creating entry holes, building their nests and leaving their droppings wherever they go. Plus, pigeons are known to carry numerous diseases at once, and their presence in your home places you and your loved ones at risk of serious illnesses like Histoplasmosis and Psittacosis, which, if left untreated, can become life-threatening. To help protect you from such harm, we offer professional pigeon control services across Tonbridge.

As well as entering your home, pigeons are also known to build their nests under solar panels. The panels provide shelter and warmth for the birds, but this places your investments at risk. Bird droppings are highly acidic and will corrode through metal over time, rendering your solar panels redundant and leaving you with a huge repair cost. To help protect your investment for years to come, we offer proficient bird proofing solar panels services to block all access to problem birds.

bird proofed solar panels on a home in tonbridge

Once we’ve removed all problem birds from your property and disinfected the area, we also apply bird proofing measures that will provide long-lasting protection against the pests and prevent any re-infestation.

Insect Control Tonbridge

Insect infestations from pests like cockroachesbed bugsbees, and ants can get out of hand fast. Due to their small size, insect infestations can often go unnoticed initially, and with no control measures in place, the problem soon spirals out of control. Their presence in your home places you and your family at risk of bites and stings, as well as damage to your property, 

DIY solutions are rarely effective in controlling insect problems, as you must remove all pests in all stages of their life cycles. Failure to do so leads to re-infestation, which is common when using over-the-counter solutions. Instead, you should leave it to the professionals.

At Pest-Tech, we provide pest control treatments for all insects across the town of Tonbridge. So whether you’ve noticed signs of fleas, moths, or even silverfish, your local technician is on hand to remove your insect problem. Contact us now to book your treatment or organise a site survey of the affected property.

Wasp Nest Removal Tonbridge

One of our most popular treatments in Tonbridge is wasp nest removals. Wasps are nasty pests that can cause a large amount of damage to your property while causing a great disturbance to your day-to-day lives. Once they’ve made their nests, the hive will continue to grow until you reach out to us. 

wasp nest removed from a home in tonbridge

Please avoid any attempts to remove the wasp nest yourself, as this places you at serious risk of injuries and harm. We’re insured to work at height and have conducted hundreds of successful wasp nest removals across Tonbridge.

Commercial Pest Control in Tonbridge

As well as domestic properties, we also offer our pest control treatments to commercial properties across Tonbridge. We’ve helped numerous businesses in the town centre to remove their pest problem and continue business as usual.

As a small, local business ourselves, we know the importance of maintaining and upholding a great reputation. Unfortunately, pests on your commercial premises can negatively impact your business’s reputation and end up sending potential customers elsewhere. 

commercial pest control treatment in tonbridge

Additionally, the presence of pests on your property places you, your staff and your customers at risk of catching a disease which could develop into a serious health condition. Plus, failure to remove the infestation could lead to fines, expensive legal costs, and even business closure. 

Regardless of the industry you work in, if you’re in need of commercial pest control in Tonbridge, we’re here to help. We also offer pest control contracts to businesses across Kent, so you have year-round protection against the threat of pests. 

Tonbridge Pest Controllers

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