Pest Control Services

Pest Control: SERVICES

Pest-Tech Ltd offer a wide range of safe and effective pest control services to deal with all your pest issues.

Find out more about how we deal with all your pests, from Rats and Mice, causing havoc in the winter, to pesky Wasps in summer and the dreaded Pigeons nesting under solar panels.

Or just get in touch by phone of our Quick Contact form and speak to one of our experts.

Domestic Pest Control
Bed Bug Steam treatment | bed bug removal in Maidstone.

We cover everything from rats and mice, to fleas, bed bugs and Squirrels in the loft. Whatever your pest, call in the pest control experts to deal with your problem.

Commercial Pest Control
Commercial Pest Control Contract

We understand your business is very important to you and there can be a lot at stake if pests are found on your premises such as your reputation.

We manage for single-site and multi-location companies, delivering a high-quality service every time.

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels
Solar panel pigeon proofing to stop pigeons nesting under the solar panels

We offer a bespoke service for bird proofing solar panels in order to stop pigeons from nesting under the panels.

Every job we do is different which is why we like to come out and take a look at each job.

Bird Proofing
bird proofing using bird netting to stop pigeons getting into the area.

The purpose of bird proofing an area is to move birds on safely without causing any harm to the bird.

This will reduce problems that they bring such as bird waste, noise and mess.

Annual Service Contracts
Setting up a pest control contract or annual service contract.

We encourage a proactive approach to pest control and offer Annual Service Contracts that will assist you in protecting your home or business against pests.

Each contract is bespoke so you get a pest control solution that fits your needs.

Clearance & Proofing
Proofing to stop rats getting into the building | Rat Control

Many pests leave an aftermath of mess and contamination, this can be in the way of a bad smell or stained insulation.

Through our clearance and proofing service, we remove all contaminated material and proof the area against further damage.

Commonly Seen Pests in the Home and Workplace

Rat Removal Job at a farm site.

What you need to know about Rats

Mice like chocolate half eaten snickers bar | Mouse removal

What you need to know about Mice

Wasp nest in attic space | Wasp nest removal in Maidstone

What you need to know about Wasps

flea-treatment | Flea removal in Maidstone Kent

What you need to know about Fleas

Bed Bugs
bed bugs treatment | Bed bug removal in Maidstone

What you need to know about Bed Bugs

Squirrel Removal

What you need to know about Squirrels

Ant Removal
Black Ants | Ant removal in Maidstone

What you need to know about Ant Removal

Carpet eaten by Clothes moth larvae, moth removal treatment needed.

What you need to know about Moths

Garden Moles
Garden mole removal in progress by the Maidstone Mole Catcher

What you need to know about Garden Moles

Bee Swarm | Bee removal in Maidstone

What you need to know about Bees

pigeon control needed on the roof

What you need to know about Pigeons

Cockroach Treatment | German cockroach infestation

What you need to know about Cockroaches