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Suspect you have Cockroaches?

A cockroach treatment must be completed as soon as possible if identified as they are classed as a public health pest. They are unpleasant and carry disease so cockroach removal is vital. Cockroach infestation signs include a bad odour, eggs, and live roaches

There are several types of cockroach found in the UK with the most common being the German Cockroach. Pest-Tech carry out treatments that deal with the removal of all types of cockroach that you may find in the home and business premises.

What You Need to Know About Cockroaches

Reproduction. 2 German Cockroaches can produce 10,000 young in a year and infestation outbreaks are at their worst during summer months.

Food and Water. Oriental Cockroaches can survive for up to a month without food, however they cannot live more than two weeks without water.

cockroach treatment | Removal and treatment of a German Cockroach Infestation

German Cockroach

The German Cockroach is the most common type of cockroach found in the UK. They are easily transported from place to place undetected. They are fantastic climbers and their size makes them very successful at spreading through a block of flats if left untreated.

German cockroaches range in size dependent on there age but a full grown adult are 10 to 15mm. They are a tan colour and distinguished by 2 brown stripes down their back. They have six legs and a pair of  large antennae that are very active when travelling. Cockroaches prefer warm and humid environments, close to food and water. They frequently invade residential properties by hitchhiking in shopping bags, boxes or second hand electrical goods. If you find them then a cockroach treatment is recommended.

Homeowners are most likely to find a German cockroach crawling around the bathroom, kitchen and around the boiler. They eat pretty much anything and everything, but in doing so can also spread disease at the same time by picking up germs on there travels and then spreading them on food and surfaces. As well as this, their saliva, droppings and decomposing cockroaches bodies, contain proteins that trigger allergies and increase asthma symptoms, especially in children.

If you find a cockroach, it’s likely there are more hiding in cracks and crevices. If you see or suspect you have a cockroach infestation, it is recommended that you get advice as soon as possible. They have a life cycle of approximately 170 days and in ideal conditions they can produce 30 to 40 eggs every 2 to 3 weeks. Cockroaches are very resilient and difficult to eliminate using DIY products. Pest Tech Ltd offer a full range of professional cockroach treatments to deal with them from barrier sprays to gel bait treatments.

Oriental Cockroach

The other common cockroach found in the UK is the Oriental Cockroach. These are more drain dwellers as they do like a damp environment. They’re not as successful at climbing as other cockroaches. Therefore you find them at low level, but still need to consider a cockroach treatment.

Oriental Cockroaches are not so common as the German Cockroach. They are a dark red to black in colour for identification purposes. We don’t get so many calls for them within the home due to closed drain systems. That said they can occur. Industrial buildings are more likely to have issues with this pest.

If you have a problem with either German Cockroaches or Oriental Cockroaches we recommend you use a processional pest control company to get the infestation under control as soon as possible as they multiply very quickly. Pest-Tech carry out a full range of treatments to deal with these infestations using either a baiting program or residual spray treatment to help you with your cockroach removal.

Contact Us for more information, or if you would like us to do a treatment.

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Suspect you have Cockroaches?

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