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If you've spotted signs of squirrels running up and down your fence line, there is a high chance that they have set up a home in your loft. Once they've moved in, they'll wake you up in the morning with noises and cause severe damage that risks your health.

At Pest-Tech, we can trap and remove squirrels from your property humanely. Our technicians are highly experienced with squirrels and can provide expert proofing to ensure squirrels can't return once removed.

Due to their destructive nature, you certainly don't want them living in your roof space. So call us on 01622 296055 or contact us for some friendly advice.

Everything You Need To Know About Squirrels

Unfortunately, getting rid of squirrels is not as easy as it seems. They are notoriously challenging to remove, and we often find that they are craftier than other rodents, such as rats and mice. Therefore, we insist you don’t attempt to remove them alone. Instead, contact our team at Pest-Tech to remove squirrels from your property.

Our team is available across Maidstone and all of Kent, including areas such as HeadcornMedway and Sittingbourne. Check out all the places we cover.

Due to the damage squirrels cause with their constant need to gnaw, you should act immediately. It’s common for electrical cables to be chewed and cause faults and fires. Call 01622 296055 to book your survey, or email our team at for advice.

Squirrel running along branch

Signs of a squirrel infestation

Pest-Tech completes hundreds of squirrel pest control jobs across Maidstone and Kent yearly. Often, customers are shocked to learn that squirrels have infested their loft and assume it to be another rodent, such as rats or mice. To help you identify if squirrels are causing problems, here are the most common signs:

  1. Noises: as squirrels are rodents, they constantly need to gnaw down their growing teeth. If you hear scratching or rustling noises from your roof space, there is a high chance that squirrels have moved in.
  2. Droppings: take a look in your loft space for droppings. If you notice any, contact us immediately so we can identify the rodent that has moved in.
  3. Smell: if squirrels have moved into your property, you’ll know when you stick your head through the loft hatch. A urine smell indicates an infestation has been present for an extended period.
  4. Sightings: when squirrels have moved into your loft, they’ll use a run to climb up your property. It’s safe to say they have moved in if they consistently run up and down your fence line.
  5. Bird feeders: have you noticed squirrels eating from your bird feeders? The fruit and nut inside is a favourite for squirrels.
  6. Ingress points: squirrels need to enter your home from the roof. Look for holes gnawed at and made more prominent so they can squeeze inside. 
Damage caused by squirrels in the loft gnawing on timbers
Damage caused by squirrels in the loft gnawing on timbers

If you’ve spotted any of the above signs, call us on 01622 296055. We provide squirrel pest control across all of Kent and can first visit your home to survey the extent of your problem.

Why are there Squirrels in my loft?

Grey squirrels move into your loft to stay out of the cold and to build nests. However, you may be wondering how they gained access; well, they are agile rodents that find weak spots on your roof and use their sharp incisors to create entry holes into your loft space. Once inside, they’ll make the entrance hole larger so they have easy access if in danger.

Squirrels will use the insulation in your loft to build a drey (nest). A drey comforts them to have their young, knowing the area is a quiet and safe environment. Their litters contain one to four young, and they usually breed in the spring unless the mother is experienced, in which case she may have another litter in the summer.

The dangers of squirrels

Squirrels are classified as rodents, which unfortunately means they constantly need to gnaw to wear and sharpen their teeth. Due to this, it’s expected we will see timber and wires chewed inside infested lofts. Wires are often stripped bare, which is extremely dangerous as it causes electrical faults and fires. The dangers of having squirrels in your attic are enormous, and you should consider a professional squirrel removal treatment as soon as possible.

Squirrels will also cause damage to your garden by digging holes and hiding food supplies. Areas they hide food include plant pots and under patios. When winter arrives, they will begin to search for their food, causing significant damage. Furthermore, squirrels are known to strip bark from trees which can result in the death of trees around your garden.

Professional Squirrel Control Near You

If you hear noises in your loft, there is a high chance you have a rodent infestation. Call us on 01622 296055 to arrange for a survey of your home. Our technician will inspect your loft to confirm if squirrels or another rodent is nesting. If your suspicions are correct, we’ll begin our squirrel removal treatment. We use a combination of traps and rodenticides only available to accredited professionals. Once we have removed all squirrels from your home, our experienced technician will identify ingress points and proceed with basic proofing measures. Proofing entry points will prevent another infestation from happening in the future.

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