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Pest Control: Squirrels

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Suspect you have Squirrels?

Squirrels running up and down your the fence lines and noises in the loft often indicate that they've set up home in the loft.

If you're seeing a lot of squirrel activity in your garden or hearing noises in the roof, then you may need our squirrel pest control and removal services.

Squirrels are very destructive and certainly not a creature you want living in your roof space, so you may need some squirrel pest control.

What You Need to Know About Squirrels

Rodent Family. Grey Squirrels are common in the UK and are members of the rodent family, so their teeth continually grow.

Squirrels in Lofts. They are extremely destructive and they will gnaw anything and everything, this includes wiring which can cause electrical faults and fires.


Squirrel on a branch, wildlife management.

Grey squirrels are very agile pests that will cause you a problem they gain entry into your loft. They are most active during the day when they are out foraging for food from the ground and the trees.

Are There Squirrels in the Roof?

It’s a common problem to get squirrels in your roof and once they’re in they’ll cause all sorts of damage. First of all, they’ll find a weak point and gain entry. Once in they’ll then make the entrance hole larger so they have easy access if in danger. Squirrels enter the roof space for different reasons but commonly it is to either to build a nest or to get in out of the cold and keep warm. They will use the insulation in the loft to build a nest (drey) in which they can have their young knowing that it is a quiet and safe environment. Breeding time for a squirrel is in the spring but an older experienced mother may have another litter in the summer.  A litter will consist of one to four young.

The Dangers of Gnawing

As with all rodents, squirrels need to gnaw to wear and sharpen their teeth. In a squirrel-infested loft, it’s commonplace to see chewed timbers and wires stripped bare. This can be extremely dangerous, as squirrels have been known to cause electrical faults or fires through the gnawing of electrical cables and wires. For this reason squirrel removal treatment should be considered.

The Squirrel can also cause a great deal of damage to the garden by digging holes and hiding their food supplies when food is readily available and then searching for it come winter, they will hide food in plant pots on your patio and they also like freshly planted bulbs. They cause a great amount of damage to trees as well by stripping bark and in some cases it kills the trees.

Need Our Squirrel Removal Services?

If you are hearing noises in your loft then it is recommended to call a professional, who can carry out squirrel removal. Contact Us

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Suspect you have Squirrels?

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