Pest Control: Rats

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Suspect you have Rats?

If you have a rat infestation, no matter how big or small you should arrange a method of rat control or treatment to deal with the issue. No one wants rats in the attic.

Rats in the home and workplace can cause considerable damage to property and contaminate products and food but they can also damage reputation for a business.

We hope not, but if you suspect you have a rat infestation then please get in touch and let a pest control specialist handle your problem.

What You Need to Know About Rats

Rats carry disease. They can carry many different diseases just by the nature of the environment they live in. But the main illness to be aware of is leptospirosis. This is a bacterial disease that can be carried in their urine.

The teeth of a rat never stop growing. They can gnaw through concrete, plastic, wood and metals. This is particularly helpful when trying to gain entry into a buildings. They will also gnaw to wear their teeth down, but also to sharpen them at the same time.

Rat on the bird feeder

Pest-Tech are experts in the removal, control and eradication of rats.

Rats can cause a large amount of damage in a very short amount of time. They are often the cause for power cuts, timber destruction, bad smells and come with a high health risk as they are carry disease. All rodents can be a fire hazard, chewing through electrical wires in lofts and walls. With their large appetite, they can decimate and contaminate food and infect areas with their droppings. If the conditions are good then they reproduce at an alarming rate.

Why do rats migrate

Usually rats infest buildings and homes by breaking in either at ground level or by a defect in the drain system. Unlike mice they don’t drop everywhere, they use the same areas as a toilet and only drop about 40 times a day. Generally rats choose to live outdoors in burrows, but in the winter the rain and cold will drive them to find more suitable accommodation and food sources such as sheds, homes, business premises where it is dry and warm. If they get into a home they often end up nesting in the loft.

Act fast if you suspect a rat problem

If you suspect you have rats then you need to deal with the problem swiftly before it gets out of hand, Pest-Tech offer a complete service to help you with rat control. Leaving a rodent problem for too long can become costly to treat, and an early phone call may save time and money so Contact Us. Pest-Tech offer a complete rat treatment service and we not only deal with the rats but also try to pinpoint how they are getting in.

How do I know I have a rat problem

Normally you will know you have a rat issue from signs of activity. You may have seen one, heard one or found evidence of one either inside or outside your building. This can be the case with either a domestic or commercial rat infestation situation.

Many of our domestic rat call outs are due to the factors above. They have possibly seen a rat in the garden or in the house often in relation to food sources. Rats are often attracted to the kitchen because of food smells and the attractant of food. Scratching noises may also be heard in the cavity walls or loft. It is at this point where we can advise on what action can be taken.

Pest Control Survey

The first step of a professional pest control company is to carry out a survey. This is to identify routes the rats are using and signs of activity. This can be smear around well used runs or following the obvious gnawed holes. These are things you may have noted already.

Sometimes however the rat infestation may be completely out of your control. This is common to find if you have had building work to your house. If the waste pipes have been altered, moved, or changed then there is always the possibility that this could be the entry point.

Rats in the Drain

90% of our rat entry issues are caused by the drains. Dare I say it some builders just don’t understand the determination of a rat. They will take advantage of any weak point. If you give a rat an edge then it will gnaw at it, especially if there is a chance of food. You should consider the possibility of rat entry if you have had building work and then start to get rat problems.

Rats live in the drains so if they have been altered in any way, then there may now be a redundant drain somewhere. A good example of this would be a bathroom moved upstairs. If the redundant drain has not been capped off properly if at all then its an open door to your house.

There is a problem with rats leaving the drains or gnawing their way out. Often this happens out of sight or underground. This means the first time you know anything about it is when you hear noises in the loft when the actual problem is happening at the other end of your home. The rat control site is nowhere near the entry site.

Rat Food Source

Rats will travel for their food. Just because they may be living in your loft does not mean to say they are feeding there as well. They will travel the equivalent size of a football pitch to get food. Therefore, they may be leaving your house to get their food.

All these problems are solvable. Pest-Tech Ltd have a drain camera which can check your drain system. If we find out the point of entry, then we can block it off. Rat control is just a side-line to the real problem we are trying to solve. How did they get in and how can we stop it happening again?

Here are some basic considerations when dealing with rats. Firstly, they do not like to be seen and move in the shadows. So, keep all your external areas clean and tidy and free from rubbish. Try not to lean items up against your house as this creates easy routes out of sight. Rats do not like change. They will be very suspicious if you move stuff about. They are neophobic which is a fear of introducing something new. Regularly moving your flowerpots may be enough to cause an upset and move the rats on.

Bird feeders and rats

If you enjoy feeding the birds, then think about how you do it. Rats love to feed on the over spill that falls on the floor. Position your feeder far away from the house so you do not draw the rats in. Try not to over feed the birds and collect in the feeders at dusk. By placing a collection tray on the floor, you can clear spilt bird food.

These are just a few simple tasks that can reduce rat activity. The list is endless when it comes to what can be done to reduce rat activity. The important thing to remember is to think about the environment you are in.

If you need help with any rat control issues, then give us a call. Our technicians are experienced, and we will assist you where we can.

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Suspect you have Rats?

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