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Pests in your home or business can cause costly property damage, severely impact your health, and cause massive disturbance to your day-to-day life. Unfortunately, most pests, such as rats and cockroaches, breed incredibly quickly, so what starts as a small problem develops rapidly, with serious health risks. 

If you suspect a pest is living inside your property, fight back today with Pest-Tech's 100% effective pest control treatments.

Pigeon proofing solar panels in Staplehurst

At Pest-Tech, we are a pest management business delivering guaranteed and successful pest treatments to all domestic and commercial properties in Staplehurst and Kent. So, whether you own a 1-bedroom flat, a hotel, a warehouse or a manufacturing facility, our services are available 24/7.

For professional pest eradication and pest prevention in Staplehurst, speak to a friendly expert by calling us at 01622 296055.

Professional Pest Control Services Staplehurst

Although Staplehurst is a small town in Maidstone, this village hosts an abundance of beautiful rural areas which are home to many pests, including birds, rodents and insects.

Despite these animals being beneficial to our ecosystem and working as a natural pest control solution to each other, businesses and homes can be targeted in the pest’s search for food, water and shelter. As a result, you are at high risk of experiencing a pest problem.

Efficient pest control is critical in keeping your property safe and pest-free; therefore, we offer a guaranteed pest control service across Staplehurst and the surrounding areas in Kent.

Discover all of our Staplehurst pest control services below:

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Commercial Pest Control Staplehurst

In our history, we have worked with many industries, working hard to keep your business protected and staff, customers and equipment safe. In Staplehurst, our previous jobs include visiting restaurants, warehouses, churches and retail shops to implement pest prevention and pest control solutions.

Due to health and safety risks, pests such as birds and rodents are hazardous in commercial settings. For example, rats carry diseases such as Hantavirus and Leptospirosis, which can make humans extremely sick; therefore, businesses must minimise the contamination risk through effective pest control.

Under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949, local authorities can fine your business and force business closure or litigation if appropriate control methods are not implemented. So, if you think you have a pest residing in your business premise, contact Pest-Tech today for your free comprehensive survey.

Commercial Pest Control in Staplehurst and Kent

Pest-Tech’s Pest Control Service

Early pest detection is essential in minimising property damage; therefore, it is important to stay vigilant to identify the signs of a pest. For example, if you begin to see dead insects around your home or hear a strange noise coming from the loft or garage, we urge you to call us for a free survey.


Our surveys provide an effective pest detection service in which we can identify the type of pest and the extent of the infestation. Once we have this data, we can advise on the most beneficial control solutions to eradicate the pest for good.


Once you have received your quotation and are happy to proceed, our technicians will implement various tried and tested control solutions, such as traps and baits. Once we have exterminated the pest, our pest prevention services ensure that your property is proofed to avoid future pest problems.


All of our pest treatments are 100% effective, with guaranteed success. We are also on hand 24/7 to answer any questions about pests or about keeping your property protected against future infestations. Call our friendly team at 01622 296055, and we will gladly help!

Pest-Tech Pest Control Services in Staplehurst

Pest Control Call-outs in Staplehurst

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panel Protection In Staplehurst | February 2023

Pigeons are notorious for perching on roofs and nesting under solar panels away from weather elements. Unfortunately, built-up nesting material and bird guano can affect the electrical components on your panels, rendering them ineffective. Therefore, we provide 100% guaranteed solar panel bird proofing by installing galvanised steel mesh around your solar panel’s perimeter. This acts as a barrier between the bird and its favourite nesting position and is a humane and successful control solution.

This bird-proofing deterrent solution will last approximately 15-20 years, providing peace of mind for this family and maintaining their expensive investment.

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels in Staplehurst Kent

Domestic Rat Removal In Staplehurst | January 2023

During property renovations, a young couple identified rat droppings, nesting material and grease marks inside their home and called us to conduct a comprehensive pest inspection. During this survey, we identified multiple rodent entry points and located a dead rat in the loft. Therefore, we implemented a bespoke treatment plan of traps and baits to eradicate all living rats.

In addition, we installed air vent mesh and repaired faulty pipework to block all rodent ingress points and future-proof their property. As a result, all rodents were exterminated, captured and removed, and our pest prevention treatments ensure that this family will not reencounter another rat problem.

Rat Pest Control Ingress Points with Pest-Tech

Bed Bugs Pest Infestation In Staplehurst | November 2022

An elderly couple called Pest-Tech pest control in Staplehurst after noticing red and itchy bite marks in clusters on their neck, arms, legs and face. Our insect pest control specialist conducted a full inspection of the property and identified a very active bed bug infestation in their bedroom. Our local pest control expert implemented a ULV fogging treatment, exterminating all living bed bugs and eliminating the risk.

In addition, our pest infestation services can be performed discreetly, so please call our pest control specialists for more information at 01622 296055 or

Bed Bugs Pest Control and Extermination by Pest Tech

Commercial Wasp Nest Removal In Staplehurst | August 2022

Our team was contacted by a small business owner who had identified a lot of wasp activity near their outdoor storage area. Upon inspection, we located the active wasp nest approximately 70cm in diameter. Wearing full PPE, we implemented a fogging treatment near the entrance and waited for the worker wasps to transport the professional-grade insecticide inside. Once the treatment had exterminated all wasps, including the queen, we carefully removed the nest and cleaned the area.

The wasps were killed, and the nest was removed within one visit, and our client could continue using the storage area.

Commercial Wasp Nest Removal in Staplehurst by Pest-Tech

To read more about our previous jobs and happy customers, take a look at our 200+ 5-star Google reviews. We come highly recommended by residents and business owners in Kent, and our professional pest controllers are available for all pest control services.