Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels

Why Do Pigeons Nest Under Solar Panels

How to stop pigeons nesting under your solar panels and how we have managed to achieve solar panel bird proofing at Pest Tech.

Pest-Tech offer a bespoke service when it comes to pigeon proofing solar panels to stop pigeons from getting under them and building nests.

Every job we do is different which is why we like to come out and carry out a free survey. We like to understand what the problem is and how we are going to resolve it.

Key Features About Pigeons Under Solar Panels

We are experts in this field when it comes to pigeon proofing solar panels, with over 600 jobs completed to date, with nothing but outstanding reviews.

We use a galvanised steel mesh with a combination of either eye bolt clamps or solar clips to secure the mesh tightly in place. All corners are over lapped and wired together. It will last for many years and the pigeons won’t get in.

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When you pigeon proof solar panels you move the problem on.  Once pigeons have lived under solar panels, they know what a good place it is to live. So its no surprise that when moved on, they will search for another solar panel bank to move under. If you have had your panels for a while and all of a sudden, pigeons are moving in, then there is a good chance this is what has happened to you.

Solar panels are a great place for pigeons to live because they protect them from the elements. But also the dangers of predators trying to get to the pigeon eggs and young. Once pigeons have nested under your solar panels, they will not move on under there own accord. They are stubborn and stay until they are forced to move on. They know they are safe and therefore will continue to nest there until there access is denied.

What Problems They Cause.

Pigeons living under solar panels bring all sorts of problems. This ranges from noise and mess issues to the more serious issues of introducing an infestation to the property. A common infestation a pigeon may bring is bird mite which is a blood feeder.  This can be very uncomfortable for the household as they need to feed and end up biting you. Bird guano is hazardous to health, so not something you want to be clearing up. Not to mention it becoming a slip hazard when its wet. It is also common to find dead chicks and eggs on the floor, where they have fallen out their nest. All of which are not a pleasant problem to have to clear up.

The Survey.

When we carry out a site visit, we will look at access to the roof. Obstacles obstructing access such as a porch or conservatory can then be planned for. The pitch of the roof is another consideration to be considered. An assessment will then be carried out to establish how we are able to safely carry out the work. We will then be able to produce a safe working plan. We also identify the make and model of panels to confirm whether solar clips or eye clamps are to be used. At no point is any drilling done on any solar panel as this negates the warranty.

Carrying Out Pigeon Proofing.

When we complete the task, we ensure all pigeons have exited from under the panels to ensure we don’t trap any when fitting the mesh. We also remove all nesting material that is safe to do so without pulling at any cables. Once this is complete the mesh is fitted and secured around the perimeter of the solar panels with each of the corners are overlapped and secured. To finish the job off, we ensure bird waste is cleared out of the gutter so rain water is free flowing and able to drain away.

Other Methods.

There are other methods to bird proof solar panels, but this is our preferred method as we feel it is the best way to keep pigeons out. If however we think another method is better for the situation we will make the recommendation to you, however we will ensure there is no drilling into the panels as this will negate your warrantee. All methods used are in line with recommended methods within the pest control industry.

The Bad Points.

Once a group of pigeons has its heart set on your solar panels the side effects can be irritating and costly. Pigeons nesting under your solar panels can mean scratching sounds, incessant noise and sleepless nights, not to mention the chance of getting a bird mite infestation. Pigeon proofing solar panels quickly and effectively deals with all these problems

Book a Quote.

We can carry out a desk top study using photos, to give an estimate of price, but as mentioned before, we do carry out a visit prior to carrying out the job to confirm the price and method. If you have any questions on Pigeon proofing solar panels or wish to book a no obligation quote, then give us a call to discuss your problem and we will always be able to come up with a solution.