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Have you noticed fleas in your home?

Attempting DIY flea control is rarely effective. Over-the-counter insecticides are not strong enough to kill the fleas in all stages of life, meaning the problem will continue to return. To prevent making your flea problem worse, we highly recommend leaving it up to the professionals.

Here at Pest-Tech, we offer flea fumigation and removal services to homes and businesses across Maidstone and the surrounding county of Kent. With local technicians on hand to provide emergency treatments using professional-grade equipment, we'll have your home flea-free in no time. Call us on 01622 296055 now to organise your survey.

Fast & Effective Flea Treatments in Kent

Flea infestations are surprisingly common across the UK; they typically enter homes through the transmission from pets. These parasitic insects will attach themselves to your cat’s or dog’s fur and rapidly take over your home by hiding in your soft furnishings.

Fleas feed off the blood of animals and humans, so successfully infesting your home is an easy way to secure regular meals. They are tiny insects that measure between 0.1cm to 0.32cm in length, on average, which is why you’ll rarely notice them until it’s too late. 

Once you first notice fleas in your home, it’s vital to act fast and prevent the infestation from growing out of control. Professional pest control is required to fully remove a flea problem, as, despite their size, they are incredibly resilient creatures. 

Here at Pest-Tech, we have fully-qualified technicians with extensive knowledge and professional-grade equipment that allows us to carry out fast and effective flea removal services. As a result, we’ve helped numerous homes and businesses across Kent in areas such as AshfordKings HillSittingbourne, and Tonbridge.

So, contact us today via phone on 01622 296055 or email our team at to book your flea control service. 

a flea under a microscope

Signs of a Flea Infestation

Identifying a flea problem in your home can be difficult due to their minuscule size. Commonly, people only recognise the presence of fleas in their homes when the infestation has already grown out of control.  

Unfortunately, flea infestations are primarily discovered thanks to a painful bite. However, there are other signs of a flea infestation which you can look out for, including:

  • Visible fleas hopping on your carpets, curtains, sofas, bedding etc.
  • Your pets are excessively scratching and licking their fur
  • Tiny insects or droppings on your animal’s fur

Flea Bites

In the UK, flea bites do not commonly spread disease. However, flea bites can be incredibly painful and cause discomfort to those affected. When they bite your skin to feed on your blood, your immune system’s response is to release the chemical Histamine. 

The release of Histamine creates an itchy red lump, and although it’s incredibly tempting, you should avoid scratching the bite to prevent further issues. Fleas will typically bite humans on their legs and feet, so pay attention to these areas of your body if you believe you may be suffering from a flea problem.

flea bites on human skin

Though flea bites are irritating, they will usually disappear over the course of a day or two and can be treated with anti-histamines and bite creams. However, some people are unfortunately allergic to fleas. When bitten by the pest, their bodies will release an excessive amount of Histamine, resulting in an anaphylactic shock; if this occurs, please seek medical attention immediately. 

Once you notice the signs of a flea infestation on your property, it’s time to call us immediately – phone 01622 296055 today to book your site survey and get your flea problem under control.

Our Flea Fumigation Process

We have a tried and tested flea control process here at Pest-Tech, which has been utilised by homes and businesses across Kent. Our first step, as with all pest control services, is to survey the property, which allows us to discover the extent of the problem and identify all problem areas that require treatment. 

We will then issue you with Pre-Treatment Preparation instructions for you to follow. They help to ensure the property is correctly prepared, which means you will get the best results from our service. 

pest-tech pest controller carrying out a flea fumigation treatment in maidstone

We then use a high-quality residual insecticide designed to target fleas and apply this to all problem areas using a professional sprayer. Depending on the severity of the infestation, we may also use an insecticidal fog, sometimes referred to as a ULV. The fog will reach all the tiny cracks and crevices that fleas can reach, but we can’t, working to agitate them into the path of the treated areas. 

Unlike DIY treatments, our flea fumigation services are guaranteed to remove fleas in all stages of their life cycle, so the problem cannot return. So put down those over-the-counter flea treatments and give us a call on 01622 296055 to book your treatment. 

Commercial Flea Treatments

Just as fleas make their way into homes, they will make their way into commercial properties too. Unfortunately, pests and businesses do not mix. The presence of fleas on your commercial property can have a lasting impact on your brand’s reputation. If customers and staff are being bitten, the word will soon spread amongst the community, and customers will not return, thereby negatively impacting your profits. 

Keeping your business premises pest-free is also vital to ensure you remain legally compliant at all times. Failure to take action and resolve your flea problem could result in costly fines, legal fees, and even business closure.

Luckily, our flea removal treatments are also available for commercial properties. We’ve helped numerous businesses across Maidstone and Kent to stay pest-free using our flea fumigation services, so you can be confident in our abilities.

Fleas & Rental Properties

We’ve found rental properties to be a regular target for flea infestations as these pests can survive for months without a host. However, once new tenants move in and disturb the fleas, an outbreak will occur that requires immediate attention. So, if you’re a landlord with properties in Maidstone or the surrounding areas of Kent, we’re here to help!

Don’t let your flea problem progress any further; contact us today to organise your site survey and protect your business from the threat of fleas using our commercial flea removal treatments. 

Local Flea Control Near You

If you have pets, we highly recommend using a regular flea treatment to prevent infestation on your property. Regular hoovering can also help to prevent an infestation from growing out of control, as fleas regularly lay their eggs in carpets. 

However, these are only preventative measures and will not work to remove an infestation. If you’ve discovered signs of fleas in your home or business premises, then it’s vital to contact your local pest control professionals as soon as possible. 

We’ve carried out hundreds of successful flea fumigation treatments in Maidstone, so call now on 01622 296055 or email the team at to book your service or speak to a professional.

Our team are all local to Maidstone, which allows us to deliver fast and efficient pest control treatments to all homes and businesses in the area. So, book your flea control treatments with Pest-Tech today.

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Have you noticed fleas in your home?

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