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Pest Control: Wasps

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Suspect you have Wasps?

If you see a steady flow of wasps going in and out of the same hole then you have a wasp nest. Pest-Tech carry out wasp removal in Maidstone and across Kent.

Wasps are dangerous and an aggressive swarm can cause a serious risk and attack if not treated correctly. They can be found in extremely hard to reach places, like a wasp nest in walls.
Hence, we recommend you use a professional pest controller to deal with a wasp nest removal.

What you need to know about Wasps

Use a Professional. A wasp sting can cause an allergic reaction in which your body reacts to the venom in the sting. In the worst cases this may cause a person to go into Anaphylactic Shock. This is a very unpleasant situation and can result in an individual needing hospital treatment.

The Wasp Nest. Each queen will build her nest from scratch each year. The wasp nest is only used for that season then it becomes dormant and never used again. They start the size of a golf ball and then grow over the summer, the size they grow to  is dependent on the size of the colony.

Wasp | Wasp nest removal in Maidstone

The Wasp Nest

A wasp nest is a fascinating piece of engineering, constructed from chewed wood. The queen wasp starts building the nest from scratch in the Spring. This is after she emerges from winter hibernation. She starts laying eggs in order to start building her colony of workers.

Some wasp nests are extremely aggressive; it all depends on the temperament of the queen. She determines the “mood” of the nest, she does this by emitting a pheromone throughout the nest. This signals to the workers that the nest is in danger. Wasps only swarm around the nest location when the nest is tampered with or under attack. A good example of this is when a nest is treated.

You can easily identify an active wasp nest by watching the nest from a safe distance. A live nest will have wasps walking over the waxy outer of the nest and you will be able to see them. You may also be able to see the wasp’s flight pattern from outside, watching them come and go.

Wasp Behavior 

In late summer/autumn when wasps no longer have a plentiful food supply, they can become a problem. They interact and compete with humans for sugary type foods. This is why they turn up for your BBQ food.

Wasps will sting anyone or anything passing near to the nest. If you have a wasp nest close to your home or in your garden you should consider having it treated. this will avoid the risk of being stung. If you try to do this yourself and do not have the correct protective equipment, the skill and knowledge on how to treat the nest properly you may be putting yourself and others at risk.


Hornets are classed as wasps. They are bigger than your average wasp (an inch or more in length). They tend to have a more red colouring. Like wasps they hunt insects to survive. They will attack a wasp nest to get the wasp larvae but to do this they have to kill the adult wasps. They raid the nest and take the wasp larvae back to the nest as a food source for their young. Hornets are also known to attack honey bee hives for the same reason. Honey bees can survive greater temperatures so if under attack the honey bees will swarm the attacking hornet and then raise their body heat which then kills the hornet.

Hornet Behaviour

People fear the Hornet more than wasps due to their size. They are perceived as being much more aggressive than other wasp species but this is not necessarily true. Hornets will defend their nest in an aggressive manner but this is no different to the wasp. The hornet nest, although large in size, doesn’t hold as many, normally around three hundred. Like wasp nests, they are made from the same material and in the same way.

Wasp Nest Removal

If you need wasp nest removal in Maidstone then contact us to book an appointment. All our wasp treatments are guaranteed so if there is any activity after 48 hours of the treatment we will come back and retreat for free.

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Suspect you have Wasps?

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