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Suspect you have Ant Removal?

The most common ants you will find in the UK is the Black Ant. You will normally find them outside in the garden or on your patio, but if found inside you will need ant removal as they can carry disease.

When they go on the search for food, they will stop at nothing to find food for their colony. Ants pest removal is imperative as they can often end up inside the house. They make entry by using cracks and crevasses. Pest-Tech carry out ant removal in Maidstone and across Kent.

What You Need to Know About Ants

Nuptial Flight. It’s the weather which determines flying ant day, normally around August time, but this is a key part of the ant life cycle. The queens and males grow wings and mate on the wing. The males then die and the queen can then lay fertilised eggs to form new colonies of ants.

Black Ants can carry Salmonella. When the ant scouts go in search of carbohydrates they often end up in the kitchen for their food source. This can be a hazard as they can carry salmonella which may cause sickness and should therefore be treated.

Ants | Ant removal in Maidstone

Types of ant in the UK

There are over 40 different species of ant in the UK classed as pests, these include Fire Ants and Pharaoh  Ants. The life cycle of the ant doesn’t change between ant species which is egg, larvae, pupa and adult. Depending on the type of ant depends on how you treat the colony.

Prior to doing any sort of self help, it is always recommended that you seek professional advice first, before treating. You can make the situation severely worst and make the infestation even harder to resolve if not done correctly. This normally results in increased treatment prices. You can get it very wrong and cause yourself major problems if certain ant colonies are not treated correctly.

This page is going to concentrate on the black garden ant as it is our most common call out problem in relation to ants.

Black ants nest.

Ants form nests in many areas such as gardens and patios. They like sand and soil such as the garden, foundations used to form the base of a patio or the foundations of houses. Therefore nests may well be found in these areas. Nest can also be constructed beneath the floor of a house. Problems occur when foraging ants begin to invade houses in the search for food. There may be as many as 15,000 black garden ants in a single colony. That said obviously the numbers can change dramatically depending on different circumstances.

How do ants get in the house?

Ants get into a house by many different ways, ants are extremely small so it only need a small hole. Air bricks are an easy entry for a ant however very few use them. A more common entry for an ant would be a poorly fitted door frame or gap in the damp course. Basically if they have found a food source then they get to it. I followed an ant trail in a hotel on a job. The ants were at the bar at the back end of the hotel, the ants were traveling over a 100m to their nest.

What do ants eat?

So we have mentioned food source for ants but what do they eat? Ants eat insects and sugary substances such as nectar and rotting fruit. They ‘milk’ (stroke) aphids for their honeydew as well. They drink water but also get fluids from the foods they eat. When an ant finds food, it puts down a pheromone trail to its nest. This will give a scent trail for other workers within the colony to follow to gather the food. The ant colony has an army of foragers or scouts that will constantly be looking for food sources to take back to the nest to feed the colony.

If you are finding ants in your kitchen then you have had a visit from a forager that has found some carbohydrates (sugars). If you follow the trail it will lead you to where the nest is. Sometimes the nest can be inside the property, this is commonly found in an extension or a conservatory.

How do I get rid of ants in my house?

Ants can become a major problem in a short amount of time, requiring professional ant control. If this happens then we can provide professional strength baits and treatments that are effective in eliminating ants. Ideally you will want to get the situation treated and under control before you start seeing the flying ants.

Why do I get flying ants in my house?

Every summer, there is a day when thousands huge flying ants suddenly emerge from their nests all over the country. This phenomenon is known as Flying Ant Day. There’s no set day, it occurs by area and changes each year, but is normally around July or August.  Huge numbers of flying ants suddenly appear with wings, these are males and young queens. The ants mate during flight and then queens will then leave to find a colony of their own. This is known as the ‘nuptial flight’.

If you need any information on ant treatments or would like to book our services then please contact Pest-Tech to discuss your ant infestation.

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Suspect you have Ant Removal?

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