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Are you currently suffering from a pest infestation? If so, Pest-Tech is here to help.

Pests can be very disruptive and impact your quality of life. Therefore, our local technicians can deliver expert pest control services to all properties in Bearsted and the county of Kent. 

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Pest Control Services in Bearsted

The Bearsted town centre remains to this day a very traditional place to live. This long-established village, combined with conservational protected areas, creates an abundance of beautifully listed buildings and sceneries.

In addition to these rural and urban areas, Bearsted has close links with the River Len, providing many homes for bird pests and rodents. As a result, pest infestations are common here, and preventative measures should be taken to protect your property. Whether you are a homeowner or business owner, pests could inhabit your building and cause substantial damage if they are left untreated.

Fortunately, our operatives have extensive experience controlling pests, and we provide an efficient removal service. Discover our Bearsted pest control treatments below for more information:

Emergency Pest Control in Bearsted

Our services extend to all private, commercial and residential properties in and around Bearsted. These include Grove Green, Thurnham, Weavering, Willington, Downswood, Detling, and the surrounding areas of Kent. To find out if we cover your area, please visit our list of areas we cover for more information.

As a local pest control company, we can respond to our customers quickly. So if you suspect a pest is living in your home, contact our Bearsted technicians today for friendly and reliable advice at 01622 296055.

Domestic Pest Control in Bearsted

Rodents, birds and squirrels tend to target a house which provides warmth, shelter, water and a food source. Therefore, there is a very high chance of you finding a pest living on your property in a loft space, garage or kitchen. As a quick fix, residents sometimes implement DIY at-home pest control measures to try and resolve an infestation themselves. Sadly, these tend to be just short-term solutions and are usually ineffective.

Moreover, pests can carry many diseases that can make you sick, and rats, in particular, can get vicious if they feel threatened. As a result, attempting DIY solutions puts you, your family and pets at a higher risk of catching an illness or injury.

Instead, we recommend calling a professional pest control company that will take control from start to finish with guaranteed results. Our local operatives will work quickly to remove the pest from your home and implement proofing solutions to keep your house safe from a re-infestation.

Please contact us to book your site survey, and we will be happy to assist.

Bee removal in Bearsted by Pest-Tech

Commercial Pest Control in Bearsted

Here at Pest-Tech, we understand the importance of maintaining a pest-free environment for your staff, equipment, and stock. Pests such as rodents and birds can carry many diseases that are dangerous to your health, and the sight of a pest can negatively impact your brand’s reputation. In addition, the damage these pests can create can eat into your profit and cause severe structural damage to your building.

Furthermore, if your business works with food, you are under strict rules and regulations to maintain a safe production line free from contamination. Therefore, proactive pest control is recommended for you to stay legally compliant. Failure to obey could result in fines, business closure or litigation.

To combat this, we offer commercial pest control contracts. This ensures you have appropriate preventative and proofing measures in place to minimise your risk of pest problems. At Pest-Tech, we have worked with many businesses in Bearsted and Maidstone, including hotels, shopping centres, manufacturing facilities, B&Bs, farms and pubs. So, no matter the size or location of your business, we can provide a comprehensive service to ensure you stay pest free.

Commercial pest control Bearsted with Pest-Tech

Parkwood is one of Maidstone’s most prominent industrial areas, and we deliver various pest control contracts to businesses on this estate. These contracts protect staff and produce whilst maintaining a positive reputation with customers. In addition to our regular visits, we have implemented proactive monitoring equipment to identify if rodents are present on their grounds.

For more information on our commercial pest control services in Bearsted, contact us today by calling the team at 01622 296055.

Pest-Tech’s Pest Control Service in Bearsted

Once we receive your enquiry, we will organise a survey that same day, if possible, to examine and assess your property. This inspection is thorough to ensure we understand the full extent of your infestation and implement the appropriate control solutions.

Next, we will provide you with a bespoke treatment plan which outlines our proposed solutions and time frames. In most cases, we can get the job done on the day for you. However, some pests may take up to 3 visits to successfully eradicate from your property.

Upon completing our services, you will receive a guarantee for our treatments, and we are available for all your after-care requirements. In addition, you can have confidence in our services as we have over 200 5-star reviews on Google, exemplifying our professionalism and care for our clients.

Commercial pest control contracts by Pest Tech

Your Local Pest Control Experts

At Pest-Tech, we are full members of the BPCA (British Pest Control Association), demonstrating our desire to be the best in the pest control industry. In addition, every service we provide is in line with UK law and legislation, and our control solutions are as humane as possible.

All our pest control treatments are 100% effective, and we will ensure your pest problem is dealt with efficiently with minimal disruption to your property.

For expert pest control in Bearsted, please contact us today at 01622 296055 or email the team at Our professional operatives are available 24/7, and we will be happy to provide you with a free quote and survey.

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Recent Pest Jobs around Bearsted

Rodent Proofing, Parkwood | January 2023

During Christmas, rats entered a commercial warehouse for shelter from the cold weather. On the same day we received the call, we visited to conduct a complete survey of this rat infestation and implemented traps, bait and monitoring equipment. Since then, this client has now organised yearly pest control inspections to ensure the organisation is pest free at all times.

Pigeon Proofing Solar Panels, Bearsted | November 2022 

A family identified feral pigeons under solar panels, which eventually rendered one panel ineffective due to acidic guano build-up. Once this solar panel was fixed, the family contacted us to install pigeon mesh to birdproof their solar panels. We used scaffolding to access the roof safely and conducted a complete bird mess and guano removal treatment. Once we cleaned the area, we installed pigeon mesh around the perimeter of the solar panels to stop birds from nesting underneath. This will ensure the panels are protected for up to 10-20 years.

Moth Control, Parkwood | September 2022 

Pest-Tech were called to an old dwelling being renovated due to an abundance of clothes moths and larvae in the spare bedroom. Our technicians implemented professional-grade equipment to exterminate all living insects. Lastly, we conducted a final cleaning and inspection, and our customers were delighted.