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Pest infestations can get out of hand fast. If you've noticed signs of pests in your ME10 property then it's time to call in the professionals. Here, at Pest-Tech, we offer our expert pest control solutions across Sittingbourne and the surrounding areas of Kent.

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Domestic Pest Control Solutions in Sittingbourne

The industrial town of Sittingbourne is full of history and culture, but its quick train links to the capital of London and recent expansion in housing estates have led to a growing population of over 70,000 people in a relatively small area. 

Unfortunately for the residents of Sittingbourne, this dramatically increases your chances of finding pest infestations in your home. Rats, mice, cockroaches, bed bugs, squirrels, and pigeons will enter your property searching for food, shelter and water. Thanks to their rapid breeding rates, pest infestations can rapidly become out of control, and once they’ve made their way inside, it can be extremely challenging to remove them.

While the market is full of DIY treatments and solutions, we know from experience that they are rarely effective. Furthermore, attempting to control a pest infestation yourself can place you at risk of contracting diseases and injuries, which is why we always recommend leaving it to a professional.

Here at Pest-Tech, we deliver a wide range of pest control and proofing treatments to all homes across the town of Sittingbourne and the surrounding areas of Kent. 

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Emergency Pest Control in Sittingbourne

We deliver our expert pest control services to all areas of Sittingbourne, including Bapchild, Bobbing, Borden, Bredgar, Hartlip, Iwade, Lower Halstow, Lynsted, Kemsley, Milstead, Milton Regis, Murston, Newington, Rodmersham, Sittingbourne, Teynham, The Meads, Tonge, Tunstall, and Upchurch; as well as the surrounding villages of Stockbury and Doddington, and the entire county of Kent. 

Which pests do you treat in Sittingbourne?

We know just how distressing finding a pest infestation in your home can be, which is why we offer our full range of pest control treatments across Sittingbourne. So whether it’s rodents, insects and bugs or even birds causing you trouble – we’ve got you covered. 

Take a look at the pests we treat below:

Bird Control Sittingbourne

Unfortunately, Sittingbourne’s proximity to the coast and countryside means the town is home to a vast number of birds – particularly pigeons and seagulls. Birds will enter your home through small ingress points and waste no time building their nest out of your belongings.

Not only will they keep you awake during the early hours of the morning, but pigeons are known carriers of numerous diseases. Their presence in your home places you and your loved ones at risk of catching a severe and potentially life-threatening illness. To help keep you safe, we offer expert pigeon control services across Sittingbourne.

As well as making their way inside your home, birds love to make their nests under solar panels. Unfortunately, however, they also leave behind a considerable amount of faeces, also known as guano. Bird guano is highly acidic, and over time it can cause significant and irreversible damage to your solar panels. Protect your investment for years to come using our professional bird proofing solar panels service.

pest-tech technicians using scaffolding to bird proof solar panels on a roof in sittingbourne

Additionally, we know how frustrating it can be to have birds endlessly perching around your property. The damages they can cause and the health risks they present are more than enough reasons to want to keep your home bird-free for good. To help you achieve this feat, we offer highly effective and long-lasting bird proofing treatments, like bird netting, bird spikes, and bird gels. 

Rodent Control Sittingbourne

Rodent infestations are typically the most common problems that we’re called out to solve. Rats, mice and squirrels will enter your home however they can manage, but the damage doesn’t stop there.

Rodents have incisors that never stop growing, and so to manage them, they need to grind them down via chewing consistently. Unfortunately, they will happily chew their way through your wooden beams, furniture and possessions to do so, causing irreversible damage that requires costly repair jobs. On top of this, they have also been known to chew through electrical cables, leaving you with electrical faults and potential fire hazards. 

mouse found in a loft in sittingbourne, kent

Rodents are also known carriers of diseases, which is why it’s vital to keep your distance from them if they’ve made their way into your home. Please avoid attempting DIY treatments; instead, contact us today for all your rat controlmice control and squirrel control needs.

Wasp Nest Removal Sittingbourne

During the summer months, wasps are on the hunt for a new suitable location to nest, which means this is the most common time of the year for wasp infestations. Unfortunately, due to the fast rates at which they multiply, wasp infestations can get out of hand quickly. 

Attempting to remove a wasp’s nest yourself is incredibly dangerous; wasps can be vicious, and if they sense their nest is being threatened, they will attack. In addition, wasp stings are painful, and depending on the person, they can lead to anaphylactic shocks that require emergency treatment.

pest-tech technician wearing a protective suit while removing a wasp nest in sittingbourne

If you’ve found a wasp nest on your Sittingbourne property, we recommend leaving it to the professionals. At Pest-Tech, we have carried out hundreds of successful wasp nest removals across Kent. All wasp control jobs are carried out humanely, with the wasp swarms being relocated into the country where they can thrive without causing issues for people. 

Bed Bug Control Sittingbourne

Despite popular opinion, a bed bug infestation is not a sign of uncleanliness or poor hygiene. Bed bugs make their way into your home any way they can, but usually, they’re picked up from hotels and public spaces. They will cling onto your luggage, clothing and shoes in order to find a new location to survive in. 

Bed bug infestations can cause enormous discomfort and sleepless nights. Unfortunately, they can also breed incredibly fast, so it’s vital to contact a pest control professional as soon as you first notice signs of them in your Sittingbourne home. Our expert bed bug control service uses chemical and heat treatments in order to remove the infestation in all stages of life, thereby preventing their return. 

Cockroach Control Sittingbourne

Similarly to bed bugs, cockroach infestations will rapidly get out of hand. Not only do they cause a revolting smell throughout your home, but they also carry bacteria, including E. coli, that can lead to food poisoning, dysentery and other serious health complications. We use both heat and chemical treatments, depending on your circumstances, to thoroughly remove the cockroach infestation from your home. Learn more about our expert cockroach control services.

We also treat a range of other pests such as:

Contact us today at or give us a call on 01622 296055 to book a survey. Not sure which pest is causing you trouble? Discover our full range of pest control services to see how we can help keep your home pest-free. 

Commercial Pest Control in Sittingbourne

As well as domestic residences, we also deliver our expert pest control services to commercial properties across Sittingbourne. We have numerous annual service contracts across the town, including businesses on the Euro Link Industrial Estate, to keep companies pest-free. 

From our years of experience in the pest control industry, we know just how damaging a pest infestation can be for local businesses, both big and small. Pests can cause extensive damage to your commercial property, resulting in expensive repairs that will impact your profits. 

Additionally, the numerous diseases that pests carry place you, your staff, and your customers at risk of contracting serious illnesses that you could be liable for. Plus, depending on the type of industry your company falls under, pests on the premises could even result in complete business closure. 

pest tech branded van parked at a commercial pest control contract job in sittingbourne

On top of these damages, pest infestations can negatively impact your business’ reputation and standing within the community, putting off existing and prospective customers, sending their business elsewhere, and dramatically reducing your profits. 

It’s clear to see that pests and businesses do not mix. So to help protect your company’s reputation and keep you legally compliant, our BPCA qualified team offers commercial pest control services in Sittingbourne for all pests. 

If you’ve noticed signs of pests on your Sittingbourne business premises, or you’re looking for an annual contract to stay pest-free year-round, then contact your local technician today on 01622 296055 to book a survey with no obligations.

Pest-Tech is dedicated to keeping homes and businesses across Sittingbourne and the southeast of England pest-free by delivering expert pest control in Kent. Just check out our brilliant reviews below for proof!

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