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Noticed seagulls nesting on your property?

In the UK, we are no strangers to seagulls. They are an expected sight if you ever visit a seaside resort or town. However, these birds have adapted successfully to urban areas due to environmental changes.

Gulls are moving further inland as taller buildings provide safer nesting spots, protecting their young from predators and humans. In addition, city centres and towns host an abundance of food and waste. Unfortunately, as roof-nesting gull numbers rise, homeowners and business owners are experiencing increased bird activity and property damage.

Here at Pest-Tech, we are experienced in seagull control and proofing solutions to keep your property free from disturbance and damage. Please call us to organise your free survey at 01622 296055.

Expert Seagull Control in Maidstone  

Whether you are experiencing a seagull problem or want to implement proactive bird control solutions, Pest-Tech is happy to help. We are passionate about providing expert seagull nesting prevention to keep your property safe and pest-free for good.

Our bird control services are available to all properties in Maidstone and the county of Kent. For more information on the areas we cover and the services we offer, please contact us today at 01622 296055 or email the team at

Seagull Control By Pest-tech in Kent and Maidstone

Signs of a Seagull Problem

You may have noticed more and more seagulls congregating around your property, and you are here to identify whether it is time to install effective seagull control solutions.

The typical seagull nesting season starts in late March and continues throughout the summer as the eggs hatch and grow. Urban gulls will use these bird nests year after year unless something prompts them to relocate, such as bird pest control. Therefore, it is best to implement seagull nesting prevention solutions before the nesting season begins.

Here are some of the most common signs that you have a seagull pest problem:

Territorial Behaviour

Seagulls who move inland will usually choose a tall building to keep their young protected. This could be on your warehouse, a car park, or a business sign. Although this keeps the streets less saturated with seagulls during nesting season, they can become territorial, which can lead to dangerous behaviour.

Furthermore, they are often seen dive-bombing and attacking humans who get too close to their nests. If you own a business establishment, this can be problematic as it could lead to a serious accident.

Seagull Noise

In addition, seagulls will often make themselves known by letting out a deafening squawking sound throughout the day. As a result, there is a very high chance that you may hear them before seeing them.

Seagull Damage

Finally, seagulls will build their nests from materials such as twigs, moss, feathers and grass. However, this can get stuck in your guttering, resulting in a leak. In addition, seagull droppings, bird Guano, are highly acidic, damaging the paintwork and deteriorating building structures. As a result, this could impact the safety of your building, with economic repercussions. These droppings will also build up very quickly and visibly impact the beauty of your property.

Seagull droppings on balcony

If you have noticed these signs on or around your property, why not contact us, and we will conduct a comprehensive pest survey. We will identify the extent of your seagull pest problems, assess the logistics and recommend bird control solutions.

Call Pest-Tech today at 01622 296055 to organise your free visit!

Seagull Control Law

All seven seagull species of gulls are a conservation concern and are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. As a result, it is illegal to intentionally kill or injure the bird or damage a seagull’s nest. Therefore, we do not recommend DIY bird control solutions if you have identified birds perching around your property. You could risk unnecessary suffering to the birds, it can be dangerous, and you would be breaking the law.

Instead, we recommend calling the professionals to tackle your bird problem humanely, safely and in accordance with the law. At Pest-Tech Pest Control, we have extensive experience controlling seagulls and we can provide a 100% guaranteed service to all properties within Maidstone and Kent. So, contact us today to organise your survey and bespoke seagull treatment plan.

Commercial pest control by Pest-Tech

Seagull Control Methods

Our experience with controlling seagulls has shown that every job is different. As a result, we may use one or more seagull control methods depending on the level of infestation. We will complete a survey before we make control recommendations to ensure your building will have maximum seagull protection.

The bird control methods which we use to mitigate and control urban gulls include;

Seagull Netting

Bird netting is a humane control method which creates a physical barrier between the bird and its favourite nesting spots. The benefit of this seagull netting is that it is a discreet design which does not distract from the exterior of your building. For this reason, it is really popular with our commercial clients who need a control solution tailored for larger surface areas. This includes car parks, warehouses, shopping centres, listed buildings and sports stadiums.

Furthermore, this long-lasting and versatile seagull control method is highly adaptable. It can be customised to suit your property and bird pest. We use a 75mm netting made from a tight, interwoven polyethene material to effectively deter seagulls from roosting on your property.

Seagull control kent bird netting installation in a car park

Seagull Mesh

Similarly to bird netting, seagull mesh creates a physical barrier to limit the nesting spots available to the bird. This control solution is most popular for bird-proofing solar panels to prevent bird access. This hard-wearing and long-lasting protective steel barrier is manufactured using galvanised steel mesh. This ensures birds cannot chew through it to gain access.

We install this solution to offer solar panel protection and maintain clients’ investments. Furthermore, we employ the use of mobile platforms and scaffolding to ensure we carry out the work safely and successfully. This solidifies the importance of having a professional pest control company proof your property. Jobs like this can get dangerous, and you risk injuring yourself.

Seagull mesh installation for solar panel protection by Pest-Tech in Kent

Seagull Spikes

Another popular solution with our clients is bird spikes. The name of this may sound alarming, but it is a very humane and safe solution to deter birds from resting on your property. Anti-bird spikes are an incredibly successful solution, as they make it uncomfortable for gulls and pigeons to land in their desired location.

These blunt steel spikes are fixed to a polycarbonate base which is versatile and can be installed in almost any location. Moreover, they are most commonly used on roof lines, commercial signage, window ledges, balconies, guttering and fences. In addition, this seagull control solution is durable and weather resistant; therefore, if maintained correctly, it could last you 15-20 years.

Seagull control kent bird spike installation

Seagull Deterrents

An alternative solution to seagull netting, mesh and spikes are behavioural control methods such as Optical Gels. This optical gel is an intelligent repellent as it targets the seagull’s olfactory senses with a scent they do not enjoy. As a result, these seagull scarers deter them from landing on your property. In addition, this gel emits a UV light which confuses the bird into thinking it is fire, preventing them from landing. This subtle bird control method provides successful seagull protection on all properties and locations.

Optical gel seagull control by Pest Tech


Finally, hawking is a very effective seagull scarer if you have a large surface area, such as agricultural farms, gardens or car parks. This seagull control method does not harm the birds but, instead, scares them away.

Using trained birds, Harris Hawks, our professional hawking team, use this method to rid seagulls from your land. Gulls see this bird as a predator, and this added threat towards their young motivates them to find another spot.

At Pest-Tech, we will provide a bespoke treatment plan to ensure your seagull infestation is dealt with successfully with minimal disruption to your property. To organise your survey, please call us at 01622 296055 or email the team at

Commercial Seagull Control in Maidstone

Bird infestations can have a damaging effect on your business reputation and day-to-day operational activities. Particularly if you work within the food processing or preparation industry, stringent measures must be obeyed to keep your production line pest free and safe.

Unfortunately, commercial organisations that deal with foodstuffs are desired by pest birds resulting in a higher infestation risk. Not only do you risk property and stock damage, but you could also face litigation, fines or business closure.

At Pest-Tech, we offer annual service contracts to all businesses in Maidstone and Kent. This ensures your organisation is legally compliant and pest free at all times. Contact us today for more information on our commercial pest control services, and speak with an avian expert today.

Commercial seagull control solutions in Maidstone

Local Seagull Control Near You

If you have identified a seagull problem on your property, it is essential to act quickly to minimise potential damage and health and safety risks. We provide efficient and effective seagull control in Maidstone and the county of Kent, and our implemented solutions offer guaranteed success.

To book your free survey with our experienced operatives and receive your free, no-obligation quote, please contact us today by calling the team at 01622 296055.

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Noticed seagulls nesting on your property?

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