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Suspect you have Bed Bugs?

Bedbugs are aptly named, as they tend to live near their food source, i.e your bed, where they can easily feed during your sleep - they can be found on mattresses, bed frames, headboards and any small crack or crevice including picture frames.

A full grown adult can survive over a year without a food source, making bed bugs extremely difficult to eradicate over the long term with DIY products.

What You Need to Know About Bed Bugs

International Travelers. Bed bugs can be picked up from something as simple as going to the cinema or catching a bus, but the most commonly is hotels or buying second hand furniture.

Bed bugs are small blood sucking insects. They are often found living in the bedroom as they are attracted to the carbon dioxide we breath out and our body warmth and stillness which is why we are a most attractive meal when we sleep.

Bed Bug Steam treatment in Maidstone.

A bed bug infestation can be a very stressful time, first you are having to deal with the fact you have these invaders into your personal space. Then to make things worst there is a lot of preparation required prior to a treatment being carried out. At Pest-Tech Ltd, we try and take the stress out the situation by giving you all the information you need to help us to rid you of this pest problem.

Unlike the flea, bedbugs can be seen with the eye and grow as large as 5mm in length. You will see bedbugs crawling as they do not jump or fly. You can identify you have a bed bug infestation by inspecting for what we call black spotting. You may also find adult bed bugs, young bed bugs and the molts of growing bedbugs (brown in colour) as they grow and shed their skins. You may also be getting bitten and also seeing blood marks on your sheets from the bites.

A full grown adult will feed every couple of days but can survive for long periods of time without feeding if there is no source, however they will travel if they pick up traces of Carbon Dioxide from else where. So be warned if you choose to just change rooms or sleep on the sofa hoping that they will go away then they will come in search and that is how you spread them through your property.

Females need to feed regularly to lay eggs, if they don’t then they cant lay. Young bed bugs need to feed regularly in order to grow as the molting process needs them to grow.

Bed bugs will crawl into the smallest and tightest areas to lay their eggs, picture frames, ornaments, boxes, books and basically anything in and around your bed.  the most common areas are the headboard, bed frame, mattress and bedside furniture. However if the situation is not treated it can get really bad and they will be everywhere around the property.

If you have a bedbug infestation then Pest-Tech Ltd have a range of treatments that can help with this pest control problem. We carry out the regular chemical spray and ultra low volume fog treatment that delivers a residual chemical that kills on application and for those tucked away in cracks and crevices, it will kill when they come into contact.

A more effective treatment is the bed bug steamer that gives instant knock down as the steam gets to all the places that the chemical cant always reach. It works at a lot hotter temperature than a regular steamer which kills immediately on contact, we also follow up with a light residual spray. this is a much more effective treatment but more time consuming.

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Suspect you have Bed Bugs?

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