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Are you suffering a pest infestation in your home or business in Bexley? If your answer is yes, it's essential to act quickly. Pests breed impressively fast, and what starts as a minor inconvenience will eventually become a substantial pest problem in no time. So take action and call Pest-Tech pest control today for friendly advice and guaranteed results. 

Honey bee nest removal from domestic home in Bexley

At Pest-Tech, we provide extensive pest control services, from one-off treatments to ongoing pest management contracts. This ensures your property is protected now and in the future from all pests.

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Bexley Pest Control with Pest-Tech

The London borough of Bexley is rich in cultural activity with a thriving high-street environment. Unfortunately, these urban areas host various pests, including pigeons, foxes, rodents and wasps which cause immense disturbance to residents and workers.

The main settlements in Bexley, which we service, include Sidcup, Erith, Old Bexley, Welling, Crayford and Bexleyheath. In addition, we also provide professional pest control treatments to all homes and businesses in the surrounding areas, keeping properties free from the damaging implications of pests.

For more information on the areas we cover, please speak to an expert using our online WhatsApp chat feature.

Most Common Pests in Bexley

Pests carry many health and safety risks to humans, animals, pets and properties. Therefore, Pest-Techs pest control services in Bexley include efficient pest management and pest extermination to keep you and your surroundings safe. In addition to our comprehensive treatments, we also provide advice on pest prevention to protect your home and business from future infestations.

Mice Pest Control in Bexley

Despite their small size, mice are notorious for causing damage and disturbance. As one of the most common pest species in the UK, your chances of encountering a mouse infestation are very high. Some of the most common indications of a mouse problem include scratching or squeaking sounds, droppings scattered around the home, smear marks on walls, nest material and a potent ammonia-like urine smell.

For this reason, we provide comprehensive pest surveys to identify all rodent access points to tackle the problem thoroughly. Initially, we will use baits and traps to eradicate the problem; then, we will implement our pest-proofing service to block and fill all ingress points. This will protect your property against further mouse activity, keeping your home and family safe.

Mice ingress point in residential property air vent

Rat Removal Bexley

Rats are agile creatures, squeezing through gaps as small as 2.5cm and residing in homes across Bexley. Although rats drastically impact your day-to-day life, they are also a significant contamination concern. As rats hunt for food, water and shelter, they pick up bacteria and germs from unsanitary locations such as drains. In addition, rats are known carriers of dangerous pathogens and diseases such as Hantavirus and Salmonella. Unfortunately, if you share your home with a rat, you risk getting seriously ill.

At Pest-Tech, we take rodent infestations very seriously and offer 24/7 pest control treatments to homes and businesses in Bexley. This ensures that all call-outs are actioned efficiently, eradicating and removing all rats from your property.

Rats found in drains at home in Kent

Fox Control Bexley

The combination of natural landscapes and lively town centres with an abundance of food waste make Bexley the perfect home for foxes. Although foxes are traditionally timid, they are territorial animals that will attack if they feel threatened or to protect their young.

Foxes can be challenging to identify due to most activity happening at night. Still, the most common signs of a fox problem include dug-up flowerbeds, damage to fences or rabbit cages and litter scattered around your garden. Alternatively, if you own agricultural land, rabbits, chickens, ducks and other small animals are easy targets for foxes; therefore, effective fox pest control is essential. So, contact Pest-Tech at 01622 296055 to book your survey and treatment to protect your livestock and property from foxes.

Fox Pest Control Bexley Rubbish

Wasp Nest Removal Bexley

As we progress into spring and summer, flying insects become a much larger issue for property owners, with wasps most prevalent. Hibernated queens will search for a safe nesting location, easily gaining entry to your home through damaged brickwork, an open window, or air vents. Unfortunately, queens will breed rapidly, producing up to 100 eggs daily. As a result, what starts as a minor insect problem develops into an infestation quickly without appropriate control solutions in place.

Previously, we have visited properties with an active wasp nest infestation where the homeowners have tried to remove it themselves. Sadly, DIY solutions rarely work, and wasps are very reactive, stinging humans and pets who are a risk to their colony. Therefore, we recommend calling a Bexley pest control expert if you have located a nest in your home. Our wasp’s nest removal jobs are completed within one visit, and our technicians will restore the safety of your property.

Wasp nest found in the loft

Pests in Bexley

Discover all of our available Bexley pest control services below:

Commercial Pest Control Services in Bexley

In addition to residential properties, our expert operatives have worked within the retail, manufacturing and food & drink industry to implement successful pest control. Unfortunately, pests carry many diseases, making employees and customers very sick and needing emergency medical treatment. This will affect not only your operational activities but also your reputation, profits and the business’s success.

Furthermore, under the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949, business owners are legally required to keep their property pest-free to minimise contamination risks. Failure to do so can lead to costly fines, forced business closure and legal action. Fortunately, we provide annual pest control service contracts to commercial properties across Bexley and the surrounding areas in Kent to ensure long-term compliance and protection.

Our commercial pest control service combines prevention measures, pest treatments and ongoing management to keep pests away and maintain the safety and well-being of your staff and customers. For more information or to book your pest inspection, contact our professional team at 01622 296055 or

Commercial Bird-proofing in Bexley by Pest-Tech

24/7 Pest Control Bexley with Pest-Tech

Pest-Tech has a long history of working with residential homes and businesses in Bexley, and our glowing 200+ 5-star reviews exemplify our professional service. In addition, our tried and tested control methods offer a 100% guaranteed success rate with the highest customer satisfaction. Are you suffering from a pest?