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Bird Mess and Guano Removal

Bird Mess Removal and Cleaning

Pest-Tech carry out bird mess and guano removal and cleaning. Whatever the problem we can come in and first remove all the bird waste, this includes any dead birds. We will then clean the area and sanitise the area with a biocide so it’s safe. Bird waste is hazardous to health and must be removed correctly and safely. Finally we can implement bird proofing measures that stops the birds getting in again such as fitting bird netting.

Damage Caused by Roosting Pigeons

The pictures below is of a typical bird waste clearance job we have undertaken. In this case birds were roosting on a ledge and gutter above this area. They selected this site because it was at the back of a bank on an upper floor. The fact that it was a bank meant there was very little human activity due to the security in place. The birds were left to go about their business with no interruption from anyone else. They were safe and protected tucked away in this hidden area. The only reason this mess was found was because the bird guano had blocked the gutter. The water overflowing from the gutter was running down the wall and had caused damp issues inside the building. This is typical of the sort of damage that can occur from roosting pigeons, and seagulls.


bird mess and bird clearance | Pest Control Ashford
Birds have been roosting and making a mess.


Pest-Tech carrying out bird clean up.
Bird guano is dangerous and needs clearing.


Maidstone pest control cleaning a bird roosting ledge.
Bird control would stop build-up of bird waste.

Bird Proofing Options

Before the clean up took place we recommended to the customer they considered bird proofing options. The last thing we wanted to do is clear the site and then as soon as we finished they start fowling again. We recommended shutting the area off by bird netting the area. This would need to be done immediately after cleaning up. I could not be done before as it would not be safe to work in all the bird mess. So after the clean up, we fitted a bird net and the pigeons were not able to get to the area. They were moved on safely, with no harm coming to the birds.

If you need help with bird mess and guano removal or our cleaning services we are able to help. We are members of the BPCA which demonstrate our professional and reputable company. See more options for bird proofing on our Services pages.