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Carpet Beetle Larvae

Carpet Beetle Larvae Infestation

Carpet Beetle infestations can be a problem if you have natural wool carpets. If you find you have a carpet beetle infestation you should take time to inspect your carpets. You should be checking for carpet beetle larvae. These are also know as woolly bears. The larvae are textile pests, which means they will eat natural fibres. If they are left then they will eat away at your carpet and over time cause visible damage.

How To Recognise Carpet Beetle.

Carpet beetle (variegated carpet beetle is their correct name) are a small blue and brown looking beetle. Once you have seen it then it is very recognisable in the future. The carpet beetle larvae or woolly bears as they are known are strange looking.


How Do I Know I Have A Carpet Beetle Infestation

You can identify a possible carpet beetle infestation in several ways. Firstly you may see a collection of dead beetles on window ledge. They head towards the natural light and then when they cant get out they collect at the window. You may also have a visual sighting of a woolly bear either in the carpet pile or moving across a hard surface. Carpet beetle larvae can move very quickly as shown in the clip below. Pest-Tech carry out carpet beetle treatments in Maidstone and across Kent.

How Have I Got Carpet Beetle Larvae.

Carpet beetle are attracted to natural cut flowers. This can be as simple as having the window open with a bunch of flowers in the house. But often it will be more complicated than that. Carpet beetle larvae is often found in birds nests and if you have nesting birds in your loft or roof space this may be the cause. A recent job we took on found the source to be an old wasp nest. A wasps nest is made from wood pulp which is a natural fibre.

Carpet beetle larvae in a wasp nest | pest control in Medway
A customer was plagued with a carpet beetle larvae infestation for years and they were breeding in a wasp nest unnoticed.
Wooly bear breeding in a wasp nest.
During a survey it was this wooly bear that tipped us off to investigate the wasp nest as a source of infestation.
Wasp nest housing hundreds of carpet beetle larvae
the wasp nest was above the kitchen and next to the bathroom, in a roof void. This was where most of the carpet beetle larvae were found.

How To Remove Carpet Beetle.

Variegated carpet beetle are extremely difficult to get rid of if you don’t find the source. Sometimes it can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. The treatment required to eradicate this pest problem is normally delivered by a professional pest controller. If you are experiencing activity after removal of the source then you will require a residual chemical treatment. Pest-Tech Ltd can certainly help you with this if required. There are other non chemical options available if required.

If you need further help or advise on dealing with Carpet Beetles, then contact us to find out more or take a look at our page.